Should my girlfriend want to kiss me

Partnership: This is how important kisses are for love

"Every second thinks the kiss is the most beautiful token of love," says Eric Hegmann, author and Parship dating expert. Roses and flowers, on the other hand, are proof of love for only three percent. "Men who want to show commitment should rather kiss frequently instead of buying roses - that is much more popular," he concluded. Why kisses are so important to love.

Don't save on kisses

Kisses are balm for the relationship: "Couples who repeatedly express their affection, for example by kissing, are usually more satisfied," explains Hegmann. Kisses mean affection, trust, and attention. A couple who cultivate such closeness support the sense of togetherness. And that in turn gives both partners security and satisfaction. The exchange of tenderness is important for the bond. Couples shouldn't skimp on that.

Missing kisses can be warning signs

If a couple only seldom kisses and otherwise only a few caresses are exchanged, that can mean that something is not going well, says Hegmann. Maybe a partner is stressed, maybe something is bothering him about the relationship. Instead of puzzling around, he recommends speaking to your partner if you suddenly notice a change in behavior.

But what if one part doesn't really like kissing, but the other longs for this kind of affection? "That can be a problem if the partners are otherwise not close to one another," warns the expert. The partner who is not so keen on kissing should definitely show a different form of physical affection. Otherwise the impression of a lack of interest quickly arises.

The farewell and greeting kisses also play an important role in a relationship. "It has a lot to do with attention and respect, not storming out of the house without saying goodbye," said Hegmann. "Taking the time to do this will definitely pay off." It differs from couple to couple which ritual gives them security and satisfaction.

Kisses in public are allowed

Kissing couples in a restaurant or on the train: Many people get annoyed when they have to watch others kiss. So should the couple do without it? Hegmann sees no reason why one should not kiss in public: "If you are not in a country where public affection is punishable or undesirable: Sure, kiss!" Nevertheless, one should avoid loud smacking and be more economical with French kisses.

Women seek affection, men want sex

There are, however, differences between the sexes when it comes to motivating the kiss. "It is said that women like to kiss in public to show affection. Men, on the other hand, do not like kissing in public because they usually see kissing as an introduction to sex," explains the couple expert. But it always depends on the other person and the individual partnership. "There are extroverted partners who experience kissing in public as a confirmation of closeness and solidarity - there are introverted partners who experience the kiss as a particularly intimate moment only between two people."

Affectionate kiss or French kiss?

Is a passionate French kiss just as good as a quick kiss on the mouth? "Both kisses are important, but of course it depends on the situation," says Hegmann. "The longer and more intense the kiss, the more likely it is to be an invitation to more." In a relationship, the partners should be able to use and enjoy both.

When kiss frustration threatens

In addition to clumsiness, bad breath and assault actions are the most common reasons for frustration with kissing. Exercise, oral hygiene and, in addition to passion and respect, also curiosity for the other can help. "That means: being open, wanting to learn and trying out new things again and again. Many a good kiss also wanders. A kiss is not just a kiss. A kiss on the neck or on the forehead is more a sign of recognition or a promise of more while The French kiss means for most people the initiation of intimacy. "

That is how important the kiss is for Germans

The kiss is important for Germans, but does not end up in first place in the ranking of caresses. "Around 70 percent of German couples kiss at least once a day, around 90 percent at least once a week - regardless of the length of the relationship. This puts the kiss in second place. Only the hug ranks higher," says Hegmann.