Are there really loving marriages?

A loving separation

There are many theories that may be contributing factors to the increasing number of marriages divorcing and relationships not lasting for a lifetime. These include, for example, global communication thanks to the Internet, mobility, which enables us to travel further distances without any problems, the social environment, which no longer punishes separation with exclusion from society, or the far less ecclesiastical influence on people's lives .

The list of possible factors could probably be expanded to include tens of other points, and all of them may have some influence on marriages and relationships breaking up. Ultimately, however, a really harmonious, loving and mutually familiar relationship would not fail, despite all the factors that favor a separation. In fact, a separation is due to the fact that the three supporting pillars of love, namely physical attraction, spiritual harmony and emotional connection, are not sufficiently stable. You may develop in two different directions, or you may find that you just don't complement each other properly on one level. These can be reasons for a separation and then it is even better for both parties if you do not refrain from it.

Rather than realizing that some relationships are simply not meant to last a lifetime but can serve as a crucial part of the personal experience, most relationships break up with war of the roses and mutual hurt. Actually completely unnecessary, because a love and a partnership never only works one-sided, but requires both partners in equal parts. So there is no need to hurt your partner or feel hurt when a relationship breaks down. In the end, it can be seen much more as a way into a relationship, which, thanks to the experience that one was allowed to gain, can find a more secure foundation. It will be much more pleasant for everyone involved if a common decision leads to a separation and if you separate each other in love, in order to give yourself and your partner the chance to find happiness.