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Integer: What is integrity? What can it mean to have integrity? Why is it important to have integrity? And why shouldn't you question your integrity? Where does the word come from? Learn a lot about the adjective integer, what it means, how to use it. Find out here about other words that are related to integer and have similar origins. You will also get information about similar words (synonyms) to integer, including antonyms to the term integer. The adjective integer describes a quality of human beings that can be seen positively and that you may want to develop in yourself. This is a yoga wiki article, so it is also about the development of personality, not just knowledge of German studies or knowledge of crossword puzzles. This is how you get affirmations of integrity here too. You can think about whether you want to cultivate this quality. Integer is the adjective for integrity. You can find a lot more about integrity in the main keyword integrity. Here is a brief definition of integrity: To be integer means to lead an innocent and morally impeccable life. People with this quality are reliable and credible and they have a solid character.

If you have integrity, you have a clear conscience. And a good conscience is a good pillow!

What exactly does it mean to be of integrity?

Integer means something like honest, ethical, it means to act according to one's ethical principles, ultimately means to be morally impeccable. If you have integrity, then you have a clear conscience. And a good conscience is a good pillow, goes the saying. A good conscience is a good pillow, which means you can sleep well. A bad conscience leads to bad sleep, so it is good to be and act with integrity. If you always have integrity, you will also earn a good reputation. If others don't question your integrity, then they will trust you. Then others will be happy to do you a favor too. And should someone ever accuse you of something and you have a reputation for being with integrity, then that's no problem. It only becomes problematic when you have lost your integrity, when others have good reasons to believe that you are dishonest, that you are out for your own gain, etc.

Integer and the five yamas - an explanation from a yogic point of view

First and foremost, integrity means adhering to ethical principles. In yoga they are referred to as the five yamas. They are like a short version of the Ten Commandments.


Do not hurt, that is to say, when dealing with others, you strive for kindness and kindness and not to hurt others unnecessarily.


Truthfulness, you do not lie, neither white lies nor about your personal will to gain advantage.


Don't steal, don't cheat, don't be dishonest.


Avoiding Sexual Misconduct. This is defined a bit differently in every culture, but integrity also definitely includes avoiding sexual misconduct. The year is 2019. In 2017-2019, so many cases were uncovered in which people with good reputations treated women terribly. Because of this lack of integrity, they have offended people very much on the one hand and disappointed people's hopes on the other. They fell off their pedestals and their life's work collapsed. Integrity also includes sexual integrity or even more than that: dealing with other people, especially weaker people. Fifth


Incorruptibility, that is, you do not allow yourself to be bribed and you also do not bribe others. That's all one side of integrity. The second side of integrity is that you stand up for others, that you stand up your thoughts and actions, and that what you do stands up for others. Integrity includes people knowing you mean well. Integrity also means that people know when you work with them, that you never work against them, that you are not from behind, but that on the contrary, you are looking for a so-called win-win situation, that you want what is good for everyone. So that also means being with integrity. To be there for the community, to want the best possible for everyone, to stand up for it and to make sacrifices for it.

If you lead a life of integrity, then you have led a meaningful life, then you have a contented life and then you can do some good. You just have to watch out for the arrogance and spiritual arrogance that makes you think what a great pike I am. It is not for nothing that Jesus warns again and again in the Bible that you get this spiritual arrogance when you say: β€œIt's great that I'm not as bad as others.” Remain humble and if you manage to be with integrity, make yourself aware , that can change at any time. I had a master of high integrity, Swami Vishnudevananda, who sometimes said to us, β€œI can't vouch for myself, I don't know if I'll ever do something stupid.” We thought that was pretty weird at the time, because how can he great masters commit stupid things? But I mean, that was the highest expression of his integrity, this humility, and that he was on his guard and knew that everything negative that there is in others is also inherent in him. And because he knew that, he could have integrity until the end. What do you think about being with integrity? Do you know people who you would describe as having complete integrity? Please write it in the comments, you don't have to give a name.

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Here you can find a lecture video about Integer :

Author / speaker / camera: Sukadev Bretz, founder of Yoga Vidya.

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Integer - related terms

Here are a few words associated with integer. First a few words that have the same root:

  • The noun to integer is integrity.
  • The noun agent, i.e. the word that designates the agent, is integrator.
  • One verb to do this is to be of integrity.

Opposite of integer - antonyms

An antonym is an opposite. Sometimes virtues are best understood by relating them to their opposite. Sometimes the opposite of a virtue is also a virtue, sometimes a vice or a vice. So here are some opposites of integer, i.e. antonyms:

Balancing virtues

Much that is taken to extremes becomes vice. So integrity also needs an opposite pole. Here are some opposite poles, i.e. positive antonyms to integer:

  • Adjectives that denote an opposite pole, i.e. positive antonyms too integer, are, for example, spontaneous
  • Nouns that represent the opposite pole to integrity are e.g. spontaneity

Antonyms, negative qualities

Here are some examples of opposites, antonyms, of integrity, which can be viewed as vices or negative properties:

Similar words to integer - synonyms

Synonyms are words with a similar meaning. Here are some synonyms for integrity. Some of the synonyms have positive meanings. However, the following also applies: A virtue in a different context, or a virtue that is exaggerated, can also have a negative meaning.

Positive synonyms for integer

So here are some examples of positive synonyms for integer:

Negative synonyms for integer

An actually positive quality exaggerated or in another context can be negative. One can also see the same quality both positively and negatively. Here are some examples of negative synonyms for integer:

Integrity affirmations

Do you want to develop, grow stronger, cultivate the quality of integrity in yourself? Here are a few tips on how to do this:

  • Classic autosuggestion: I have integrity.
  • Developmental Affirmation: I develop integrity.
  • Miracle affirmation: Assuming I had integrity, how would that feel, what would change, how would I react?

Of course, meditation is also helpful, in which you can let this quality become stronger in you. You can find more information under the keyword Trait meditation. Also look under the keyword Cultivation of positive traits.

Here is a video with tips on cultivating virtues, traits:

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Properties in the alphabet before and after integer

Here are some properties that come before or after integer in the alphabet:

Here are some properties as nouns with a similar first letter:


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