What constitutes good design in architecture

10 theses about good product design

by Dieter Rams

  • Good design is innovative
    The possibilities for innovation are far from exhausted. Technological development always offers new starting points for innovative design concepts that optimize the practical value of a product. However, innovative design always arises in connection with innovative technology and is never an end in itself.
  • Good design makes a product useful
    You buy a product to use it. It is supposed to fulfill certain functions - primary functions as well as complementary psychological and aesthetic functions. Good design optimizes usability and disregards everything that does not serve this goal or even contradicts it.
  • Good design is aesthetic
    The aesthetic quality of a product is an integral aspect of its usefulness. Because devices that you use every day shape your personal environment and influence your well-being. But only what is well done can be beautiful.
  • Good design makes a product understandable
    It clarifies the structure of the product in an illuminating way. Even more: it can make the product speak. In the best case, it explains itself.
  • Good design is honest
    It does not make a product appear more innovative, more efficient or more valuable than it really is. It does not try to manipulate the consumer with promises that it cannot keep.
  • Good design is unobtrusive
    Products that serve a purpose have the character of tools. They are neither decorative objects nor works of art. Your design should therefore be neutral, let the devices step back and give people space for self-realization.
  • Good design is long-lasting
    It avoids being fashionable and therefore never looks antiquated. In clear contrast to short-lived fashion design, it survives for many years in today's throwaway society.
  • Good design is consistent down to the last detail
    Nothing should be left to arbitrariness or chance. The thoroughness and accuracy of the design are ultimately an expression of respect for the consumer.
  • Good design is environmentally friendly
    The design makes an important contribution to the preservation of the environment. It includes the conservation of resources as well as the minimization of physical and visual pollution in the product design.
  • Good design is as little design as possible
    Less design is more, as it focuses on the essentials instead of overloading the products with superfluous things. Back to the pure, to the simple!

Source: http://www.designwissen.net/seiten/10-thesen-von-dieter-rams-ueber-gutes-produktdesign