Do you have pets at home

Pets for the home: which ones are best?

Dog and cat are the most popular in Germany most popular pets. But they don't always match your own living conditions - as much as you would like. Find out here which pets are suitable for whom and what the legal provisions are.

Bello, Fiffi, Mausi: They are not just roommates, but friends, listeners, hot water bottles, playmates and: comforters of the soul. Numerous studies show that animals do that mental wellbeingtheir keepers increase and even help recovery from depression. Animals can also help with physical illnesses - because their presence relieves the burden on the heart and circulation over the long term.

You will find out in this article:

  1. Am i ready for an animal
  2. Which animal suits me?
  3. Pets in the apartment? You need that much space
  4. When are pets allowed in the rented apartment?
  5. Working pets

Am i ready for an animal

Lying on the sofa with a cat and cuddling. Take your dog for a walk across the fields or be enchanted by the colorful fish: every animal has its own fascination. But how do I actually find out which animal is mine and mine Living conditions fits?

The decision should be carefully considered so that living together also works in everyday life. Because pets mean a lot of joy, but also Labor, responsibility and additional costs for every household. A medium-sized dog, for example, with taxes, food and visits to the doctor for maintenance costs around 700 euros a year, with a bird it is between 50 and 100 euros.

In addition, the animal has to fit into its own daily schedule. If you travel a lot, an aquarium with a timer is more suitable than a dog or cat.

You should ask yourself these questions before purchasing:

  • Do you have enough time now and in the next few years to look after the animal?
  • Does everyone in the household agree to the purchase?
  • Do you have enough space and patience for the animal of your choice?
  • Are you prepared for regular costs such as food and visits to the vet?
  • Can you take the animal with you on vacation or provide accommodation during this time?
  • Are you aware that pet owners usually have to deal not only with hair, but also with faeces and damage to furniture?

Which animal suits me?

When deciding which animal suits you, time, the size of the apartment and the living conditions all play a decisive role. Before making a decision, it is important to know all the facts and to think carefully about the choice.


A domicile with a garden is recommended for larger and particularly active dogs. In apartments, they should rather fall back on smaller breeds such as pug or pomeranian.

In addition, a dog is only for people with much time suitable. He needs exercise, education and communication. The dog's personal needs must also be taken into account. While some breeds have a higher need for exercise (hunting dogs), other breeds place greater emphasis on social interaction. And if you have children, you should remember that the breed you choose should harmonize well with your own offspring.

Conclusion: Dogs are suitable for people with plenty of time and energy to meet the dog's needs. The size of your own apartment is not decisive as long as you do not commit yourself to a race. As with other animals, dog owners should be aware that dog hair will be part of everyday life in the future. In addition, the barking often causes arguments with the neighbors.


Cats love to climb trees and explore their surroundings. That is why apartments or houses with the possibility of outdoor access are ideal. But also in a species-appropriate city apartment with lots of hiding spots and climbing opportunities can be kept indoor cats.

Cats are very wayward animals: Some like to cuddle for their lives, others only ask for their cuddles every now and then. One thing is certain: a cat has a mind of its own. Although some can deal very well with themselves or other conspecifics, some also seek a lot of contact with people.

Generally cats are with free access more independent and cope better with it when their owner is away for a few hours than indoor cats. Anyone who has purely indoor cats should think about getting two cats - for example a pair of siblings. So the animals are sufficiently busy and challenged.

Conclusion: Cats can enjoy themselves with fellow cats and are also suitable for apartments, but feel more comfortable when they are outside. If you have a cat, you should be aware that upholstered furniture and wallpaper are often used as scratching posts. In addition, you should not only be prepared for hair in your four walls, but also for some urine stains - because so-called protest peeing is the order of the day for many cats.

Small animals (guinea pigs, hamsters, rabbits)

Guinea pigs and dwarf rabbits If they are kept in an apartment, they should be housed in a spacious cage and given daily exercise. Especially with rabbits, power cables must be secured accordingly - because the animals like to gnaw on them. Anyone for a Outdoor enclosure decides in the garden, you should make sure that it is adequately protected from wild animals (depending on where you live). For rabbits in particular, an open-air enclosure is definitely worth considering for species-appropriate keeping. Because digging caves is one of the most popular activities for rabbits. Guinea pigs and dwarf rabbits are sociable and should be at least two being held.

Especially with children it is Golden hamster a popular pet. Animal rights activists advise against keeping these in the apartment. Because a species-appropriate attitude is hardly possible, as hamsters have a very strong need for movement and are at home in nature in underground tube systems. So they hardly get their money's worth in a cage with an impeller.

Conclusion: Guinea pigs are best suited for housing, but they should never be kept alone. In the case of rodents, cables must be secured accordingly. Anyone who takes in a small animal should be aware that the animals do not only relieve themselves in the cage, but wherever they are.

Canaries and budgies

Birds are a nice change: with their colorful plumage and their song, they bring joy to many people. In addition, the attitude seems quite straightforward. However, most of them are commercially available Cages way too small. The birds should therefore be left out of the cage every day and live at least in pairs.

Conclusion: Birds are generally easier to care for than dogs, for example, but the framework conditions should still make species-appropriate keeping possible. Future bird owners should also be aware that birds also leave their traces in their homes - in the form of faeces, exposed holes in the wall and feathers.


The aquarium hobby is a science in itself: water temperature, chemical composition of the water, arrangement and compatibility of the fish. Anyone who buys an aquarium should get detailed information in advance. When choosing the right aquarium, the size is also decisive. Experts also advise beginners not to buy an aquarium that is less than 100 liters summarizes.

Conclusion: Fish need neither exercise nor petting, but the will to get involved in the complicated area of ​​aquaristics.

Pets in the apartment? You need that much space

There is no standardized number of how many square meters each animal needs. Dogs and cats can get by with less space if they are often allowed out in the fresh air and you play with them regularly and extensively.

Nevertheless, animals that require less space are of course best suited for smaller apartments. But be careful: the size of the animal is not decisive. Hamsters, for example, cannot be kept species-appropriate in an apartment. And guinea pigs should also call a spacious cage their home.

Are more suitable for smaller apartments Birds - which at best are allowed to fly through the whole apartment. If you have space for an aquarium with a capacity of at least 100 liters, there are also fishes suitable for the small city apartment.

The general rule: If you already live in cramped conditions, you should do without a new roommate for the benefit of the animal. Because the bottom line is that all animals need enough space.

When are pets allowed in the rented apartment?

Many landlords prohibit pets in the apartment from the outset. In general, the keeping of small pets - from which neither smells nor noise emanates - must not be forbidden.

It is also with dogs and cats inadmissible, a general ban to pronounce. This is weighed up on a case-by-case basis. In principle, however, relying on case law is not the best solution. It is therefore better to inform the landlord and speak to the neighbors before buying an animal. This minimizes the risk that the animal will suffer from trouble later and you may even end up because of one of them impending litigation must leave.

Working pets

An animal needs time and care - every animal. Therefore, the decision should be carefully considered before buying. Of course, there are pets that get along better on their own than others. If kept in pairs, guinea pigs or birds are ideal. In this country is also Animal sharing More and more popular. People share a dog, for example with their parents who live nearby and are already retired, or with neighbors who can work from home.

If the care of the animal can be regulated in this way, nothing speaks against the purchase in principle. If no solution can be found and you still do not want to forego the company of a dog, you can also do it in the next animal shelter to offer their own services for walking the dogs housed there. In this way you can spend your time with the lovable four-legged friends without giving the animal too many hours without paying attention.


Anyone who works and does not have much time during the day should generally think twice about purchasing an animal. In general, if you have a busy schedule, you are better off with an aquarium than with a dog, for example. Because fish do not need to be petted and it is completely sufficient if you pay attention to the fish after work.

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