What exactly is the medical authorization process

Roles and authorization concepts

The integrative trends that have been emerging in companies for years with regard to IT, e.g. single point of administration, require new concepts for authorization and authentication.
This book offers a holistic presentation of role-based access concepts. Based on the existing situation in the company and the historical derivation, an overview of the authorization problem is given. The authors present practical and manageable concepts and give conceptual as well as generic technological approaches and evaluate them. A book for everyone who deals with authorization procedures and access management professionally or during their studies.

The content
Identities - Authentication - Roles - Resources - Authorization - Authorization concept - Authorization processes - Technological overall picture in small, medium and large companies - Central authorization systems

The target groups
IT security and system administrators
IT architects and network planners
Executives in the company
Computer science and business informatics students

the authors
Alexander Tsolkas was CSO of Schenker AG, is a certified information security manager and data protection officer, Phion Security Expert and trains ISO 27001 auditor trainers. He has been working as an editor for Computerwoche since 2006 and heads the Security Expert Council there.
Klaus Schmidt is a certified information security manager and managing director of Innomenta GmbH & Co. KG. He trains information security managers in cooperation with the AdT and has a teaching position at the University of Fulda.