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List of LAWYERS AND REGULATORY ORGANIZATIONS in the Republic of Cyprus. I. General information


1 Status: February 2010 List of LAWYERS AND REGULATORY ORGANIZATIONS in the Republic of Cyprus The following information is based on information that was available to the embassy at the time of writing. The information and in particular the naming of lawyers and other legal advisers is non-binding and without guarantee. The client is responsible for all costs and fees in connection with a given mandate. Further information on legal advice in Cyprus can be found in the embassy leaflet on prosecution in Cyprus. I. General information In principle, all lawyers are admitted to all courts in Cyprus. The term "notary" does not exist in Cypriot law. A lawyer is only required in criminal cases if the offenses involved have a prescribed range of penalties of more than 6 months; in such cases, a public defender is appointed upon request, whose costs are borne by the state in the event of proven need. There is no compulsory lawyer in civil matters. Legal aid can be granted under certain conditions and otherwise depends on the decision of the court in the individual case. Due to the differences between the local and the German legal system, it is recommended that you always consult a lawyer in legal disputes. There is a lawyer's fee schedule. Notwithstanding this, fee agreements can be made. If there is a court decision, the losing party has to bear the costs. It is advisable to make a written agreement on the amount of the fee before placing the mandate. There are no other institutions that offer legal advice or deal with prosecution. Legal advice is reserved exclusively for lawyers who have to work full-time in this function. It must be expected that civil trials in Cyprus will take longer than in Germany. All information in this leaflet is based on the knowledge and assessments of the embassy at the time the text was written. However, no guarantee can be given for the completeness and correctness, in particular due to changes that have occurred in the meantime. The client is responsible for all costs and fees in connection with the mandate issued.

2 II. Information on lawyers and their professional organization THE COUNTRY TELEPHONE CODE OF CYPRUS IS: CYPRUS BAR ASSOCIATION (ANWALTSKAMMER) 11, Florinis Str. Chairman: Nicos Papaephstathiou 1065 Nicosia Vice Chairman: Andreas Zachariou PO Box CY 1508 Nicosia : NIKOSIA Dr. Kypros CHRYSOSTOMIDES / Mrs. Eleni Chrysostomides Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Tax Law, Banking and Security Law 1, Lambousa Street, Shipping Law P.O. Box competition law, civil CY 1517 Nicosia law, construction law, real estate law Tel,, insurance law, registration of faxes, trademarks, patents and design protection, intellectual property in German, English, French) Mr. Lellos P. DEMETRIADES Chanteclair Building, 9th floor 2, Sophoulis Street Internet Law PO Box CY 1096 Nicosia Tel Fax Tlx HELENUS CY Business Law, Corporate Law, Insurance Law, Dispute Resolution, Intellectual Property Law, English and French

3 Christos P. MITSIDES & Co. Corner Makarios Ave./Methonis Str. 2 PO Box CY 1700 Nicosia Tel Fax Commercial and Company Law, Civil Law Shipping and Aviation Law German Yiannos G. Mylonas Advocate Commercial and Company Law, 16 Sofouli Stre , Chanteclair Blvd. Real estate law; Office 108 has partner in Germany (Hennef) P.O. Box Nicosia Tel .: Fax: Dr. Andreas E. PANDELIDES et al. Public Law, Constitutional Law Telesfora Court, Office, Major Pouliou Street CY 1101 Nicosia Tel / private: Fax from German and English Antonis PASCHALIDIS & Co. Advocates & Legal Consultants (Contract Law, Corporate Law, 29, Stasikratous, Suite 201 Company Formations, Estate, 1065 Nicosia Bank / Finance Law, Family Law, Tel .:, Civil Law) Fax: Website: George SERAPHIM Lawyer & Legal Consulant 10, Vasilissis Freiderikis Str., Jacki Court, 3rd Floor, Office 302, CY 1066 Nicosia POBox 21517, CY 1510 Nicosia Tel / 70 / 50 Fax Public law, administrative law, European law, company law, takeover law in German, English and Greek

4 L A R N A K A Dr. Phytos POETIS Doctor of Both Rights of the University of Hamburg Fellow of the Chartered Inst. Of Arbitrators Barrister Specialist Lawyer for Tax Law European Patent Attorney Giorgos Seferis Str. 20 Seaview Court Office POBox CY 6302 Larnaca Tel, Fax: and Intellectual Property (patents, trademarks, utility models, copyright ), Commercial law, corporate law, real estate law, civil law, arbitration in German or English) LIMASSOL Mr. Christian Rabe corporate law, international commercial law, cross-border ANDREAS NEOCLEOUS & CO investments, computer law 199, Arch.Makarios III Avenue (lawyers specializing in tax - PO Box labor law, real estate law, commercial CY 3608 Limassol legal protection, shipping law Tel and all other areas in the office fax available) URL: German, English or French Mr. Michael S. SCHISAS Heraclion Building, 1st floor, Flat, St. Andrew Street PO Box CY 3721 Lima ssol Tel Fax Mobile: Commercial law, corporate law, tax law, real estate law, debt collection law, civil law in German, English or French

5 Mr. Foka A. SOFRONIOU Kirzis Center Block D, 2nd floor, Office D. 25 Emmanuel Roide`s Street PO Box Limassol Tel: Fax: become English) Off-shore registration, corporate law, civil law, real estate law in German and language Mrs. Artemis THOMAIDES Off-Shore and Shipping Law, 20, Omirou Avenue, Ayios Nikolaos / Limassol Wills Law, Transport Law, POBox 4060, 3720 Limassol Real Estate and Construction Law, Tel, Contract Law Fax English, French or Spanish PAPHOS Dr. Panicos KOURIDES Commercial and Corporate Law 8, 1st Apriliou Street Off-Shore Registration, Grund- Aristo Center, Block B, Offices piece law, Aliens Law, PO Box Family and Inheritance Law, CY 8061 Paphos Civil Law Tel,, Fax: Mobile: German and English language) III. List of other professional organizations Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry 3, Deligeorgi 1509 Nicosia P.O. Box Nicosia Tel .: Fax:

6 Employers & Industrialists Federation (OEB) Cyprus 30, Grivas Dighenis Avenue P O Box Nicosia Tel: Fax: Cyprus Association of Civil Engineers 64 G, Griva Digeni Avenue, Flat Nicosia P.O. Box Nicosia Tel .: Fax: Cyprus Mechanical Engineers Association 28, Stasinou Avenue, Flat E Nicosia P.O. Box Nicosia Tel .: Fax: Cyprus Architects Association 24, Stasikratous Street 1065 Nicosia P.O. Box Nicosia Tel .: Fax: Technical Chamber of Cyprus 8, Kerverou Street 1016 Nicosia P.O. Box Nicosia Tel .: Fax: