Is the name Billy short for something?

Billy to Poäng at Ikea: The secret behind the furniture names

Billy, Expedit and Malm are really just two shelves and a bed. Mass-produced goods from Ikea with cryptic names. If you can speak the Swedish language, you might even feel a little longing while reading the names. For small Swedish islands, delicious spices and untouched landscapes, such as Ådum, Häxört and Silkeborg.

At Ikea, language is part of the concept. All over the world, Ikea products have the same names. In German usage, at least the bestsellers seem to be firmly anchored. The product names follow an internal logic, as reported by the Quartz online portal. Depending on the division, the naming committee uses cities, names, plants or objects.

bookshelves are named after professions or Scandinavian boy names. Expedit means, for example, seller. The Billy bestseller shelf bears the name of Ikea employee Billy Likjedhal.

Bathroom items get the names of Swedish lakes or bodies of water.

Beds, cloakrooms and hall closets bear the names of places from Norway.

Sheets, blankets and pillow cases get their names from flowers or plants. The Häxört bed linen, for example, is named after the Circaea lutetiana plant, also known as the common witch's herb.

Boxes, wall decorations, pictures, frames and clocks get expressions that are used in everyday language in Sweden. Places in Sweden are also used.

For Garden and balcony furniture the team uses Scandinavian islands. The Äpplarö series (wooden furniture) takes its name from an island near Stockholm. The namesake place for the stool and table series made of steel and plastic with the name "Västerön" is in the Åland region.

Products with light are often given names of units of measure, seasons, months and days. In addition, the team uses terms from the nautical language as well as the names of Swedish places. The latter are also namesake of Sofas, armchairs, chairs and dining tables.

Products for the kitchen get the names of fish, mushrooms or adjectives.

Products for children are named after mammals, birds or adjectives.

Fabrics and curtains get Scandinavian girls' names. Tables, chairs and swivel chairs Scandinavian boy names.

Carpets and rugs get the names of cities or villages in Denmark or Sweden, such as Ådum (series of long-pile carpets) or Stockholm and Silkeborg (short-pile carpets and woven carpets).

There are also exceptions in the Ikea universe

Ikea designer Jon Karlsson revealed the rules at a product presentation at the end of January. Accordingly, they were developed by Ikea founder Ingvar Kamprad. He suffered from dyslexia and had difficulty memorizing the numbers or codes of articles.

He also used a donkey bridge when naming the company. Ikea stands for his first and last name Ingvar and Kamprad, the name of the family farm Emltaryd and Agunnaryd, the place in Småland where he grew up.