Seattle is a big city

Seattle - The Pearl on the Pacific

Seattle. For some, this city is the (former) headquarters of Boeing, for others it is the birthplace of Jimi Hendrix. Seattle is both and so much more!

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It is your own fault if you do not enjoy it here | Tickets for attractions and activities | A world exhibition that has a lasting effect | Older and more recent history | Hotels, apartments and holiday homes

The city of the US state Washington, which lies directly on the Pacific, has developed into a real magnet for travelers to the USA in recent years. And that, although it is said to have an above-average amount of rain! The locals doubt whether this is true. Rain or sun, the fact is that this pearl on the Pacific has a lot to offer its guests above average.

If you don't enjoy it here, it's your own fault

Why someone chooses Seattle as a travel destination remains to be seen here. In any case, sometime after arrival, they will want to eat. Anyone who goes straight to the famous promenade and who then orders fresh salmon from the Pacific, for example, will fall for this city without any ifs or buts. Seattle whets your appetite and Seattle has a sense of quality. Word has got around so far that fresh fish and seafood can even be bought in airworthy packaging. The visitors then take them back home with them on their return flight.

If you are still in the middle of it on vacation, you shouldn't miss the Pike Place Market. At this market you can buy the most delicious fruits and the most beautiful flowers in town - they look great in your hotel room too. You can also browse countless shops for souvenirs, have a coffee served (the Pike Place Market was the location for the first branch that Starbucks ever opened worldwide) or go on a treasure hunt in antique shops. This market attracts both locals and tourists alike. Please don't miss it!


Tickets for attractions and activities

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A world exhibition that has an impact

Some people prefer to get an overview of their travel destination first. Welcome to the “Space Needle”! This tower is not only the most popular sight in the city, but also its symbol. The tower, which was erected for the 1962 World Exhibition in Seattle, is 184 lofty meters high. The viewing platform is "only" 160 meters high, but the view can still wander far into the distance. Over to Mount Rainier for example or to the Olympic Mountains; all worthwhile destinations for a trip to the beautiful surroundings of the city.

Anyone who has landed on the ground again is in the Seattle Center and thus in another attraction. The center was also once built for the world exhibition. Today, various cultural institutions can be found here in a concentrated space. These include theaters and the city opera, museums, cinemas and even an amusement park.

There is something for everyone, but nobody should miss the “International Fountain”. This gigantic fountain changes its fountains and the music that goes with it every month. Incidentally, this pleasure is free. If you still want more, you can take the “Monorail”. This railroad runs from Seattle Center straight to the heart of the city.

Older and more recent history

The USA is a young country, but the cities still have a bit of history (compared to Rome and Athens). It's the same in Seattle. The Pioneer Square district in particular tells of the past. The first settlers settled in this area in 1852. They have left their mark here, as have the men who left Seattle for Alaska at the time of the gold rush. In the "Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park" (also in Pioneer Square) you will encounter their time and their hopes again. Incidentally, there is a counterpart to the park in Skagway in Alaska, where the gold diggers arrived at the time.

The events that an annually recurring competition of firefighters at the Columbia Center are reminiscent of are much closer in time. The tower of the center is Seattle's tallest building and therefore of course the showpiece of the skyline. During the competition, the firefighters climb the almost 1,400 steps to the tower in full gear. The background to this "exercise" is the sad fact that the Columbia Center was one of the targets that the terrorists of September 11th had chosen as a target. Fortunately, however, the attack never happened.

Hotels, apartments and holiday homes

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