How to prevent pasta from sticking

Cooking pasta without sticking

pasta is very popular with many people and for many good reasons. On the one hand, noodles can be bought very cheaply and are therefore one of the foods for which you can get full for little money. On the other hand, the popular Italian pasta, if you don't buy it from the refrigerated shelf, has a very long shelf life and can therefore be bought in advance very practically. Last but not least, noodles are very versatile and can be eaten and enjoyed in many different ways. However, one thing that bothers most people when they cook the pasta is the fact that they do stick together very quickly and thus break if you want to separate them from each other.

However, there are a few tips that can be used to do this Prevent the noodles from sticking together.

Pasta always sticks!


If the pasta sticks together, this ensures that you can no longer just spread the pasta on the plates, but pull a large lump of pasta out of the bowl, which is difficult to separate. Because pasta is known to stick very well and very firmly.
So that one can prevent the pasta from sticking and thus a large lump is formed, you should add at least a factor of 10 to the water. Since pasta is a popular Italian pasta, it makes sense to use olive oil. This not only prevents the pasta from sticking, but also gives the noodles a nice, tasty aftertaste. However, many star chefs advise against this.

Of course, it can always happen that you forget to add the oil to the water in the pasta so that the noodles don't stick, but in this case too there is a good way to prevent the noodles from sticking and forming a large lump.

Does Olive Oil Really Help?

The noodles usually only stick when the noodles slowly start to cool. This means that they only stick when you have taken them out of the water and left them outside. To prevent this, when you have taken the pasta out of the water, it is best to add it directly to the pasta sauce and mix it. Many amateur cooks also advise adding a little olive oil to the pasta and spreading it over the pasta with a spoon. If that really helps or you can read here whether the noodles become inedible as a result.

Another reason that can lead to Glue the noodles together, may be the fact that you can find Italian pasta in little water cooks. If there is too little water in the pot, then this leads to the fact that the noodles have very little space and cannot float. As a result, the noodles stick together. Therefore, if you want to cook the pasta without them sticking together, you should not only add olive oil to the water or the drained pasta, but always make sure that enough water is present and the noodles can therefore swim well, but above all freely, in the water.

Thanks to these tips, you can easily spread the pasta on the plates without them sticking and possibly breaking.

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