What is a good recipe for Ayran

Make Ayran yourself | Original Turkish recipe with just a few ingredients

What to drink when it's so hot AYRAN is the solution.


oh man, the days are so warm again that you are on the verge of melting, but ice cream in the morning, at noon and in the evening is also not possible. I also have to admit that I personally became an Ayran lover very late. My mom always made Ayran fresh, but unfortunately ALWAYS cut gherkins in with it. Whatever is delicious sometimes, but not always. I always take the Ayran with me from shopping at the discounter, 4-5 packaged small bottles, because I just like to drink it. And it's perfectly portioned for the office.

Because the fact is, there is, in warm and hot temperatures, really NOTHING more invigorating than fresh, homemade Ayran. We love it. Ayran is now available in all supermarkets and in every kebab shop. And my recipe tastes the same as the original, 100%. Promised.

Just a little bit fresher and cheaper. And you can get all the ingredients at the discounter. One of the easiest, most delicious drinks, healthy and high in protein. I don't know why I'm only blogging it this year, but it's just so easy breasy, 3 ingredients, so I thought "oh come on, you don't need it.! Far from it. Everyone needs Ayran. And yes, you won't be anything else want more to grilled meat, doner kebab and pizza. And it really is a must at your barbecue party. Your guests will be amazed, OMG!

In Turkey you can find Ayran on every corner, so I drink it every day. It is not for nothing next to Turkish coffee that it is THE national drink of the Turks. The restaurants there also have better tools, because in Turkey the Ayran is always super frothy, a cloud dream!

In summer I always make fresh ayran twice a week. Ice cold out of the refrigerator, it is simply the best solution for acute "I'm-dying-of-heat".

500ml 10% Turkish yoghurt, if you can't find one, then please at least the Turkish or Greek yoghurt in the 1 kilo plastic can. There are at every discounter

500ml cold water

1-2 teaspoons of salt

for decoration: fresh mint



I can tell you my *Measuring spoonrecommend. I use them daily and always have the right ml, teaspoon and tbsp - amount, namely always level spoons.

Let's go, it's easy.

Put the yogurt and water in a tall bowl and mix very well with the whisk. It shouldn't clump anymore. Add salt, stir again well with the whisk and beat lightly until frothy. Your heat saver is ready.

My tip: pour directly into a cold glass and drink immediately. Hmm °

Keep the ayran in the fridge and decorate with mint when serving.

Have fun trying!

Kiss your mouse.

I bought the yogurt from the Turk. But there is also that at Aldi, Lidl and Rewe. In a 1 kilo bucket. Which is really perfect.

I bought the clay jug and mug from Amazon. It does exist here.

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