If cats are cats, what are ants

Cat-friendly insect repellent

Animals also belong to nature and can sometimes be more than a nuisance to us and our cats. However, when ants, moths, wasps and other pests make our cat household unsafe, it is important to keep calm. Because most of the commercially available remedies against these animals are usually also dangerous for our cats.

Dangerous means of repelling insects

Even the inconspicuous stickers against flies have it all. Anyone who has ever observed how quickly and yet how cruelly fly poisoning can take place knows what I mean. If these dead, poisoned flies are then eaten by our cats, it can also harm our cats. Diarrhea is the most harmless of these. So if you see unexplained diarrhea in your cat, think along these lines.
In addition, the insect repellent should be carefully considered, especially in the cat household. Is It Really Necessary? Are there perhaps cat-friendly measures that will help insects go anyway? If you are at your wits end, be sure to contact a professional pest controller and let them know that cats live in the household. He will advise you accordingly and take the right action.

You shouldn't use this in the cat household to repel insects

  • Ant spray
  • Ant powder
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Wasp foam
  • Fly stickers with poison
  • and much more

It is best to avoid all chemical agents. Because these can also be absorbed indirectly by your cat.

  • Bug sprays settle on the floor and other surfaces. If your cat walks over it and then licks its paws, it will come into contact with the poison.
  • Poisoned flies usually fall to the ground or lie on the windowsill. Some cats eat this and thus ingest the poison that previously did the fly's undoing.
  • Food can also be contaminated by the insect repellants and can be eaten by your cats.
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