Why not plastic toilets

An overview of toilets and toilet lids

From classic to 3D -Plastic toilet lids: Plastic toilet seats like Thermoset, Thermoplastic or Polyresin belong to the classics of toilet seats and are particularly hygienic due to their antibacterial coating. you are in countless designs available - from plain white to wood optics to colorful, printed motifs. Those who like it unusual in the bathroom can opt for one Toilet seat in 3D look decide with sculptural motifs.

You can also choose from the Shape of the lid: For example, shell-shaped toilet lids are popular. The design of the toilet seats is also very diverse. So there are lids that slightly lowered towards the inside and thus offer more seating comfort. Toilet seats are traditionally oval, but there are also round or rectangular models in different sizes available.

Toilet lid with wooden core: A toilet seat with Wood core is robust and offers special seating comfort. The glasses meet a high standard of hygiene. Because wood basically has antibacterial propertiesthat are also used in toilet seats. Toilet seats with a wooden core are coated and, like toilet seats made of plastic, are available in all colors and designs. Due to the surface coating, they are easy to care for and can be cleaned with all common cleaning agents.

High-gloss toilet seat: Toilet seats with a high-gloss surface are comparatively new on the market. The Acrylic coating on these toilet lids creates a special shine, so that the toilet seat fits perfectly into the design in the bathroom as well as on tiles and ceramics. Toilet lids with a high-gloss look usually have a wooden core and are available in one color or with individual motifs. In addition, toilet seats with an acrylic surface are generally accepted very easy to care for. The high-gloss toilet lid can be easily cleaned with foaming soap, dishwashing detergent and vinegar cleaner. Avoid using abrasives containing sand and the use of organic solvents.