What a car XXXTentacion drove

XXXTentacion's mother wants a car in which he was shot

It was one of the saddest fates that touched the hip-hop world: In 2018, the American rapper XXXTentacion (✝20) was shot in his car in Miami. The musician, whose real name was Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy, was only 20 years old. Now his mother has a very special requirement for the US state of Florida: The authorities there still have something in custody that belonged to the singer - and that should now pass into their possession!

The late rapper's mother, Cleopatra Bernard, demands the return of the car in which her son was shot. It is a black BMW i8. How TMZ reported, a deputy prosecutor filed an application for the vehicle to be returned on behalf of the 38-year-old. The car had served its purpose as evidence, it was no longer necessary to keep it in custody, according to the online portal in the document.

The rapper's family wanted the car back to avoid further storage-related damage. If a judge approves the motion, the lawyers of Dedrick Williams, one of the rapper's alleged murderers, have until February to finish their investigations into the car.

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