Are you in love with your ego

5 signs he just loves you because of his ego

5 signs that he doesn't love you, just wants to push his ego

Some guys only have one girlfriend to boost their ego. She is adornment and it is not about herself as a person. If your boyfriend does these five things, he or she probably doesn't love you and just needs you as an ego booster.

There are people who just can't be alone. On the one hand, this may be because they need someone to tell them what to do. On the other hand, there is also the group of people, iYou are only with another person because it is good for your ego. These 5 signs indicate that unfortunately he doesn't love you and is only with you because of his ego.

1. He's a poser

Ok, just because he's a poser doesn't mean he doesn't love you. However, if your friend likes to brag about his car, his stereo system or his PC and trumpets about how many kilos he has benched in the gym, then it seems reasonable to assume that he is only interested in trophies. He sort of collects them and you are one of them. That brings us to the next point.

2. He treats you like a trophy

He likes to shower you with compliments, but only with those that revolve around your appearance. He basically shows you off in front of his buddies, presents you and says how hot you are all the time. That can be very nice and we clearly feel flattered when we hear that. But if he does that in front of his buddies all the time, it's meeeega strange! Should he then say something like: "Baby turn around and let yourself be looked at" - and that in front of his friends - we would very quickly take our legs in hand. Ok, there is one thing that is maybe even worse: you're at a party, invited to a friend's house, and he'll buy you clothes for it. Sounds nice at first, but when he tells you what kind of shoes and make-up to wear, it's all too late. This clearly suggests that you are his trophy, not that he loves you.

3. He sets the tone and does not tolerate any contradiction

Not only does he want to set the tone, Above all, he does not tolerate if you have a different opinion or even contradict him. Yes, what do we think of, just to have our own mind? Yeah, not at all! So if you dare to question him and what he says, he will either get loud and angry or be sneaky. You shouldn't make any suggestions either, just look nice - where we'll be at the trophy again.

4. He doesn't even know what you really like

Whether eating, watching movies, fashion etc .: He doesn't know what you like and what you don't like at all. And he doesn't care either. Because he simply assumes in his egoism that you like the same things as him. Even if you take the trouble to tell him about his mistake, he switches to pulling through. It would also take way too much effort for him and then he would have less time for things that are really important to him - like his ego and muscles.

5. Your conversations are mostly superficial

In a good relationship one should be able to exchange ideas about everything and it should definitely not be about superficial things. But you never talk about future-relevant topics or things that are really important in life (or are important to you). He has no ear for your worries and instead of comforting you when you are worried or troubled by something, he ignores you or starts the next superficial topic that concerns only him. You cannot develop your relationship that way. But he is also not capable of more, because he is so fixated and trapped in his ego-universe that he does not even understand the scope. And if he is not interested in you and the things that concern you, he clearly does not love you, he just wants you as his doll for his ego.

Of course, these points are all presented in a very exaggerated way and the egoist may not show quite so extremely or clearly that he does not love you. If you still feel similarities to your friend now, you should pay more attention to his behavior towards you in the future. If you then notice that it is regularly only about him and never about you, unless he can show off with you, we advise you to talk to us. If it falls on deaf ears with him, you have to decide for yourself whether you can really deal with it.

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