When do you watch multiple films

Media perception in kindergarten age

Why cartoons and feature films can quickly become overwhelming

Three to five-year-old children - depending on their level of development and media experience, older children too - are very receptive to what streams on them from television. They quickly become afraid and experience and empathize strongly. It is all the more important that you make sure that the programs are selected according to age and development.

Even with seemingly harmless animated film series such as “Heidi” or “Maya the Bee”, some children react permanently depressed when something dramatic happens that does not clearly resolve itself. Therefore, watch and accompany your child while they are watching TV and watch the programs together if possible. In this way, your child can talk to you directly about what is worrying or frightening them.

It is important for children of this age to quickly dissolve tension in relaxation and humor. When their favorite characters from cartoon series get so worked up that the tatters fly, most children react happily and not aggressively. Because you know: within a very short time, "SpongeBob" and his friends are all the same again ... But the good ending is indispensable in any case.

However, if a child does not calm down even when the plot of an age-appropriate film dissolves, if the child cries persistently or if it appears extremely tense, intimidated or exasperated, the film is probably overwhelmed by the film.

Even films with many flashbacks, multiple storylines, quick dialogues or ironic allusions can be difficult for children of this age to understand. They are therefore not yet suitable for this age.