Why did people build ruins


What is it that fascinates people about castles and palaces? Is it the buildings that usually decorate the landscape in a representative way? Is it the power that the former owners had? Or is it the stories and anecdotes that surround many of the palaces and castles? It is probably something of everything that makes people visit a castle, a fortress, a castle or a ruin again and again.
With around eight hundred castles, palaces, manors and manors from all eras, from the Middle Ages to the recent past, Saxony is richly blessed. These innumerable buildings are eloquent testimony to the eventful history of the country and testify to its influence on the history of Central Europe. Last but not least, castles and fortresses are enjoying increasing popularity for this reason.
For several years I have been fascinated by these mansions, their history and their partly unique location in the landscape. From numerous letters and comments, I know that many other interested people also feel connected to the facilities. That is why I have tried to achieve the largest possible cross-section without claiming to be complete.
With my website I want to focus on the buildings described more touristy Approach view and especially address those visitors who are on the lookout for worthwhile excursion destinations and would like to visit a palace, a castle, a park or an old ruin.
Following the interest of my readers, I have not only included the well-known "pearls", but also the lesser-known, dilapidated and partly inaccessible buildings, in the hope that they will still receive the attention they deserve.

My website is operated exclusively privately. What can you find on it?
The "Palaces & Castles" area forms the main part. It introduces the palaces, castles and historical ruins of the Free State of Saxony.
In the "Day Tours" section, you will find several tour suggestions that combine the most interesting castles and fortresses, as well as some historical ruins, to make day trips.
The third area, "Free State of Saxony", provides explanations of the history and important people.

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Heyko Dehn