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The whole truth about how communication jammers work in Russia. Tutorial: How To Make Your Own Cellular Jammer Difference Between Cellular Jammers

The program for detecting eavesdropping on your phone.
... A simple and reliable program for detecting the activity of devices of the GSM surveillance system, which is designed for active and passive interception of voice and data in the event of changes GSM networks ... Supports up to 4 GSM bands (850, 900, 1800, 1900), which means that it can be used anywhere in the world where there is a GSM network.

Detects activity of the following types of spyware:

  • 1. Active GSM interceptor with a 5.x decoder that can intercept incoming and outgoing GSM calls and SMS with any type of encryption in real time. They work with moving and stationary objects and deliver conversations and data in real time, analyze the received data, intercept IMSI / IMEI and selectively suppress GSM traffic in a certain area
  • 2. 3G IMSI / IMEI / TMSI catcher (intruder), which is supposed to influence the selected phone to switch to GSM mode in order to be able to intercept data from such a phone by a passive interceptor.
  • 3. Blocker selected cell phones (Cellular Firewall) for selective or mass suppression of GSM / UMTS targets. Based on the Active Base Station, the Cellular Firewall enables authorized GSM / UMTS subscribers to use their phones as usual, to receive calls, to call, to receive and send SMS etc., while at the same time unauthorized phones are in the immediate vicinity of the system cellular communication services are denied.
  • 4. GSM IMSI / IMEI / TMSI Catcher, with which the presence of GSM telephones in the area of ​​interest can be detected. The entire system is based on a laptop and a compact mini BTS and is an active system, which means that GSM telephones can be registered in its vicinity.
  • and the same ...

The program was developed with the advisory support of technical specialists from cellular operators who have a moral conviction about the right of every individual to privacy, the prohibition of any form of arbitrary interference by the state in private life and the protection from such interference by third parties.

In the implementation process:

Pro version:

  • 1.2 Supports 2x SIM
  • 2. Blocking (deleting) the connection of hardware interceptors to your phone.
  • 3. Analyze "Interceptor" statistics so you can see where, when, and how often your phone falls into "Interceptor" range
  • 4. Identification of interceptors. (Fortunately, "spies" usually do not delete the technical imitation data of the interceptor, as they know that the owners of the telephones do not see the technical characteristics of the GSM connection and have no suspicion of eavesdropping). In this way you can find out who and how often listens to you, whether "he" is following you around town, whether "he" knows where you live and work and so on. Or you accidentally fell into interceptor range. Long term
  • 5. Definition of eavesdropping by the operator. A very difficult task to implement without a 100% guarantee of definition accuracy. Will only be in the paid PRO version.
  • 6. Identification of intolerable GSM signal jammers. These are often used by automakers who use a signal jammer to block a car GSM GPS tracking device from operating.
  • 7. NEW! 7. Calculating the virtual honeycomb of hackers stealing your money from your phone!
  • 8. Notification of deactivation of conversation encryption.

Download the GSM Spy Finder App for Android You can follow the link below

Every day we are surrounded by more and more devices that work with wireless networks: cell phones, smart home devices, car alarms, unmanned aerial vehicles.

Unfortunately, such devices are easily damaged. A simple device for several thousand rubles can neutralize intrusion alarms or disable cellular communications in an entire office.

If you live in Moscow, you will meet regularly in the city center.

This article will tell you what type of RF jammers are used in the home and for what purposes they are used.


Jammers can easily be bought on the Internet, but they should only be used with the permission of Roskomnadzor. For more details on the RF suppressor registration process, see the RES and HFU Registration document.

Responsibility for violations of the rules for registration of RES and VChU is established in Article 13.4. Administrative Code of the Russian Federation. Violation of the rules for the design, construction, installation, registration or operation of highly electronic means and (or) high-frequency devices. Individuals face fine up to 500 rubles and equipment confiscation.

How do RF jammers work?

The general principle of operation of all jammers is very simple: they send a signal in the same frequency range as the device to be disturbed. A "white noise" field is created around the jammer in which signals from other sources are lost.

Types of jammers by form factor

Stationary jammers. These devices are designed for continuous use in one location and require a network connection to function. They weigh several kilograms and can generate "white noise" on ten or more high-frequency bands at the same time.

Portable jammers. These devices can be carried in a pocket and turned on discreetly when needed without attracting the attention of others. Time autonomous work such a device for 1-3 hours.

Portable jammers weigh an average of 300-700 grams and combine 3-6 antennas to suppress different high frequency ranges.

Covers blockers. Since the 1990s there have been many legends about the "police mode" built into every GSM phone, which enables the cellular operator to track movements and follow a subscriber's conversations.

These cases usually have two compartments. The first compartment is used to completely block signals and the second to protect against harmful radiation.

In many countries around the world, high-ranking officials and intelligence officers use specially mounted cell phones. In Russia they are issued to employees of secret departments crypto phones SMP-ATLAS / 2 and M-549M.

Let us now go into more detail about what the suppression of signals in different frequency ranges is used for in practice.


In most cases, cell phone jammers are purchased to protect the premises from eavesdropping due to GSM errors. The jammer can create silence in the hall during a mass event by blocking incoming calls.

Perhaps a law will soon be passed in our country to install cellular communication jammers in prisons, schools during exams, auditoriums, theaters and other university public places.

Frequency ranges:
GSM900: 925-960 MHz
GSM1800: 1805-1880 MHz
3G: 2110-2170 MHz
4G WIMAX: 2570-2690 MHz
4G LTE: 791-820 MHz
CDMA800: 850-894 MHz ( Not used by Russian mobile operators since 2010)
PHS: 1900-1930 MHz (legacy standard previously used in China and Japan)

Wi-Fi / Bluetooth

Such jammers are often combined in one device with cell jammers. They are designed to block data transmission channels from wireless cameras. This provides additional protection against information leaks.

When such a jammer is active in the room, in addition to covert surveillance cameras, routers, wireless keyboards and mice will not work.

Frequency range:
Wi-Fi / Bluetooth: 2400 - 2500 MHz

GPS / Glonass

The service vehicles of truckers and couriers are equipped with GPS beacons with which the employer can monitor the location of the employee. However, you can protect yourself from such monitoring with an anti-tracker.

GPS Anti-Tracker is a small device that is installed in the car's cigarette lighter and blocks the signals from GPS and GLONASS satellites. Some anti-trackers also contain a GSM jammer.

GPS jammers and Glonass are also used by hijackers to protect themselves from being tracked down on a stolen vehicle.

Frequency ranges:
GPS L1: 1570-1620 MHz
GPS and GLONASS L2: 1200-1310 MHz
GPS and GLONASS L3: 1380-1410 MHz


In online shops they are sold under the life name "Antishanson". Such jammers are useful in minibuses, taxis, shops, and other habitats of Radio Dacha and Retro FM listeners.

Frequency range:

FM: 88-108 MHz

Also, MP3 players with FM transmitters are used to counteract chanson and driver trolling. With their help, you can not only mute the radio, but make the entire minibus listen to your favorite songs.

Audio recording

Microphone jammers are included in the comprehensive anti-eavesdropping kit along with cellular jammers and Wi-Fi / Bluetooth jammers. There are two ways to prevent audio recording:

Ultrasonic suppression. The devices generate ultrasound that is not perceived by the human ear, but rather generates interference that blocks the recording of smartphones and pocket recorders.

Acoustic suppression. The device generates human audible interference with “Chorus of Voices”.

"Microphone jammers" usually weighs several kilograms, looks like an ordinary loudspeaker, and looks organic in the interior. It is controlled via the remote control that you can hide in your pocket.

How do jammers mask?

For the imperceptible suppression of radio signals in online shops, jammers that are camouflaged for various objects are sold. Portable jammers with a range of up to 15 meters disguise themselves as purses or cigarette boxes and more powerful universal jammers for briefcases, diplomats or interior details.

Recently, the internet community has started paying more and more attention to cell jammers, especially how to make one of them yourself. The Jammer company and our team of specialists couldn't step aside and decided to create their own instructions for you. But do not forget that creating such a complex device is quite difficult and requires certain skills and experience in the field of electronics.

3 ways to suppress

First of all, you should know that there are three ways to interfere with mobile signals:

  • Spoofing (A wrong signal will be sent to the mobile device and its operation will be interrupted.)
  • DoS attack (Denial-of-service, when a signal is obscured by radio interference and cannot be received or transmitted normally)
  • Electromagnetic shielding (The object is surrounded by a protective shield that does not allow incoming or outgoing signals to pass through.)

Our experts use the second method, and here's why: spoofing is a good method, but it requires precise setting and control, and it will be quite difficult for an inexperienced user to operate such a device. The EMC shielding works great but is tied to one location, i.e. H. You can forget about portable devices.

DoS therefore remains the best choice, as all mobile devices with selected frequencies within the interference radius of the communication jammer used can be disturbed.

Assemble parts

To create a cell phone jammer, you need to combine some parts into a whole. Here is a list of them:

  • Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO)
  • Tuning circle (to select the desired frequency for suppression)
  • Source of interference (usually built into the tuning circuit)
  • RF amplification block (also called "amplifier stage")
  • Send antenna

GUN is the most important part ... it's like the heart of your jammer. The VCO generates an RF signal that interacts with the blocked device. First, you need to select the frequencies that you want your suppressor to use. Here is a list of the most important communication standards:

  • AMPS (800 MHz)
  • PCS (800 MHz, 1800 MHz and 1900 MHz)
  • GSM (850 MHz and 1900 MHz in America, 900 MHz and 1800 MHz in Europe)
  • GPS (main civil frequencies 1227 MHz and 1575 MHz)
  • Wi-Fi / Bluetooth (2400 MHz - 2500 MHz)
  • RFID (also known as UHF / VHF, 14 MHz - 400 MHz, 800 MHz, and 2450 MHz)

You also need to think about the size of the future suppressor as you can create a portable cell phone jammer or a desktop cell phone jammer.

Voting scheme There are two types: idle and with feedback ... an open circuit is pretty simple and requires few components and additional passive components. The sawtooth generator causes the VCO to change from low to high frequency. The closed loop circuit uses a PLL to tune the VCO frequency and keep it at the same level. For this purpose you will need a microcontroller. It is programmed once and connected to the VCO, so it is not configurable.

RF amplifier unitIs what you need if you want to expand the coverage area of ​​your jammer along with the signal strength. The more power your signal suppressor has, the greater the radius of its suppression. The price for this, as you have probably already guessed, is the uptime of the device. More power means less battery life.

There is a fairly wide range of amplifier stages to choose from in the electronic component market (7dBm, 17dBm, and even 20 + dBm). It should be noted, however, that the more power is available, the shorter the operating time of the device.

Send antennaIs a device that transmits signals that your jammer generates. The main characteristic of the antenna is VSWR (Standing Voltage Wave Ratio). If your antenna has a VSWR of three or less this is the way to go because the return loss on this antenna is minimal.

Jammer specialists use SMA antennas because they are very easy to remove or replace. It should also be mentioned that omnidirectional antennas are preferable if you do not want to keep pointing your jammer at the interfering object, such as B. a TV remote control.

Energy sourcekeeps your creation alive. Typically, cell phone jammers use 5V DC for operation. Therefore, you can use a lithium-ion battery as a power source. If you're using a traditional power adapter, you'll need a power adapter. There are two types of power adapters: a voltage doubler of a controlled capacitor or an induction pulse step-up stabilizer.

The first is simple and effective, but it cannot be discontinued. Therefore you need an MPN regulator to adjust the voltage. The second is adjustable, but more expensive, more complex and requires a precise selection of all components for stable operation.

Our production team uses switching regulators for their creations. It takes more time and effort, but the result is worth it. AC / DC adapters are made for almost all types of cell phone jammers.

Additional Comments

  • Older mobile devices are more easily suppressed due to their lower operating performance. Accordingly, they will be pinched at a greater distance than newer cell phones.
  • More powerful signal jammers are usually equipped with cooling systems to prevent malfunctions.
  • If you have the skills, skill, and experience (and equipment), you can use a programmable PLL with a microcontroller to make your cell jammer adjustable.

And finally

Well did you like it? Now you have an idea of ​​how which one The work is done by our respected research and manufacturing specialists to invent, design, manufacture, and manufacture all of these wide variety of reliable cell phone jammers for your use.

The world of electronic devices is a huge and interesting place! He has something to show and surprise. It can help us enjoy things that are modern, useful, and just plain cool.

And he will be happy you like his new part!

Until recently, we only used a phone at home or at work as a means of communication and didn't even think anyone would be looking for us. But times change, and now a person cannot even imagine how he would get along without daily communication on a cellphone with the world around him.

Of course, there are many advantages for us to use this device, but most people forget that the mobile phone becomes irritating if you do not follow some rules of use.For example, everyone was likely confused because the phone next to him in the theater rang unexpectedly - at the time, the tune of "Boomer" was slightly untouched by the tragic scene that took place during the performance. Perhaps you have ever found yourself in an awkward position when, during a meeting, your phone suddenly started playing with the voice of the singer from the group "Rammstein"? For your information, around 90% of people are frustrated by inappropriate cell phone calls. This anger rose to such unbelievable limits that scientists had to invent cellular communication jammers or jammers - devices that help get rid of intrusive phone calls.

The schemes of blockers of this type are quite simple. The device acts as a sound generator with high power. Its principle of operation is to suppress connections cellphone from the base station, i. H. the return signal is blocked. For this reason, incoming calls from cell phones that are within range of the jammer cannot pass the so-called protective barrier. Now you can be absolutely sure that you will not be disturbed by inappropriate calls during this time.

As soon as similar GSM jammers hit the market people got interested in them immediately and these were people of art, not security structures! Nowadays, cell blockers are increasingly being used in cultural events, and all artists breathed a sigh of relief - now you can get your job done safely. Before the jammers were introduced, the situation left a lot to be desired. One day in Copenhagen a mobile phone rang during a performance in a symphony orchestra hall. At that moment the conductor stopped the performance and the musicians started playing the melody from the beginning. The pianist Andreas Schiff was not so patient at one of his concerts. He endured the calls from two cell phones steadfastly and bravely, but after the third ring in the hall, he stopped playing and left the stage. The pianist suggested that the audience use this pause to cough, call friends, or just make some noise.
Jammers are also widely used ... in churches! The scheme of a cellular blocker assumes that such a jammer can cover all types of premises, depending on the type. Multiple cell phone jammers are often installed in the church and now holding church services becomes an event that does not interfere with the cell phone ringing. Up until that time, the Holy Fathers often complained to one another that their patience was about to run out, as they kept listening to calls The temple was already unbearable.
Initially, gsm suppression was only done as an experiment when devices were installed in only a few churches. Even so, the experience proved successful and now most churches have already got rid of intrusive phone calls with the help of jammers!

Good day, dear reader! I am pleased to welcome you to my personal blog, where the most interesting articles on the subject of mobile security are constantly published ... The confidentiality of information is an important problem of our time. Where do you think it is possible to download a listening program? Are there really proven techniques that can be used to effectively avoid this espionage? You can find all the answers in the following article. This material is complemented by an interesting thematic video recorded especially for you. Do not miss!

Let us consider whether there is a need to download a program for eavesdropping on the special services in order to hear citizens' phones. The answer is no. They are using professional equipment that cannot be found in regular sales. It is no secret that many government organizations carry out covert surveillance and surveillance of their own citizens.

Avoiding this is quite difficult as the interception of the required information is already done at the level of the mobile operator, provision of mobile services. But there is good news as an ordinary person may not care, and listening is more likely for intruders or for people suspected of having committed crimes. There are also methods of intercepting messages for specific keywords.

But I thought that an intruder who chose to have full access to my own archives could download the wiretapping program for a cell phone. I have looked for such software, but nothing that really works on the web has not been found. I decided not to despair, but to look for alternative solutions. On one of the resources I came across an interesting service that allows you to remotely copy all of the backup information.

In some cases it turns out to be a very convenient solution as I sometimes use social networks for business communication. It's convenient to keep everything in one place and view it from any electronic device. All it takes is the internet. Various applications for transmitting information are supported, as well as popular social networks and services. Versatility is the main feature of this software that I haven't found analog.

Because of this, I thought that an attacker would not need to download a program to listen to a cell phone. Imagine a stranger trying to install an application like the one described above on your mobile phone. But I want to emphasize that in this case it doesn't matter.

Therefore, there is no need to download the mobile phone listening program. The main thing is to keep strangers away from your mobile phone so that such a service cannot be installed by a stranger. This guarantees that the information in the smartphone is intact and secure.

Below is a video on this topic that describes how to configure the service. Remember that you should only use such applications in your smartphone and not in others. Mobile device owners will definitely not like it, and neither would you. The video describes everything in detail, you will understand the software easily. And above all, your safety is only in your hands!

Application functions: reading correspondence SMS, MMS, Vkontakte (official app and Kate Mobile), Odnoklassniki, Facebook, My [email protected],, Twitter, Hangouts, Google+, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Hangouts (formerly Google Talk ), [email protected], ICQ, IM + and IM + Pro, AIM, Jabber, MSN, MySpace, Yahoo! and Ya.Online (Yandex Chat), Email Traffic Gmail and [email protected] show visited websites in chrome browser, Opera, Firefox. Access the call history and phone location. This is a small part of all the possibilities. The whole

Video installation guide for each phone:

Video instructions for installation on a phone with ROOT rights:

Installation and configuration instructions:

  1. We start personal office via this link: "Create personal account" (just register there).
  2. We go to this link: "Enter your personal account on the website" and enter the email address and password you provided before registering.
  3. Click the button: "Add phone"
  4. We fill out all fields that are asked for input. We fill in correctly as it is written there, otherwise it will not work.
  5. We press the "Save" button.
  6. We read the instructions that came up after clicking the save button
  7. We will install the application on the phone (from which you will need to get information) and configure it according to the instructions you need to read in step 6.
  8. The application is installed. All is well. The developers write that you have to wait at least an hour for the data to flow into your personal account that you entered in step 1. In our case, the data came in 4 hours. The plan was successful! Wish you luck