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Gift for a stranger: what to give

A friend celebrates his birthday party with his new girlfriend, or it is the neighbor's birthday. Every now and then you have to think carefully to find a gift for a stranger. Fortunately, there are tons of nice gifts to give to someone you don't know well. You can still give something nice with one of the following gifts.

1. Cliché, but good: gift vouchers

It's not an inspirational gift and you won't be the only one giving it. Nevertheless, a gift voucher is the right one if you don't know someone well, because the recipient can do anything with it. For example, give the birthday child a magazine voucher for a subscription to their favorite magazine or a restaurant voucher for a cozy dinner. A voucher for a delivered breakfast, a museum voucher or a theater voucher is also nice to give away. Ultimately, the birthday child can choose their own birthday present!

2. Your favorite book

If you're a bookworm then you are sure to have a few favorites that you would recommend to someone else. So choose a book that impressed you and give it away as a gift. Of course, it is important that it is an accessible book and that someone can share it. On an accompanying card, write why you are giving this book away and what it means to you. In this way you are giving the recipient a very personal gift.

3. Nice present for a stranger: flowers

Een bos bloemen of een bakje met bloemetjes voor op tafel zijn erg geschikt as cadeaus voor iemand who never went kent. Bloemen zijn fleurig en kleden a woonkamer really aan. As ever bang bent dat de ontvanger je cadeau niet leuk vindt, zijn bloemen ook erg sent. Je hoeft namelijk niet bang te zijn dat de ontvanger met je cadeau blijft zitten. Ook zal je dit cadeau niet uitgepakt zien been op een other verjaardag!

4. Eating out together

In the case of the boyfriend celebrating a birthday with his new girlfriend, a dinner party at your home is a good idea. Write a nice card to let them know that you had a hard time choosing a gift and that you want to invite them to a nice dinner party. This way you can really get to know each other and get inspiration for next year's birthday present 😉

5. Gift basket on a theme

What could be better than a gift basket with several small gifts? So buy a nice basket and put various gifts in it. Fill the basket with a nice theme, for example cooking or wellness. Of course, you can also put various tasty snacks in it.

6. Delicious package with chocolate

Few people don't like chocolate, so chocolate makes a great gift for someone you don't know very well! For example, buy a good bar of chocolate made from the very best ingredients or make a pack with different flavors.

7. Homemade cake or cookies

Something that makes a lot of people happy is a homemade product! How about a homemade cake or biscuit? Another idea is to make your own ingredient for a meal, such as fresh pesto or cereal. With a number of recipes that go with it, you can create a very nice and personal gift!

8. Bottle of wine or beer

The most popular gifts for someone you don't know well are a bottle of wine or beer. Many people like to open a bottle, and if they don't, it can always be served at parties or at dinner.

9. Gift for a stranger: give money

Granted, it is impersonal to give away an envelope with money. But don't you also like to do or buy something nice with your birthday money? With money, the recipient actually chooses their own birthday present, which is sometimes much more valued than a carefully chosen present. So just pick up your gift from the ATM and put it in an envelope. Most recipients are happy with it!

10. Give away a great board game

Many people like to play board games and a moment like Christmas is also suitable for a game. By the way, don't choose one of the classics, choose a new game that the recipient probably doesn't have yet.

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Buy an original gift for a stranger

Finding gifts for someone you don't know very well isn't that easy, but we probably helped you with these ideas! And remember that if the gift does not suit the recipient, it is not a problem. The gesture is more important than the gift itself!