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1 Service manual for the structure in Germany Table of contents Preface Terms and abbreviations Diagram Al-Anon structure 1. Al-Anon / Alateen group 1.1 Introduction 1.2 Formation of a group 1.3 Special features of Alateen 1.4 Basics for group meetings Change: August Structure and services in the groups Change: August Table Structure and Services in the Groups 1.7 Group Problems and Solutions 1.8 Suggestions for Growing the Group 1.9 Online Meetings 1.10 Sponsorship 1.11 Service Involvement of Al-Anon Members who are also Members of Alcoholics Anonymous 1.12 Proposed Greeting Change: August Proposed Closure Change: August Resolution and Consolidation of groups New: August region 2.1 Tasks of the duty staff in the region Change: August elections in the region 2.3 Table structure and services in the region 3. Intergroup 3.0 Diagram of intergroups New: August intergroups Change: August Tasks of the intergroups Change: August Trustee at 4.1 Trustees Change: August Table of Trustees Change: August Committees 5.1 Committees of the Central Service Office Change: August Table of Committees of the Central Service Office Change: August 2018 Service manual, content as of August

2 6. Joint service conference 6.1 Declaration of the GDK on the basis of the general guarantees 6.2 Table of joint service conference Change: August Joint service conference Fees 7. Finances 7.1 Fundamentals 7.2 Reserves and budget 7.3 Travel expenses 7.4 The way of money 8. Anonymity 8.1 Anonymity Basic questions 8.2 Anonymity Eleventh and Twelfth Tradition 9. Miscellaneous 9.1 Inquiries / Application Change: August Relationship with the World Service Office (WSO) 9.3 Cooperation with AA 10. Appendix 10.1 Conference resolutions 10.2 Guidelines: Al-Anon's participation in the change: August 2018 German-speaking country meetings of the AA Knowledge-based decision-making change: August guidelines (here you can find the revised new: August 2018 guidelines) 10.5 Charter of the Joint Service Conference New: August The Twelve Service Principles (in revision) New: July Association Bylaws Service Manual, content as of August

3 Foreword Questions about the Twelve Traditions and the Twelve Principles of Service are frequently asked in our fellowship. Over the years, four booklets have been compiled in the World Service Office to help members solve specific problems, the four booklets have been combined into one and renamed the Al-Anon / Alateen Service Manual. This manual reflects the shared experiences of our members in their constant efforts to interpret the traditions and principles of service in a spirit of unity and harmony. As a result of the resolution of the 9th Joint Service Conference in Germany, this World Service Handbook was translated and included in our literature program. The structure in Germany was developed on the basis of this template, and the relevant services were set up and staffed. The original manual is continuously revised and updated every two or three years and distributed in the USA. In contrast, the German version has not been adapted. Furthermore, it was not taken into account that there are fewer and fewer groups in Germany. Therefore, the services described could not be occupied. Sometimes there was also uncertainty about the content of the work or the meaning of the proposed structure. The recommendation is to only set up those services that really make sense or can be occupied. So it was time to compare the current service manual with our service manual. Various working groups considered how we could use the present suggestions from the service manual in a service manual that is meaningful for us. The World Service Office gives countries the freedom to set up their own service structure. It only has to meet the requirements of our traditions and service principles and the requirements for official registration. Of course, we are allowed to include the experience of our American pioneers in our work. As a result of the resolution of the 29th Joint Service Conference, the existing templates were revised and put in a meaningful order. The aim was to make this tool easier and more understandable for service in the German Al-Anon structure. For this purpose, among other things, the appendices with the references to our structure were incorporated into the text. This service manual now guides us through the tasks of the current German Al-Anon structure. Service manual, foreword as of August 2017

4 Terms and abbreviations Protection of the names Al-Anon and Alateen: The legal protection for our names Al-Anon and Alateen is at risk as soon as the names are not spelled exactly correctly. They always have to stand separately. Examples: Al-Anon family groups Al-Anon literature Al-Anon group Al-Anon meeting Alateen group Alateen literature Alateen meeting at-large trustee and at-large member the names Al-Anon and Alateen are always separate and without a hyphen in the service experienced and Region independent member for Al-Anon Germany Fourth step, Fifth tradition, Second service principle Third guarantee AA group AA friend ... etc. the numbering of the steps, traditions and service principles is in numerals and capitalized with a hyphen - taken from A.A. Male / female form Only the general form is used, e.g. B. Al-Anon's friend or Al-Anon's friend (according to the original), and not Al-Anon's friend. DB GDK GfK GK GR IAGSM IG RG THR WSC WSO ZDB Service Office Joint Service Conference Executive Committee Policy Committee Group Representative International Joint Al-Anon General Service Meeting (International Al-Anon General Service Meeting) Intergroup Region Trustees Council World Service Conference World Service Office Central Service office Service manual, terms as of August 2017

5 Structure Al-Anon Germany Central Service Office IAGSM Delegated Policy Committee Committees at-large Member Joint Service Conference Groups Region Intergroup Trustee Council Service Office Working Groups Delegates Information Flow Task Distribution Central Service Office Policy Committee Status August 2017

6 1.1 Introduction The message of the Al-Anon family groups, including Alateen, is hopeful. It tells the story of men, women, and children who felt helpless, lost, and lonely because of someone else's alcoholism. Al-Anon grew out of the expressed plight of family members of Alcoholics Anonymous. Al-Anon and Alateen offer help and hope to friends and families of alcoholics, whether they are still drinking or not. Al-Anon is a unique community that unites members of different backgrounds, races, and lifestyles in an inspiring endeavor: helping themselves and others lead self-determined, useful lives by overcoming feelings of frustration and helplessness created by being around caused or become an alcoholic. Alateen (Al-Anon for juvenile members) is a living part of Al-Anon for those whose parent, other close relative, or friend is affected by alcoholism. Members share experiences and begin to better understand themselves and the alcoholic. This supports your own personal development and can help reduce worrying thoughts arising from being around an alcoholic. This chapter explains how to organize a group, helps it grow, and shows how other members have solved problems in the group. The harmony and success of a group depends on shared responsibility, a good spirit of community and one's own positive development. Today these men, women and children have courage and self-confidence. You have found understanding and learned what can be done to help yourself and this can also indirectly help the alcoholic relative, other loved ones, friends, whether they are dry or not. Al-Anon will always be what the members make of it. At Al-Anon, we believe that our well-being can be measured by our willingness to communicate with others. Because we know that we can never give as much as we receive. Service manual, chap. 1.1 As of August 2017

7 1.2 Forming a Group Third Tradition When relatives of alcoholics gather for mutual help, they can call themselves an Al-Anon family group, provided that - as a group - they have no other bond. The only requirement for membership is that a loved one or friend has an alcohol problem. If there is no Al-Anon group in the area, a group can be formed together with one or two other affected people who need and want help from Al-Anon. Two or more family members or friends of alcoholics who meet to resolve their common problem can call themselves an Al-Anon group, provided that they have no other bond as a group. Meeting places for group meetings Al-Anon / Alateen meetings usually take place in church rooms, schools, meeting places or other public buildings. It is important to ensure that the group is easily accessible and that the rental of the room according to the Seventh Tradition is affordable for the group. Step Twelve After experiencing an inner awakening through these steps, we tried to convey this message to others and to act on these principles in all of our affairs. Institutional Groups An Institutional Al-Anon group has its meetings in a hospital, rehabilitation center, correctional facility, or other closed facility. A group in an institution differs from other Al-Anon / Alateen groups in that the members usually only participate temporarily and the meeting schedule is different. For these reasons, it is important that experienced Al-Anon / Alateen members lead these meetings and refer family members to other groups close to where they live. So the meeting in institutions becomes a twelfth step for several people at the same time. Usually groups in institutions do not have a group representative. Reasons to Register: Registration in the Service Office connects (through the World Service Office) with Al-Anon and Alateen worldwide. The common cause creates a collective bond of love and connection that is available to every group member, no matter where they are traveling to attend meetings. Registering with local Al-Anon services helps newcomers find meetings and help us accomplish our only concern: to help relatives and friends of alcoholics. Service manual, chap. 1.2 As of August

8 Registered groups are informed of the affairs of Al-Anon as a whole through communication by or post. The procedure for registration: Once a location has been found for the group, the Al-Anon Family Groups Service Office should be informed of the group formation. Each group should have an up-to-date mailing address and / or telephone number or contact which is recorded in the group registry of the service office for communication. The group addresses will be passed on to Al-Anon and Alateen group members and interested parties who are looking for a group in their area. The permanent postal address can be either the group address or the address of a duty worker in the group; some groups rent a PO box. The mailing address can also be that of any Al-Anon group member who will keep this address for at least a year, who can receive mail at home without difficulty, and who regularly attends the meetings. In this way, the group can be sure that they will receive all information from the central service office without delay. If the postal address changes, the service office must be informed immediately so that delivery is not interrupted. A starter kit can be requested which contains a selection of Al-Anon / Alateen literature. The group also receives the Al-Anon Intern three times a year and the annual conference report free of charge. The service office registers a group with an understanding that the group will adhere to Al-Anon traditions and not subscribe to or join outside influences or other organizations. Joint meetings for Al-Anon and A.A. members, joint meetings of different twelve-step communities and groups with special therapy practices, such as guided meditations, do not conform to the Al-Anon principles. Registration as an Al-Anon group is therefore excluded. Getting Started: All material sent should be carefully reviewed. In a further step, services should be selected. Alcoholics Anonymous groups in the area, local church, medical and legal professionals, and others in the area who advise families of alcoholics can be informed. Knowing when and where the meetings are taking place and who your clients can reach for face-to-face contact is extremely important. The safest contact is the service office with telephone number and Al-Anon web address. Many cities, municipalities and institutions publish our contacts on their websites. Some groups announce their meetings in a short newspaper advertisement. Some newspapers include this information in the local event column for free. Al-Anon / Alateen group members do not pay any fees or membership fees, but it is customary to have a collection basket go around at each meeting in order to keep the expenses Service Manual, chap. 1.2 As of August

9 of the group and to support the regional services, the Central Service Office, and the global work of the World Service Office. Group expenses may include rent, group service costs, local and regional services, and the cost of a supply of conference-approved Al-Anon and Alateen literature. The literature order form enclosed with the first literature package or the form on the website must be used to order. It is important that there is always literature available to encourage newcomers to Al-Anon or Alateen. Many groups also order leaflets for local counselors to distribute to those seeking help with family problems related to alcoholism. Copies of Al-Anon and Alateen books and brochures should be obtained for group members to purchase. It may be that the group has little participation in the beginning. The Al-Anon program is based on attraction, so good public information is necessary for the group to grow. If you have any questions in connection with public information, cooperation with experts and public institutions, Alateen or literature, you can speak to the responsible service staff in the region or the service office. Service manual, chap. 1.2 As of August

10 1.3 Special features of the Alateen Alateen principle Safety and behavioral conditions for Alateen of the Al-Anon Family Groups Interest Group. Note: The Alateen principle is a binding decision of the Board of Trustees of the Al-Anon Family Groups Interest Group. and cannot be changed by a request from the service conference. Just as our Al-Anon / Alateen Principles must be consistent with our Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions, Twelve Service Principles, and the Charter of the Service Conference, the Alateen Principle and procedures must comply with applicable law. Only the Board of Trustees can improve or change these principles. The following minimum requirements must be met by all Al-Anon members involved in the Alateen service. This also applies to the use of the name Alateen. In order to be included in the Alateen service, an interested Al-Anon member must be suitable. Only those who have signed the declaration of trust and commitment and have been confirmed by the board of trustees are suitable. If the applicant is not known, membership and suitability will be inquired through the service staff in the region. Establishing an Alateen group The group is established by interested young people with the help of the group sponsors in public spaces. It is useful to link to an Al-Anon group, as the Alateen members can go to the Al-Anon meeting if the group sponsors fail. In order to be allowed to use the name Alateen, the group sponsors must be registered via the declaration of trust and commitment in the service office. Each group must have two group sponsors. Each Alateen group sponsor must be at least 21 years old, regularly attend Al-Anon meetings and be an active Al-Anon member for at least three years in addition to their time at Alateen. Once an Alateen group is registered, it adheres to the Alateen traditions and is open to all Alateen members. Alateen Group Sponsor An Alateen Group Sponsor is an adult Al-Anon member who regularly attends Al-Anon meetings.He is known and confirmed as an Al-Anon member through the above-mentioned procedure and, after his election by the members of the Alateen group, integrated into the Alateen service. The member undertakes to regularly be available to an Alateen group as a group sponsor. The Alateen group sponsor encourages Alateen members to take responsibility for their meeting and share their experience, strength and hope with one another. Parents and other family members cannot serve as group sponsors. Emotional ties to the group sponsor prevent free exchange. Family members might determine what loved ones learn. This would be equivalent to a teaching program. Teaching does not conform to the Al-Anon principle of sharing. Service manual chap. 1.3 As of August

11 For an Alateen meeting to take place, at least one Alateen group sponsor must be present. If no confirmed Al-Anon member is present to serve the Alateen group, the Alateen members will be invited to attend the Al-Anon meeting. The Al-Anon Group is responsible for its safety as well as for the content of the contributions of the participating Al-Anon members. These contributions have to comply with the Al-Anon principles. Personal Alateen Sponsors Alateen group sponsors and other Al-Anon members may not serve as personal sponsors for an Alateen. Only the Alateen members can do this among themselves. Who attends the Alateen Meeting Alateen Meetings are closed meetings. Usually only Alateen members, future members and the confirmed Alateen group sponsors are present. An Alateen group may from time to time host an open public information meeting. This will introduce Alateen to Al-Anon members, A.A., professionals, teachers and other interested parties. Alateen Membership / Age Group Alateen is for teenagers from 13 to 18 years old. Upon reaching the age of majority, Alateen members are required to attend Alateen meetings as well as Al-Anon meetings. Young people who are past their teenage years attend Al-Anon meetings. Donations / Seventh Tradition It can be difficult for a new Alateen group to cover all of its expenses. As a start-up, the local Al-Anon groups or the region can support the Alateen group financially and with literature. The Alateen Group must aim to become independent as quickly as possible. Events with Alateen Participation In order to be allowed to use the Alateen name at an event or gathering with Alateen participation (including Al-Anon / Alateen meetings, AA events with Al-Anon and Alateen participation), this must be done in accordance with the safety and behavioral rules for Alateen of the Al-Anon family groups Interest group ev respectively. Service manual chap. 1.3 As of August

1.4 Group Meeting Basics Membership Third Tradition When relatives of alcoholics gather for mutual help, they can call themselves an Al-Anon family group, provided that - as a group - they have no other bond. The only requirement for membership is that a loved one or friend has an alcohol problem. Al-Anon / Alateen is open to anyone who feels impaired by drinking someone else, whether in the present or in the past. In keeping with the Third Tradition, all relatives and friends of problem drinkers are welcome to attend Al-Anon meetings. You can decide for yourself whether Al-Anon can help you. New members are encouraged to attend different meetings and are free to choose which group they feel comfortable in. Al-Anon Group Membership Members visit local groups where the Al-Anon program is shared and participants participate in group service. Al-Anon and Alateen group members often consider a specific group to be their home group. This supports growth on a personal and group level by filling the various services. This connects the members with the global community. Meeting contributions First tradition Our common welfare should come first: personal progress for as many as possible depends on being united. Our conversations focus on solutions to our own difficulties. We don't try to tell other people's stories or repeat what we hear or see. We protect each other's anonymity as well as the anonymity of Alateen and A.A. members. We primarily share our feelings and behaviors rather than details of our life situation. Members allow membership in other Twelve Steps programs or therapeutic experiences outside of meeting rooms. Al-Anon members are advised to refrain from discussing questions or ideas about beliefs, criticizing other members or the alcoholics. Likewise, posts about intimate details and gossip should not be brought into the meeting. Personal matters can be discussed outside of meetings with a sponsor or group member. Information on this can be found in the brochures: Alcoholism a disease of the whole family (Order No. 221) Everything about sponsorship (Order No. 209) We are talking about Al-Anon (Order No. 234) Service manual, chap. 1.4 As of August

13 Welcoming new members Newcomers to Al-Anon are often nervous, lonely and mostly desperate. Personal attention and support from an experienced Al-Anon member, in addition to encouragement from the group and the literature, can be of great help. After new members have attended a few meetings regularly, group members should encourage them to speak up. You can ask them to read the serenity saying or recommended preamble, or participate in smaller group services to help them feel part of their group. As new participants arrive, members can briefly share their own experience, strength, and hope. They can recommend conference-reviewed literature to the new members. They can also explain the Twelve Steps and Slogans to them and show them the value of the program in dealing with problems. It is helpful to explain the meeting format to the new members of the group. Anonymity Twelfth Tradition Anonymity is the spiritual basis of all our traditions, which should always remind us to put our principles first. Anonymity is an inviolable firm belief and the basis for our community and for its survival. The principle of anonymity is essential in our meetings. This ensures discretion about who is in the meeting and what is shared in the meeting. In time, some members will be willing to give up their full names within the fellowship for service. When more time has passed, some members decide to let professionals in their area know of their membership in Al-Anon so that others can get Al-Anon's help. Each member decides when to let others know outside of the meeting that they are attending Al-Anon meetings. The principle of anonymity encourages every member to respect the reasons for this personal decision and not to judge it. Special note: anonymity is a spiritual foundation and cannot be used as a lawful basis for criminal behavior, past or current. It is important to remember that Al-Anon and Alateen meetings are not above the law. Eleventh tradition When it comes to the public, we focus more on attraction than promotion. We always have to maintain personal anonymity vis-à-vis the press, radio, film and television. We must take special care to protect the anonymity of all Alcoholics Anonymous. The principle of anonymity also serves as a restriction / prohibition for members in the public sector, so that no one exploits Al-Anon for personal gain, reputation or power. This means that the full names and faces of Al-Anon and Alateen members may not be used in the press, radio, film, television and the Internet. No Al-Anon service manual, chap. 1.4 As of August

14 member is allowed to speak in the media as a representative of Al-Anon. Nobody has a more important story than the others. We are a community of equals, and Al-Anon is a program about principles, not personal. In open Al-Anon meetings, on group birthdays, special meetings or seminars in which non-members are present, the Al-Anon and Alateen members can freely decide how much anonymity they want. It is good to open such meetings with a brief explanation of the Eleventh and Twelfth Traditions. Here is a suggestion: Some here may not be familiar with our tradition of personal anonymity to the press, radio, film, television, internet, and other electronic media. If so, we kindly request that no spokesperson for Al-Anon, Alateen, or A.A., with full name or picture, appear in any printed, broadcast, or posted reports about our meeting. Guaranteeing anonymity is essential in our efforts to serve other families of alcoholics. Our tradition of anonymity reminds us to put Al-Anon and Alateen principles before anything personal. Meeting ideas There are no rigid rules for an Al-Anon or Alateen meeting. Usually the group leader opens and closes the meeting, announces the meeting topics, or introduces guest speakers or members who want to speak about their experiences as a result of practicing the Al-Anon program. The group autonomously decides which Al-Anon texts are read at the beginning and at the end of the meeting. We only take literature contributions from our conference-approved literature. In addition, the brochure Why conference-checked literature (order no. 200). Experience has shown that every meeting should have a spiritual theme. Concentrating on a specific topic makes it easier for group members to just concentrate on that and to share their experience with the other members. Topic meeting: The group speaker or meeting leader suggests an Al-Anon topic to the members, on which the experiences can then be shared. Such topics are, for example: The Twelve Steps: It is suggested that one of the steps should be completed per month. For this it is helpful if a short section on the topic at hand is read out from the literature. The books: Al-Anon Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (Order No. 108), This is how Al-Anon works, for families and friends of alcoholics (Order No. 105), Ways to Recovery (Order No. 114 ) and departure for personal freedom (order no. 121) and of course the texts in many other writings. Members can share how the relevant step applies in their lives. The Twelve Traditions: The group works on a tradition related to harmony and growth within the group. This contributes to the global harmony within Al-Anon. Materials for working the traditions are the same as those for the steps. Service manual, chap. 1.4 As of August

15 The Twelve Principles of Service: Working through these principles will provide a better understanding of the entire Al-Anon structure. Recommended books: This is how Al-Anon works (Order No. 105), Paths to Recovery (Order No. 114), Departure for Personal Freedom (Order No. 121), the service manual and other literature. These can help us to apply the valuable hints in our personal lives as well. Al-Anon Slogans: One or more slogans can be the basis for a meeting topic. You can find them in the books: Al-Anon Family Groups (Order No. 101) This is how Al-Anon works (Order No. 105) and the various meditation books for every day (Order No. 103/109/115/116 ). It also describes how we can use them in our personal situations. Literature Meetings: Our conference-checked literature contains an unlimited number of topics that can serve as the basis for the meetings. Speaker Meeting: Personal Life Story: One or more Al-Anon or Alateen members will be asked to report to the meeting on how using the program will help them in their daily life. A.A. Narrator: As a narrator, a member of A.A. can give an insight into the alcoholic's illness and how it looks from his point of view. Specialists as speakers: Here the group can invite outsiders to special meetings if they have experience with alcoholism. It should be noted that these guests do not distract us from our program. Beginners' meeting: If there are newcomers present, the group can dedicate either part or all of the meeting time just for welcoming the newcomer. The best way to do this is to have one or more members explain why they are coming back or how Al-Anon is helping them. Topics from the first three steps, the slogan or a slogan are a good basis for the meeting topic. A guide (L-2) and a folder for newcomers are available for beginners' meetings. Group inventory meeting: A group inventory can be held during the normal meeting. However, the members can also call a separate meeting for this purpose. The group inventory guide (L-8) is an aid to implementation. Public Information Meetings: Some groups also hold open meetings where Al-Anon / Alateen members tell their story to anyone interested in the family disease of alcoholism. Some groups invite professionals from the field to learn how the Al-Anon program is helping people recover. More information in the guide (L-10). Service manual, chap. 1.4 As of August

16 Closed or Open Meetings: In general, Al-Anon / Alateen meetings are "closed". Closed meetings are reserved for members and those who want to become one. These are people whose lives have been or will be affected by alcohol consumption by a family member or friend. This makes meeting participants feel more free to talk about their own problems and feelings. In addition, a group is free to offer an open meeting from time to time. Interested parties, experts and members of A.A. who do not also belong to Al-Anon are admitted. If an interested party wishes to participate in a closed meeting, the group conscience must vote on participation. Groups that always want to offer their meetings openly or as a joint meeting will not be registered because they cannot offer newcomers the protection of the Al-Anon community. Alateen meetings are always closed. Service manual, chap. 1.4 As of August

17 1.5 Structure and services in the groups Second tradition There is only one authority for the concern of our group: a loving God as He may reveal himself in the conscience of the group. Our managers are servants of our trust, they do not rule. Suggested services and tasks in the group: All duty workers are trusted servants, they do not rule the group. The informed group conscience is decisive for all decisions. The rotation principle recommends that those on duty in the group change regularly. This enables all members to perform a service. As a rule, the period of service is three years. Many groups are so small that the proposed services cannot be filled. Here it is important to ensure that the staffing of the services for the representation of the group interests by the group representative at the regional work meeting and for the regulation of the finances is guaranteed in any case. The group representative: acts as a link between the group and Al-Anon as a whole; he takes care of passing on information to the central service office; he attends the work meetings in the region and presents the concerns of the group there; he elects the delegate and his deputy then reports he in his group of the results of this meeting he provides the group with information about events, minutes and informs about concerns of Al-Anon AA members who are also members of Al-Anon cannot serve as group representatives. (see also section: 1.11 Al-Anon members who are also members of Al-Anon Anonymous) In the case of very small groups, the group representative should also take on the tasks of the group spokesperson. The treasurer: manages the group's hat collection. To do this, he keeps a cash book, which should be countersigned by another group member if possible, informs the group about the cash balance pays from the group cash at regular intervals: Rent for the group room Expenses for the work of the group members Expenses for conference-checked literature Costs for information After good budget planning, the public passes on the surplus from the group fund to the regional fund. On the other hand, drinks and food should not be paid for from the group cash register. Service manual, chap. 1.5 As of August

18 The group speaker: plans meetings, welcomes new members, opens the meeting by reading the preamble and / or the greeting for new members, introduces guest speakers or announces the topic of the meeting, ensures that the meeting runs smoothly, organizes regular work meetings and draws attention to events or service meetings Meeting with reference to the content of the Seventh Tradition and reading out the proposed conclusion has the house rules in cases of conflict. Further tasks in the groups can be: Literature manager, who regularly reports on new literature and interprets it for the meeting. He checks the literature and discusses with the group which books or brochures need to be reordered. He can organize a meeting with the help of literature. In addition, a group can choose a member to be responsible for informing the public. This member maintains contact with the contact persons for information events. Service manual, chap. 1.5 As of August

19 1. These are: group spokesman, literature officer, key manager, coffee maker. Anyone who dares to lead the meeting and the tasks associated with it can do it. The tasks such as unlocking, preparing the room and hanging up signs can be individual in each group. Service manual, chap. 1.6 As of August 2017

20 1.7 Group problems and solutions Second tradition There is only one authority for the concern of our group: a loving God as He may reveal himself in the conscience of the group. Our managers are servants of our trust, they do not rule. Some groups have problems every now and then. Perhaps the number of participants diminishes as personal differences surface. Members discuss religious issues, forgetting that membership is open to everyone. One or two members can rule the group if the principle of rotation in the services is not observed. Both lack of money and excess of money can block the group. Reconsidering the group's main concern, studying the traditions as they apply to the problem at hand, and discussing these problems at work or inventory meetings are good ways to deal with group difficulties. Gossip are often the roots of group problems. Every Al-Anon / Alateen member should feel obliged to keep everything personal that they heard in the meeting or from any individual with the utmost confidentiality. Each member should feel confident that nothing will be carried forward. The books: Al-Anon Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions (Order No. 108) Paths to Recovery (Order No. 114) This is how Al-Anon (Order No. 105) works and various brochures can be valuable helpers in solving Be group problems. A regular group inventory also helps keep the group healthy. Group inventory guideline L-8 Service manual, chap. 1.7 As of August 2017

21 1.8. Suggestions for Growing the Fourth Service Principle Group Participation is the key to harmony. Participation of members in group activities is important. This creates real integration into the group and strengthens the relationship of the individual member to the group. Since each group has a limited number of servants, it is best to use the rotation principle rather than having a member serve multiple times in a row. Further tasks can be contacts to specialists (doctors, social workers, pastors and various advice centers) or the preparation and tidying up of the meeting room. The more ministries there are, the more members will participate and feel that they belong and are important to the group. It is extremely important for the group to participate in the work meetings in their region. This promotes the flow of information and the connection with the worldwide Al-Anon community. The liveliness and growth of the group are positively influenced by this. The group should also participate in local outreach and other informational events. By publishing a short article or an advertisement (in certain sections or in the event calendar) in the local newspaper, on the websites of the cities and municipalities, the time, place and concerns of the Al-Anon or Alateen meeting can be announced. Service manual, chap. 1.8 As of August 2017

22 1.9 Online Meetings With the Internet and other electronic telecommunications media, we have tools to help us carry and share the Al-Anon Program of Hope and Recovery around the world. We find these electronic meetings both globally and locally with no geographical limitation. Therefore, electronic meetings do not have a group representative and are not part of any structure. What they need are one or two members to be available as group contacts for the meeting. Online meetings are registered with the World Service Office. The prerequisite for registration is that the meeting works according to the traditions and is open to any Al-Anon or future member. Each meeting is registered for itself and receives its own WSO identification number (WSO ID). The following items are needed to set up an electronic Al-Anon meeting: The Fact sheet for Al-Anon Electronic Meetings (S-60) and the Guide for Electronic Al-Anon Meetings (Electronic Al-Anon Meeting Guideline (G-39)). Both are published on the Al-Anon / Alateen USA / Canada website, along with the electronic meetings registration / update form. Online meetings can be conducted in different ways:, chat or as a forum. The meeting must make a binding decision on a form. The three German-speaking meetings (FF, OoC, EvA) run on a server rented by Al-Anon Germany. The registration form for the electronic Al-Anon meeting is sent to the World Service Office with CMA (Current Mailing Address) and contact details. CMA is the postal address of the person who has the service for contacting the WSO in the meeting. This service is also responsible for the annual renewal of the literature license. Upon registration, the meeting has the right to use the name Al-Anon. It receives support from the World Service Office, and its voice is heard and represented by the World Service Office. Registered meetings can apply for a license from the World Service Office to use the Steps, Traditions, Service Principles, Suggested Greeting, Suggested Closing, and Conference Examined Literature (CAL) excerpts. Electronic Alateen meetings are currently only offered by the World Service Office for security reasons. Members donate individually to the account of the national service office. At the end of the year, a list of donations can be requested from the service office. The certificate is issued without naming any name. In the annual accounts, these donations appear as a position as a donation from the online meetings. Service manual, chap. 1.9 As of August 2017

23 1.10 Sponsorship Sponsorship is a confidential mutual exchange between two Al-Anon or two Alateen members. A sponsor is someone with whom a member can discuss their personal matters and questions and who would like to share their own experiences of practicing the Al-Anon program with other members. Personal sponsorship After a period of affiliation, a member can choose a personal sponsor with whom he can identify. A personal sponsor should be an experienced member of the Al-Anon program. The importance of sponsorship can be brought closer to newcomers using examples. For example, that sponsors don't give advice or make regulations, or that urgent problems can be discussed before the meeting. However, these contacts should not be used as a substitute for attending meetings. Ideally, a sponsor supports the work in the Al-Anon program. Own experiences in step work can encourage the newcomer to get involved in the spiritual path. Brochure: Everything about sponsorship (Order No. 209) Service sponsorship When starting a service, it is helpful if the predecessors offer their service experience as support for the following. They can give courage and answer questions. They are important role models. The newcomers to the service live sponsorship when they can confidently ask their questions and accept help. This makes it easier to recognize the connections and to seamlessly understand the respective work processes. Information in the brochures: Work smarter, not harder (Order No. 408) When I do something, something happens for me (Order No. 201) Service Manual, Chapter, August 2017

24 1.11 Al-Anon Members Who Are Also Members of Al-Anon Anonymous The Al-Anon Family Groups and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) share a common spiritual legacy, the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of AA before the founding of Al-Anon the family groups with or at the same time as the AA groups. In 1951, the first family groups joined together and formed the Al-Anon Family Groups in the United States. They saw it as their job to help the friends and families of alcoholics. Over the years, Al-Anon has developed its own service structure. It is based on the model and experiences of A.A. The Twelve Traditions serve as a working basis. The Fifth Tradition describes exactly what Al-Anon's mission is: to help the families and friends of alcoholics. The Sixth Tradition calls for collaboration with Alcoholics Anonymous. Regardless of this, the Al-Anon community always has to maintain its independence. It should never join or appear to be affiliated with any outside company. When we observe these principles, we maintain the separation of the service structures of Al-Anon and A.A. Therefore, there is a principle in Al-Anon that Al-Anon members who are also members of A.A. cannot serve beyond the group level. This applies to the services of group representative (GR), regional spokesman, delegate, trustee or deputy to one of these service positions or membership in one of the committees of the Central Service Office. In short, Al-Anon members who are also members of A.A. cannot assume any service through which they can become a member of the Joint Service Conference. Except in matters affecting Al-Anon or A.A. as a whole, the Fourth Tradition gives autonomy to local service bodies. Al-Anon members, who are also members of A.A., participate fully in all group activities, are part of the group conscience. But they cannot take on a ministry at Al-Anon that votes on matters affecting another group or Al-Anon or A.A. as a whole. It is extremely important for every Al-Anon member to participate in service for the benefit of their own recovery. The twelfth step of carrying the message to others is a very important part of Al-Anon ministry. So we often find Al-Anon members who are also A.A. members on occasions when they can carry our message to the people. You can explain to them the benefits of attending the Al-Anon family groups. You may be asked to participate in projects by local or regional service bodies, the Board of Trustees, or the service office. It must always be taken into account that they cannot become part of the Joint Service Conference. Al-Anon is a program that aims to help families and friends of alcoholics. When we adhere to the principle of Al-Anon members who are also A.A. members participating in the ministries, we protect the Al-Anon program. By doing this we ensure that the Al-Anon service structure is based solely on the viewpoint of families and friends of alcoholics. The alcoholic's interests are served by the A.A. service structure. In accordance with the First and Second Traditions, members accept this principle out of respect for the unity of Al-Anon and the process of group conscience. Service manual, Kap as of August 2017

25 1.12 Suggested Al-Anon / Alateen greeting We welcome you to our Al-Anon / Alateen family group and hope that you will find the help and friendship in this community that we are already able to enjoy. We who live or have lived with the problem of alcoholism may understand you better than few others can. We too were lonely and disappointed, but in Al-Anon / Alateen we discover that no situation is really hopeless. We can find contentment and even happiness whether the alcoholic is still drinking or not. We strongly encourage you to try our program. It has helped many of us find solutions that lead to serenity. Much depends on our own attitude. As soon as we learn to put our problems into perspective, we find that they lose the power to control our thoughts and our lives. The family situation can improve if we apply the Al-Anon / Alateen thoughts. Without this spiritual help, life with an alcoholic is too difficult for most of us. Our thinking becomes distorted when trying to enforce solutions. We get irritable and unreasonable without even realizing it. The Al-Anon / Alateen program is based on the Twelve Steps (adopted from Alcoholics Anonymous). We try to apply these very gradually, one day at a time, in our life, along with our slogans and the slogan of serenity. Through the loving, mutual help and daily reading of the Al-Anon / Alateen literature, we become ready to accept the incomparable gift of serenity. Anonymity is an important foundation of the Al-Anon / Alateen program. Everything that is said here, in group meetings and from member to member, must be treated confidentially. This is the only way we can freely say what we think and feel, because this is how we help each other in Al-Anon / Alateen. At this point in the meeting, in many groups, the meeting leader explains whether the group meeting has a special format and whether there is a special procedure for calling the members. He asks members of other anonymous communities to focus solely on the Al-Anon program and not to name membership in other Twelve Steps communities. Brochure: We are talking about Al-Anon (order no. 234) He explains whether it is an open * or closed ** meeting. Members are also told how to obtain conference-approved Al-Anon and Alateen literature. * This is an open meeting: we welcome visitors who want information about Al-Anon, as well as new and Al-Anon members. ** This is a closed meeting for Al-Anon members and prospective members only: anyone who has been impaired by drinking another person is welcome. Service manual, Kap as of August 2018

26 1.13 Proposed conclusions To conclude, I would like to say that all verbal contributions reflect only the experiences of the members who have presented them. Take what you like and leave the rest aside. Everything you have heard here was said in confidence and should remain confidential. Leave what is said here in the room and include it in your thoughts. A few special words for those who have not been part of us for long: Whatever problems you have, there is always someone among us who has also had these problems. Try to stay open. Then you will find help. You will find that any situation can be improved and any suffering reduced. We are not perfect. Our welcome that we give you may not always show the warmth we already feel for you. You may not like all of us, but you will learn to appreciate us in a special way as we already appreciate you. Talk to each other, clarify things together. Do not allow gossip or criticism of anyone. Instead, let the understanding, love, and peace of the program grow within you, one day at a time. If you like, you can now end the meeting with me with the serenity saying. God give me the serenity to accept things that I cannot change, the courage to change things that I can change and the wisdom to distinguish one from the other. It is suggested that the groups end the meeting as the group conscience dictates. Many groups speak the Al-Anon Declaration / Commitment after graduation. Let me go first. If anyone calls anywhere for help, keep the hand of Al-Anon and Alateen always there, and let me start. Service manual, Kap as of August 2018

27 1.14 Dissolution or amalgamation of Al-Anon groups 1. Inform the service office by phone or by and / or notify them directly 2. Notify the regional spokesman for the region and have the contact card for the region changed Transfer funds: Al-Anon family groups IBAN: DE with purpose and group name 4. Make literature of the group available for sale to neighboring groups or the region.Old and worn literature can also be given away, forgotten or given in exchange for a donation. (Do not send to DB as it has already been paid for by the group.) 5. Cancel the room with the landlord and return all keys 6. If available, inform the AA group that is taking place at the same time. Group merging The same applies to group merging . If your own group becomes small, it is worth visiting other groups as a group and thinking about merging them. An exchange at the regional work meeting can be helpful. You may even find completely new rooms together. Service manual, Kap as of August 2018

28 2.1 Duties of those on duty in the region The regional spokesman A regional spokesman should have leadership and organizational skills and serve rather than determine. It is important that he can plan an agenda and chair the work meeting. The treasurer administers all collections and donations in the region. The donations from the groups are passed on to the region in Germany using the overflowing hat method. The group can also decide to send the money directly to the Intergroup or the Al-Anon Germany account, he passes on donations to the Intergroup or Al-Anon Germany using the same method, he transfers the delegate fee annually to the Al-Anon account Germany he pays all expenses of the regional spokesman, the delegate and the service staff that have been approved by the region he prepares a written financial report at least once a year and reports to the region at regular intervals together with the regional spokesman draws up a budget. The minute-taker The minute-taker draws up minutes of every work meeting and passes them on to the regional spokesman. Service manual, chap. 2.1 As of August

29 The Delegate The Delegate is an important link between the Region and the Central Service Office. Al-Anon's group conscience can only work successfully and in unity if it is informed. Much depends on the delegate becoming thoroughly familiar with the service manual. He brings the position of the region to the Joint Service Conference on issues affecting the entire community and returns to his region with an expanded perspective of Al-Anon Germany and worldwide. He is responsible for the flow of information. He is a servant of the Al-Anon structure Germany takes part in the regional work meetings, it is recommended to attend work meetings in the intergroup. At the conference the delegate attends all the sessions of the conference so that he can carefully consider the points raised and vote on them according to his conscience, thereby helping the trustees to make decisions for Al-Anon as a whole to get a full picture of our worldwide community. He brings this back to his region. he gets knowledge of facts and figures, but what is more important, he experiences the functioning of the community in action he learns the importance of our central service office for Al-Anon / Alateen if necessary the delegates can be assigned to a committee or a working group. in his region the delegate reports to his region during the regional working meeting of the conference he visits groups in his region, reports on his experiences at the conference and passes on his knowledge he takes questions and problems from the groups to the joint service conference he can act as a contact person serve as part of public information if there is no coordinator. The deputy delegate When communicating with the groups, the deputy delegate works as closely as possible with the delegate. He familiarizes himself with the tasks of the delegate. Should the delegate not be able to finish his three-year term of service, the deputy takes over his service and completes it. This time division must be observed urgently so that the division into panels is retained during the Joint Service Conference. The deputy delegate can remain group representative until he has to take over the tasks of the delegate or is elected delegate. Service manual, chap. 2.1 As of August

30 2.2 Elections in the region Election of the group representative Each group elects a group representative and a deputy from its ranks. Members who are also A.A. members cannot become group representatives. (The World Service Conference decided in 1977 that A.A. members who are also members of Al-Anon are not eligible to serve as group representative.) The service period is three years. Out of respect for the candidate, voting should always be carried out secretly. The elected group representative notifies the regional spokesman of his election and that of his deputy. Election of the service staff of the region Usually these are the regional spokesman, delegate, recorder, treasurer and their deputies. Each person on duty serves for a period of three years. If necessary, coordinators can also be used for public information. Members who are also A.A. Members may not assume any service that may result in participation in the Joint Service Conference. These are the regional spokesman, the delegate and their deputies. The candidate to be elected introduces himself in the regional work meeting. He answers questions. The subsequent discussion about suitability for the service takes place without the candidate (s) and without guests and is not recorded. The election is secret. Each group has one vote. The election workers count the votes, the regional spokesman / election officer announces the name of the person elected. If there are several candidates for election and none of them can achieve a clear majority, there are two options for bringing about the decision. One is to hold another ballot, in which case a simple majority is sufficient. The second is to let the lot decide. The deputies are elected using the same method. The election result is documented in the minutes. Additions to the election of the delegate and his deputy: The delegate is only elected by the group representatives. Group representatives can be: group representatives, group speakers or a member appointed by the group. This should not have any service in other service areas. In order to adhere to the principle of balance, care must be taken that each group only has one vote in this election. The candidate cannot be a member of A.A. When a group representative becomes a delegate, his or her service as a group representative automatically ends. His group elects a new group representative. A delegate cannot serve two terms in a row. However, he can be re-elected after a break of at least three years. Service manual, chap. 2.2 As of August

31 If the delegate leaves the company prematurely, the deputy terminates the delegate's service. This means that the panel is retained at the Joint Service Conference. After that, the deputy delegate can himself be elected as a delegate for three years. Service manual, chap. 2.2 As of August

32 2.2.3 As of August

33 Service how what Requirement Flow of information Delegate Deputy delegate elected by the group representatives with the greatest possible majority, service period three years. One-time re-election after a break of at least three years is possible see delegate, should start at the same time, period of service three years, can then be elected as a delegate represents the region at the Joint Service Conference, makes decisions there after detailed information about the situation for the structure of al- Anon Germany represents the region in the case of failure of the delegate at the joint service conference with voting rights Knowledge of the structure, service experience, time for the work meetings, visiting the groups in the region See above, division of labor in agreement with the delegate Brings the information and questions of the region to the joint Service conference and informs about the results at the regional work meeting. Note: There must be a one-year break between the delegate's period of service and the nomination as trustee. Service manual, chap. 2.3 As of August


35 3.1 Intergroups The intergroups are a geographical union of the regions. Several regions belong to each intergroup. In the German structure we currently have seven intergroups. These are in detail: Northeast, Northwest, West, East, Middle, Southwest and South. The work meetings of the intergroups serve the exchange between the different service areas. The regional speakers ensure the flow of information from the direction of the groups. The intergroup trustee reports on the meetings of the policy committee and the board of trustees. The Intergroup Trustee brings issues relevant to the Al-Anon structure to the Board of Trustees. Participants in the work meetings are: intergroup trustees and deputies, cashiers of the intergroup, note-takers, regional spokespersons, if available, the coordinators for certain areas of responsibility. It is recommended that the delegates take part in the intergroup working meeting to share their experiences. The working meeting of the intergroup does not resolve matters that are effective for Al-Anon as a whole. For this reason, voting at this service level can be carried out after the group conscience has decided. Votes are always made secretly (see 2.2). A secret election guarantees your own protection and that of the candidate and prevents peer pressure when voting. The intergroup trustee is responsible for the work meeting. 3.2 Tasks of the intergroup The intergroup is only intended for the exchange of information. The services required for the work meeting will be filled according to the decision of the group conscience. It is recommended that applicants for the service of the Intergroup Trustee obtain the approval of the members of the Intergroup Working Meeting prior to their application. This also applies to the deputy. The intergroup trustees are ideally in charge of the meeting, as they can guarantee a seamless flow of information. However, it can also be the work of the deputy, who can thus familiarize himself with the work as a trustee. In this case, the trustee reports on the results and ideas of the board of trustees and the policy committee. The information from the regions flows from the regional spokesman to the intergroup trustee. This introduces them to the Board of Trustees or encourages them to submit a request to the Policy Committee. Service manual, chap. 3 As of August 2018

36 4.1 Board of Trustees How is the Board of Trustees composed? The board of trustees consists of 10 members. These are the 1st and 2nd chairman as at-large trustees, the permanent trustee as head of the service office and the trustees from the seven intergroups. These 10 people are members of the Al-Anon Family Groups Interest Group. Period of service of the trustees With the exception of the head of the service office, all trustees are subject to rotation. That means their service is three years. You can serve the fellowship for two consecutive terms. The head of the service office is not subject to rotation. He is an employee of the Al-Anon Family Groups e.v. and is a permanent trustee on the Board of Trustees for the entire duration of his employment. Anonymity The 1st and 2nd chairmen give up their anonymity to the public. Their names are entered in the register of associations. How is a trustee elected? Applicants for the service of an at-large trustee, 1st and 2nd chairman, send their application documents to the service office. The Board of Trustees deals with these applications at the Board of Trustees meeting prior to the Joint Service Conference. According to the statutes, the members of the association elect the board of directors at the annual general meeting and accept them into the association. The result will be communicated to all participants at the end of the Joint Service Conference. The candidates for the service of trustee from the intergroups also send their application documents to the service office. The Board of Trustees will also discuss these applications at its meeting before the Joint Service Conference. The nomination committee will conduct the application debate at the Joint Service Conference. The final decision on admission to the association is made by the board of trustees during the election at its annual general meeting. Applications for the service of deputy trustee from the intergroups also go to the service office. The Trustees will also discuss these applications at their meeting prior to the Joint Service Conference. A nomination committee will also be formed for the substitute applicant. The deputy trustee can represent the trustee at the meetings of the board of trustees. He only has the right to speak, cannot vote and is not a member of the association. Duties of the Trustees The trustees, together with the members of the Executive Committee, manage the business of the Central Service Office. They protect our principles from corruption and dilution and generally serve as the primary service body of the Joint Service Conference. The Board of Trustees serves as the guardian of our Twelve Traditions, our Twelve Principles of Service, and the charter of the Al-Anon Joint Service Conference. Service manual, chap. 4.1 As of August

37 To manage community affairs, the Board of Trustees is authorized to: control finances, prepare long-term plans, approve expenses, appoint the Executive Committee or other committees, appoint the head of the service bureau, set the final agenda of the conference. If a trustee has his own financial interest in a contract or transaction and this process requires the approval of the Board of Trustees, he must abstain from voting on this matter. An intergroup trustee is not responsible for his intergroup, but for the Al-Anon family groups in Germany. He brings his experience from the intergroup to the board of trustees meetings for the benefit of our structure. It is therefore advantageous if he has a deputy at the beginning of his service who takes care of the interests of the intergroup. Service manual, chap. 4.1 As of August

38 4.2. Table of trustee council service how what requirement flow of information intergroup trustees spokesman trustee council application to the central service office, ideally after an introduction to the intergroup working meeting and with the support of the participants, selection by the trustee council and subsequent nomination at the joint service conference. The election takes place at the annual general meeting of the Board of Trustees. Service period three years with the possibility of a one-time extension. Advertisement for at-large trustees and board of directors of the association takes place one year before the end of service in the first edition of the INTERN. Applications to the service office. Nomination in the Board of Trustees. Election at the annual general meeting. Then information about the election at the Joint Service Conference. Three years of service with the option of one-time extension is a member of the Al-Anon Family Groups Interest Group, organizes the intergroup working meeting, takes part in all meetings of the Policy Committee and the Board of Trustees and participates in the Joint Service Conference is a registered member of the board of the Al-Anon Family Group Interest Group. and represents him as 1st chairman. Is responsible for employees' affairs. Leads the work meetings of the Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee and takes part in the work meetings of the Policy Committee. Authorized to sign in the absence of the head of the service office or the treasurer, he represents the Al-Anon community with full name to the outside world. Long-term permanent affiliation, extensive service experience in services beyond the group level, good understanding of the structure, ability to lead work meetings with passing on information. Time for work meetings on at least three weekends per year and the Joint Service Conference and Intergroup work meetings. Time, interest and ability to deal with projects that are not handled by committees or working groups. Long-term permanent membership, extensive service experience in services beyond the group level, good understanding of the structure, ability to lead work meetings with passing on information. Time for work meetings on at least three weekends per year and about 5 to 8 meetings per year of the Executive Committee (currently via Skype) and the Joint Service Conference. Cooperation with the employee of the service office, usually by telephone. Willingness to work on special projects brings the interests of the intergroup into the working meeting of the board of trustees. Discusses with the other members on solutions, requests from the community, matters related to traditions and assigns assignments to the appropriate bodies. Informs about the work results of the board of trustees at the working meeting of the intergroup. Information flow in all directions. Works independently for Al-Anon Germany Service Manual, chap. 4.2 As of August

39 Trustee Council service how what requirement flow of information treasurer tender for at-large trustees and board of the association takes place one year before the end of the service in the first edition of the INTERN. For application, election and length of service, see spokesman for the Trustee Council Permanent Trustee Paid employee of the service office (runs the business) without limitation of the length of service is a registered board member of the Al-Anon Family Groups Interest Group and represents him as 2nd chairman. Is responsible for employees' affairs. Attends working meetings of the Board of Trustees, Policy Committee and Executive Committee. Authorized to sign in the absence of the head of the service office together with the 1st chairman, represents the Al-Anon community with full name to the outside world. established long-term permanent affiliation, extensive service experience in services beyond the group level, good understanding of the structure, ability in the area of ​​bookkeeping and drawing up the budget and passing on information about housekeeping. Time for work meetings on at least three weekends per year and about 5 to 8 meetings per year of the Executive Committee (currently via Skype) and the Joint Service Conference. Cooperation with the employee of the service office, usually by telephone. Willingness to work on special projects. According to the tender information flow in all directions. Works independently for Al-Anon Germany works on the basis of the employment contract service manual, chap. 4.2 As of August