2012 is the last day of the Judgment Day

Judgment day what ?!





As the Bible says, God “has set a day on which he shall end the inhabited earth. . . will judge. ”- Acts 17:31. Many are uncomfortable with the thought of being held accountable in any way. Do you feel the same way?

THEN you will be reassured to learn that God's Judgment Day is a token of His love and will bring tremendous goodness to mankind and even to all who have died. Why is it necessary? What exactly happens on this "day"?

Why necessary?

God wanted man to live on earth forever. He did not think of it as a kind of place of probation for a future life in another world. But the first two people - although perfect all around - rebelled against God. The result? They blocked the way for themselves to eternal life and also delivered all people after them to sin and death. --Genesis 2: 15-17; Romans 5:12.

Judgment Day is a 1,000 year era in which people will have a chance to get back what Adam and Eve lost. Interestingly, Acts 17:31 says that judgment day comes upon the "inhabited earth." Those who pass the judgment will then live forever on earth under the most ideal living conditions (Revelation 21: 3, 4). Thus, through Judgment Day, what God intended for man and the earth from the beginning becomes a reality.

The judge called by God is Jesus Christ. As the Bible explains, it should be “the living and the dead. . . judge ”(2 Timothy 4: 1). Who are "the living"? And how will “the dead” be able to live again on the “inhabited earth”?

Jesus directs"theLiving"

We are moving towards the point today where God, as prophesied, will draw a line under all depraved society and put bad people out of the way. The survivors are then said "living" (Revelation 7: 9-14; 19: 11-16).

During this 1,000-year judgment phase, Christ will rule over the earth together with 144,000 men and women - raised to life in heaven - in a royal priestly function over the earth, which will then again become a paradise. Under their government, all that Jesus made possible through his death will benefit the people. Faithful people will then gradually become perfect, both physically and psychologically (Revelation 5:10; 14: 1-4; 20: 4-6).

During Judgment Day, the devil and demons are no longer allowed to wreak havoc on earth (Revelation 20: 1-3). After that, however, he is given a free hand to test the loyalty of every single person. Those who then hold fast to God will prove themselves where Adam and Eve failed and thus qualify for eternal life in paradise on earth. But anyone who opposes God, like the devil and demons, seals his final sentence of death (Revelation 20: 7-9).

How "theKill"directedbecome

The Bible says that the dead “will rise” on Judgment Day (Matthew 12:41). Jesus explained on this subject: “The hour is coming when all who are in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out, those who have done good to a resurrection of life, those who have done bad, to one Resurrection of judgment. ”- John 5:28, 29. He was not referring to souls detached from the body. The dead are completely unconscious and have no soul to live on after death (Ecclesiastes 9: 5; John 11: 11-14, 23, 24). Jesus will wake them up from their death sleep here on earth.

Are they then judged by what they did before they died? No. For the Bible teaches: "Whoever dies is absolved of his sin" (Romans 6: 7). Like all survivors of today's system, the resurrected will be judged by what they will do on Judgment Day. Depending on how they ultimately lead their lives, their resurrection will result in either endless life or ultimate death. During this time, many will hear for the first time about who Jehovah God is and what he wants from us. You can then tailor your life to his ideas and receive eternal life on earth.

"AWAKE" 1. 2010 L g J.