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Every WhatsApp user sends over 1,000 messages per month and receives more than 2,000. Quick help is therefore required in the event of connection problems. So that your availability does not suffer, we will show you how you can hopefully fix the error as easily as possible. The causes can be your internet connection, your smartphone or the WhatsApp server itself.

Check internet access

It sounds simple at first, but before you assume a faulty connection, you should first check whether your smartphone is connected to the Internet at all. To do this, go to your Settings or swipe to the Taskbar to call. Are the symbols for the "mobile data" and the "WIRELESS INTERNET ACCESS"Greyed out, there is no connection to the Internet. Depending on whether you are traveling or in a WLAN network, you can select one of the two symbols and try to activate the Internet.

If your smartphone still does not connect to the Internet, either contact your cell phone provider for mobile data or reconnect your smartphone to the WLAN.

Restart the smartphone

Similar to restarting the computer, this also helps the smartphone to resolve error messages. The operating system can remove legacy issues and rearrange itself. Run one Restart on your smartphone and then open the app again to see if the problem has been resolved.


Still can't connect to WhatsApp? Go to the AppStore of your smartphone to update the app if necessary. If your version is out of date, you will automatically be sent "To updateThe same applies to the version of your operating system. Check your settings to see whether new updates are available for your iPhone or Android device. Here you can read how to install an update on your iPhone or how to update your Android device. Update device.

Whatsapp server

Sometimes the connection problems have nothing to do with the settings of your iPhone or Android device. Another source of error is the app's server. When this is down, there is often nothing left but to wait until it is running again. You can check whether the WhatsApp server is down, for example, at https: //allestören.de/stoerung/whatsapp.

Cellular provider

Finally, the cause of your connection problems could also be with your cellular provider. This can block certain applications with the help of so-called wireless access points (APN). The access points are there to be able to log into the network of mobile data from the mobile devices. With this problem, you should be best contact your mobile operator directly and ask which access points need to be set in order to use messenger services like WhatsApp. You should then be given instructions on how to configure your data network and web settings.