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20.11.2015 - 07:23

BMW, Canada, Renault-Nissan, Fastned, Darmstadt, Aachen.

BMW expands US charging offensive: BMW announces an expansion of its “ChargeNow DC Fast” program together with EVgo. In addition to the 100 existing stations in California, another 500 fast chargers are to be installed in the USA by the end of 2018, 50 of them by the end of this year. New BMW i3 customers can use the stations free of charge for two years. The question naturally arises as to why BMW does not make similar advance payments in Germany.,,

E-taxi offensive in Canada: The announced electric taxi fleet for Montreal has now been unveiled. The company Téo wants to carry out a test phase with the Nissan Leaf, Kia Soul EV and Tesla Model S e-taxis from next week to mid-March 2016 with 500 users and then start regular operation with 50 cars. By 2019, the fleet is expected to grow to an impressive 2,000 electric taxis. (with video)

Electricity donor for climate summit: Renault-Nissan is installing 90 new charging points in and around Paris in cooperation with EDF, Schneider Electric, SNCF, Aéroports de Paris and the city administration in order to supply the 200 electric vehicles provided by the alliance partners for the shuttle service of the UN climate conference with electricity . The majority of the charging stations are to remain in Paris permanently.,

Fastned is going urban: The Dutch charging infrastructure provider will install five fast charging stations in The Hague in the coming year; other cities are to follow. 44 Fastned fast chargers are currently on the network and according to the company, one is added every week.

E-buses for Darmstadt? A feasibility study is to find out which requirements are necessary so that the bus lines F, H, K, L and R in Darmstadt can be operated purely electrically by 2025. The first practical tests with e-buses are planned in the Hessian city from 2016.

Customs electrification is advancing: The main customs office in Aachen has added two Renault Zoe and Toyota Prius to its fleet. They are part of the nationwide procurement measure, which provides for 107 electric and 79 hybrid vehicles for customs this year (we reported).

06.05.2015 - 07:45

Airbus, NASA, Larte Design, Canada & Taiwan.

E-Fan goes into series production: Airbus wants to build a factory for the series production of the E-Fan 2.0 in the French city of Pau and invest a further 20 million euros in the development of the electric aircraft. Construction work is scheduled to start in mid-2016 and the first of the 100 planned units will be delivered by the Voltair subsidiary founded in 2014 from the end of 2017.,,

NASA electric whiz kid: The Langley Research Center of the US space agency NASA has now tested its unmanned GL-10 electric aircraft. It is powered by ten electric motors and, thanks to the tilt wings, can rise vertically into the air and then fly like a “normal” airplane. ,, (video)

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1000 EV’s in motion! Be part of it ... We invite all eMobile drivers across Europe to take part in rallies. Come with a pedelec, e-scooter, e-car or plug-in and get your personal start number. Come to the opening of eTourEurope 2015 with eMOBIL exhibition on May 8, 2015 by 11.00 a.m. at the Odeonsplatz in Munich!

More power for Tesla: Shortly after the premiere of their souped-up Tesla Model S Elizabeta In Monaco, the tuning company Larte Design is already announcing its next coup: A Model S with a full 662 kW, which should offer the same range as the original despite 29 percent more power.,

Bilateral fuel cell alliance: Canada and Taiwan have agreed on a cooperation in the area of ​​the development of fuel cells, e.g. for vehicles. A corresponding letter of intent was recently signed at the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Conference.,

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Most clicked link on Tuesday was ours eMobility Dashboard Germany with the review of 2014. Shame on our heads: In the bar chart of the charging points per federal state, with NRW we have withheld the class leader. We apologize to everyone in North Rhine-Westphalia and have now added your big column on the far left! >> (PDF download, 2 MB)

18.03.2015 - 09:13

South Korea, Hamburg, Avis London, Riga, Canada, Bangalore.

South Korea sets the pace: Just yesterday we reported on the electrification plans in Seoul, now the South Korean Ministry of the Environment is stepping up: the authority wants to present a long-term plan to promote hydrogen-powered vehicles by July and invest in at least 1,000 H2 vehicles and 10 H2 filling stations for the public sector by 2020 .

New H2 station in Hamburg: Shell has opened a new hydrogen filling station in the Hanseatic League and possibly the future Olympic city. It is Shell's third nationwide and the first to produce hydrogen on site. The mineral oil company, which is part of the H2Mobility initiative, has announced further H2 stations "soon" in Frankfurt, Wuppertal, Geisingen and Wendingen.

Hybridization at Avis: The car rental company has purchased 100 Toyota Yaris Hybrids for its London fleet. A major reason for the decision was that the hybrid small cars do not have to pay a city center toll due to their official CO2 emissions of 75 g / km.,

Electric buses for Riga: The transport company Rigas satiksme has ordered a total of 125 trolleybuses valued at 131.8 million euros from Skoda Electric. The first 25 e-buses have already been delivered to the Latvian capital, with 25 more to follow in the course of the second half of the year.,

Wrong funding policy? Domestic charging options are much more important than public charging stations for the success of e-cars and plug-in hybrids. That is the result of a representative survey conducted by Simon Fraser University among 1,739 households with plug-in vehicles in Canada.

Indian lithium taxis: A new taxi company called Lithium wants to get started in April with a fleet of 100 electric cars in the Indian city of Bangalore. The e-taxis come from different manufacturers and are to be networked via the cloud.

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05.12.2014 - 09:19

November sales from the US and Canada.

Exactly 6,176 electric cars were sold in the US in November, 52.5 percent more than in the same month last year. There were also 3,609 new plug-in hybrids (-26.3%) and 31,109 hybrids without plugs (-13.8%). In Canada, meanwhile, monthly sales of the Nissan Leaf cracked the 1,000 mark for the first time. (USA), (Canada)

04.11.2014 - 09:06

Esslingen, Dormagen, Offenbach, Switzerland, Canada, Toyota.

Battery trolleybuses for Esslingen: The Esslingen municipal transport company is getting four new electric buses, the batteries of which are charged while they are attached to the overhead line. Then they continue to drive on battery power. The first two buses could go into operation at the beginning of 2016.,

New train station in Dormagen: The city has completed its € 5 million station renovation. Citizens can look forward to a bike station with 360 parking spaces, a double charging column for e-cars and a power dispenser for e-bikes with 24 battery charging compartments.

Update on eMiO: The electric mobility project in Offenbach (eMiO) is making progress. Almost three quarters of the 40 new electric vehicles to be put on the road have already been brokered. The pharmacy “Zum Löwen” recently received a Mitsubishi EV (formerly i-MiEV).

New fast chargers in Switzerland: The electricity works of the canton of Zurich have installed two new fast charging stations on the A4 between the greater Zurich area and Zug / Lucerne. Tesla is also stepping up: In Maienfeld on the A13 and Beckenried on the A2 there are now more superchargers. (EKZ), (Tesla)

Canada is following up: The Canadian e-mobility provider Sun Country Highway, which has already set up numerous charging stations in the country, has made a new announcement. No fewer than 1,000 new charging points are being planned across Canada. A specific schedule was not given.,

Toyota expands charging network: The car manufacturer is expanding its tests with charging infrastructure in the Japanese prefecture of Aichi and adding 43 more to the previous 104 charging stations. One of the goals of the field test is to identify the ideal locations for the chargers.,

29.09.2014 - 08:12

ePendler, electrically mobile, Wolfsburg, BMW i, Car2go, Canada.

Electric commuters on the go: After the first campaigns in Frankfurt am Main and Leipzig (we reported), “ePendler” also started in Schleswig-Holstein on Friday. Commuters and professional car pools can still test electric cars on their way to work until October 4th.,,

Intelligent charging technology in action: Five social stations and Caritas associations from the district of Konstanz have now received nine electric cars as part of the “electric mobile” model project. The project also uses charging cables with integrated electricity meters from ubitricity.,

New charging points in Wolfsburg: A new underground car park went into operation last week at Wolfsburg train station. It offers 96 parking spaces and 16 charging stations for electric vehicles.

New BMW-i home charger: After the “Wallbox Pure”, BMW i is now launching the “Wallbox Pro”. It has a 7-inch display and is suitable for feeding in self-generated electricity and for smart home networking. The charging capacity of the wallbox, which is to be marketed worldwide, has been increased to up to 7.4 kW. In Germany, however, single-phase charging is possible with a maximum of 4.6 kW.,

Car sharing news: The two largest private auto distributors, Autonetzer and Neighborhood Cars, are merging. Meanwhile, Car2go is merging its Cologne and Düsseldorf business areas and announcing the launch in New York City: 400 Smarts should be ready in Brooklyn from the end of October. There are apparently no electric smarts planned at the start - but what is not can still be. (car setter & neighborhood car), (Car2go)

Canadian loading corridor: The first two stations of the “electric corridor” between Québec City and Montréal have now been put into operation. A total of twelve charging options, including five fast chargers, will be available on Highways 40 and 138 this autumn.,


29.08.2014 - 08:12

Carsharing in America.

Already 1.42 million car sharing members was there on January 1, 2014 in America. As of the reporting date, they shared 21,459 vehicles, spread over 24 projects in the USA, 19 in Canada and one each in Mexico and Brazil. This comes from figures from the “Transportation Sustainability Research Center”. via

21.08.2014 - 08:00

Hitchbot is there.

The story of the hitchhiking robot, who hitchhiked across Canada as a socio-cultural-technical experiment, went through numerous gazettes. And Hitchbot himself also reported eagerly about his trip on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Now the little guy has reached his destination - and made many nice acquaintances along the way.,

12.06.2014 - 08:04

Loading without ballast.

Charging electricity for your electric car completely naked? In a Canadian nudist nature park, “nude shop” has recently become possible, as our Facebook find today shows. Perhaps an exciting approach to help electric mobility achieve a breakthrough?

07.04.2014 - 08:05

March sales from UK and Canada.

Strength 823 electric cars were sold in the UK in March, around three times as many as in the same month last year. Hybrid drives also made strong gains. Looking across the pond: In Canada, 255 new electric cars were added in March, with the Nissan Leaf posting its second-best monthly result. (UK), (Canada)

18.12.2013 - 09:08

SCL-PaMelA, Rohm Semiconductor, EMGR, MIFA, Canada, France.

Money for research in Erfurt: With more than half a million euros from the Federal Ministry of Economics, a sub-project of the Erfurt University of Applied Sciences will be funded until 2016. SCL-PaMelA is intended to research factors influencing the range of e-commercial vehicles for inner-city deliveries.

Battery management: Rohm Semiconductor is introducing a new component in its IC series for the control, monitoring and protection of battery systems with series-connected lithium-ion cells. The ML5238 family is suitable for battery packs from 5 to 16 cells.

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Battery Forum Germany: From January 29 to 31, 2014, the Competence Network Lithium-Ion Batteries (KLiB) e.V. will strengthen the national dialogue on battery technology. High-ranking representatives from research and industry (including from BASF SE, Rockwood Lithium GmbH, Volkswagen AG and ThyssenKrupp AG) will shed light on the topic from different perspectives in Berlin. Save the date, inform and register now.

Another pedelec drive from an automotive supplier? According to media reports, the Grünhain electric motor factory (EMGR) will supply the Mitteldeutsche Fahrradwerke (MIFA) with drives from 2014. The cooperation between EMGR and MIFA therefore initially applies to a project with cargo e-bikes.,

French-Canadian cooperation: France and Québec have announced a collaboration in the field of electromobility. A joint working group aims to improve collaboration between research and industry through the exchange of information and specific projects.

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Most clicked link on Tuesday were the pictures of the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer.

01.11.2013 - 09:20

Fast charging stations for Canada.

Lucky ones 13 fast charging stations the energy supplier BC Hydro wants to set up in the Canadian province of British Columbia. The pillars from ABB and Eaton then line the “Sea to Sky” corridor on the west coast. It would be the first fast chargers in Canada, and GreenLots will take over the operation.

30.10.2013 - 09:16

UQM, University of Jena, Texas, Canada.

New UQM drive: The company UQM Technologies, which specializes in electric drives, has presented a new drive train called the PowerPhase HD 250 for heavy commercial vehicles. It offers a peak output of 250 kW, a full 900 Nm of torque and an efficiency of up to 95 percent.

Range models based on practical experience developed by the University of Jena: The first series of tests with a data-collecting Mitsubishi i-MiEV is now being evaluated. The preliminary conclusion from the SmartCityLogistics project: E-mobiles are suitable for everyday use, but range is relative and needs to be planned.,

Mini study on charging behavior: In Texas, a study by the Pecan Street Research Institute on the charging behavior of 30 e-car owners has shown that their charging preferences are very diverse and therefore hardly disruptive to the power supply. It should be checked whether the power grid, which is heavily used by air conditioning in summer, would be affected during peak time.

Canada invests in electric drives: The Canadian government is funding the development of advanced vehicle drives, including battery electric and fuel cell systems, with $ 29 million. Just under $ 9 million will go to Chrysler's partnership with McMaster University.

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Most clicked link on Tuesday was the news about a Tesla fire in Mexico.

07.10.2013 - 08:11

September sales USA and Canada.

A total of 33,576 hybrid cars and 8,127 plug-in models were sold in the US in September. This means that the hybrid boom is slowing down a bit, while plug-in is growing. In Canada, the Chevy Volt was again ahead of the Nissan Leaf, which found 36 new buyers, with 59 sales in the first month of autumn. (USA), (Canada)

22.08.2013 - 08:18

Refueling endangers the environment.

Smokers have been warned for a long time about the health risk of their vice for themselves and others by means of notes on the cigarette packs.The Canadian environmental protection organization “Our Horizon” now wants to put corresponding warning notices on the harmfulness of fossil fuels on the climate - and has designed the first motifs. via

21.08.2013 - 08:09

Spying in the ice?

The Canadian Army is testing a hybrid snowmobile called “Loki” for undercover use in the Arctic - and must therefore assume James Bond airs.

05.08.2013 - 09:43

E-parking, Flinkster, Canada, USA, Ecotricity, St. Pölten.

Charge with parking ticket: The Parkraumgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg has set up a fast charging column in the parking garage of the University Canteen in Mannheim, which is activated with a parking ticket. This is also used to pay for the electricity at the pay machine later. (with video)

Flinkster starts in Vienna: The Deutsche Bahn CarSharing offer is now also available to customers in Austria. In the coming weeks, the operator plans to increase the fleet in the Austrian capital to 50 vehicles in 18 districts.

Canada-USA loading corridor: Vermont, USA, and Québec, Canada, will soon be electrically connected by 17 charging stations along the Burlington - Montréal route (222 km). The corresponding initiative goes back to the American interest group Drive Electric Vermont and its Canadian cooperation partner Electric Circuit.,

More charging points on UK highways: Nissan and the British green electricity provider Ecotricity are installing a further 13 quick chargers at motorway service areas of the Welcome Break Group. This increases the number of Nissan stations in Great Britain to 97. More are planned.,

Soak up the sun: In St. Pölten, Lower Austria, five fast charging stations have been set up that are fed with solar power. Up to 13 e-vehicles can be charged at two locations.

20.06.2013 - 08:41

Bosch, Mitsubishi, GS Yuasa, Canada, CarSharing, Denza.

Bosch launches new battery attack: After the failed alliance with Samsung, the supplier is now looking for luck in Japan and wants to set up a joint venture with Mitsubishi and GS Yuasa in 2014 to research and develop the next generation of high-performance lithium-ion batteries. The company is said to be based in Stuttgart and half of Bosch owned. Mitsubishi and GS Yuasa each receive 25%.

Mini-recall for the Model S: Tesla is voluntarily improving some recently produced models of the Model S due to possible safety problems with the rear seats. And shows how service has to run today: The manufacturer organizes collection, return and, if necessary, a replacement car.,,

Canadian Charging Initiative: Electric car drivers traveling between Vermont and Québec will soon no longer have to worry about electricity replenishment. A corridor with at least 20 charging stations will be built between the two cities in autumn. Other routes could follow.,

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Electromobility - on the home straight: In one week, Dieter Zetsche, Peter Altmaier, Peter Ramsauer, Jürgen Trittin, Olaf Scholz, Henning Kagermann, Matthias Wissmann, Berthold Huber, Hildegard Müller and other experts will explain where the journey is going - at the Tagesspiegel eMobility Summit on the 27th and 28th. June in Berlin.
Secure your tickets quickly!

Headwind for CarSharing: Do CarSharing concepts such as Car2go or DriveNow that are not tied to specific stations increase the environmental problems and parking shortages in cities? Yes, says the German Environmental Aid and castigates the offers as "ecological nonsense". Daimler cannot understand the criticism., (reaction from Daimler)

Panamera S E-Hybrid in the driving report: Stefan Voswinkel was able to elicit 40 purely electric kilometers from the plug-in Porsche, a few more than Porsche promised. Stefan Anker even managed 42 battery kilometers. Apart from that, both testers especially praise the great driving pleasure.,

Denza with a wide network of dealers: The electric brand from Daimler and BYD could, at least in theory, spread very quickly in China. At least the label can use a huge dealer network.