What is the Islamic view of Scientology


Islamophobes relevant to the protection of the constitution (hereinafter referred to as “Islamophobes”) demand that one must defend oneself against what they believe to be the threat of “Islamization” by offering resistance, expelling Muslims or forcing them to assimilate. In this way, Islamophobes want to restrict the basic rights of Muslims in Germany.

Core theses

Islamophobia relevant to the protection of the constitution flourishes on the basis of the following core theses:

  • Islamophobes always speak only of Islam and ignore the fact that there are very different interpretations of Islam, most of which are lived in full harmony with the free democratic basic order. Islamophobes reject the distinction between Islam as a religion and Islamism as an extremist political ideology.
  • Islamophobes describe Islam as a totalitarian ideology and compare it with fascism and National Socialism. In principle, they deny that Islam is compatible with a democratic system.
  • A basic assumption of Islamophobic ideology is the immutability of both Islam and its interpretation. Accordingly, Islamophobes assume that Muslims have persisted in the same way of thinking for centuries.
  • Islamophobes represent "Islamization" as a logical consequence of an alleged claim to power by Islam. In addition to violent conquest, there are various strategies for this, such as an above-average birth rate or the "creeping" introduction of Islamic norms.
  • For Islamophobes, violence is part of Islam. Therefore all Muslims are (potential) terrorists and violent criminals. From their point of view, the cause of militancy and violence among Muslims can always be found in Islam itself.
  • Islamophobes portray Islam as the antithesis of the “liberal West”. Among other things, he is intolerant, homophobic and misogynistic. Islamophobes describe Islam and the Muslims systematically and exclusively with negative features.

Wrong receipts

Islamophobes do not allow any other view of Islam than theirs. They refer to people as “liars” and “deceivers” who question or refute their alleged arguments. For their theses, the Islamophobes cite evidence that, on closer inspection, turns out to be false or inadequate:

They refer to Quranic verses taken out of context.

  • They generalize certain currents or marginal and exceptional phenomena within Islam. Most of the time they describe Salafists when they speak of Muslims. From their point of view, jihadist Salafism is real Islam.
  • Islamophobes selectively evaluate the press and only look for negative reports related to Islam. They then transmit such negative reports to the Muslims as a whole. Certain negative character traits are portrayed as typically Muslim.

Ideological set pieces

Islamophobia relevant to the protection of the constitution is not a comprehensive ideology. It consists of individual set pieces. There is an overlap, especially with right-wing extremism. However, the ideological elements typical of right-wing extremism such as authoritarian understanding of the state, anti-Semitism, racism or the ideology of the national community are missing.