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Selection criteria and admission statutes for Bachelor courses

Architecture and Urban Planning - Bachelor of Science

Architecture and Urban Planning B.Sc. is restricted admission (NC). The study places are awarded on the basis of the university selection process according to the following criteria. You must upload the evidence to the campus management portal C @ MPUS during the application process:

School selection criteria:
The sum of the points achieved in the Abitur certificate is divided: for Abitur certificates with a maximum number of points of 900 points is divided by 60, for Abitur certificates with a maximum number of points of 840 points it is divided by 56 (maximum 15 points).

Other selection criteria (maximum 15 points):
The exact weighting of the individual criteria can be found in the admission statute.

  • Letter of motivation: Brief reason (max. 1 A4 page), in typescript, why you want to study architecture and urban planning
  • Curriculum vitae: Extracurricular involvement, relevant internship, completed professional training or previous professional training relevant to the course (even without completed professional training) listed in the form of a tabular curriculum vitae (DIN A4) with the corresponding evidence
  • Digital folder / digital portfolio (PDF format with max. 10 MB): in the form of photos, drawings or photocopies of work or activities that provide information about skills and abilities, suitability for the course and any previous occupation with the subject (this can be an artistic work from the Art LK, for example, or sketches / drawings that were made during your last trip, etc.). The enclosed sheets must not be larger than DIN A4. The scope is up to you; portfolios usually consist of 5-10 pages. The topic for the application for the winter semester 2021/22 is: "Narrow".

Please note your name and application number on all documents and please upload all application documents including your digital portfolio to the campus management system C @ MPUS.

The scores from the school and other criteria are added in a ratio of 2 to 2 (maximum 60 points). A ranking list is created based on the number of points.