Where does the quiche cake come from?

Vapiano magazine


Petit Four literally means "small oven". The word comes from the time when the confectioners used the residual heat of their wood and coal ovens to bake small baked goods. As a rule, you use the plural, petit fours - probably because you prefer to eat several of them at the same time!



Like the tart, the petit fours come from France. She has been known since the 18th Century. By the way: Macarons are also part of the petit fours.


Consist of

Sponge cake that is filled with creams, covered with marzipan or fondant or garnished with icing, sprinkles, flowers or nuts and fruits. As you can see, petit fours are mostly artistically decorated creations. You could also assign them to biscuits and biscuits, but we count them to cake and Co.!



Petit fours variations is available in two variations: Petit Fours Frais (fresh) and Petit Fours Secs (dry). The “fresh” variant consists of sponge cake and a filling of cream and / or marzipan. Sugar icing and artistic decorations transform the pastries into real works of art.


Petit Fours Secs do not always consist of sponge cake, macaroons, biscuits or puff pastry are often used as a base. The cream filling should not be missing, of course, but: The sugar glaze is omitted with this variant. Our tip: Petit Fours taste great with “tea time”. Invite your dearest friends, brew fresh tea (or coffee) and decorate the pastries on a tiered stand - so the little delicacies taste twice as good!


Regardless of whether you choose a cake, tart or petit fours: We wish you “Bon Appetit”!