Always respect your spouse

Partnership: When the partner loses respect

When the partner loses respect, love can cool down quickly. (Photo: archive)Sabine is unhappy: even if Sven claims to love her, she increasingly doubts it. Reason: He makes her bad in front of friends and family or makes things that she says ridiculous. In the event of discrepancies, it quickly becomes irrelevant and hurtful. Sabine no longer feels taken seriously by her partner and is plagued by self-doubt. Do you know such moments too? Take the test and find out if your partner still respects you.

Test Are you respected by your partner?

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Harmless teasing is normal after an argument

A few taunts every now and then are not bad. After an argument, emotions can boil over and things are said that you later regret. A few days everything is usually cleared up and the relationship continues harmoniously. If your partner no longer leaves you with good hair, you should pay attention. Especially if he picks you up or shares embarrassment in front of other people. Even if swearwords are being used more and more frequently, this is an indicator that the relationship between the partners is disturbed.

The limit is creeping over

When respect is lost in the partnership, it is often a gradual process. At the beginning there are only isolated insults. You bear the first injuries bravely. But when criticism becomes permanent and even family and friends notice it, it becomes humiliating. Don't just hurt insults and a harsh tone. Ignorance is also a clear signal that the relationship is in crisis. Icy silence and cold feeling become unbearable over time and gnaw away at one's self-esteem.

Self-doubts arise

If the partner always has something to complain about, self-doubts quickly arise. The question arises as to what you are doing wrong yourself or whether your partner no longer loves you. There are also doubts as to whether you are lovable yourself. This can often turn into a vicious circle. Because if the partner feels his own insecurity, he feels superior and sees no reason to change anything in his behavior. Usually one tries harder to win back the affection of the partner. Or you tend to constantly apologize for everything and your behavior. Also, fear of being abandoned or being alone encourage people to take the defensive.

Why the partner does this

The question of the reason quickly arises. Perhaps the partner feels misunderstood or pressured. Or he feels the need to upgrade his self-esteem by making others feel bad. This gives him strength and control over his counterpart.

Persistent bitching can make you sick

This treatment has effects on health, body and psyche. If you no longer feel comfortable in the partnership, this can also trigger stress and fear. One is always on the lookout. Depression and anxiety can result. But psychosomatic problems with the stomach, intestines, head or back can also occur.

Why not split up

Those who do not seek to pronounce - or to run away - after the first insults often trust that this disrespect is only a temporary phase. You hope that everything will get better if you are patient enough. However, this remains wishful thinking if you don't ask your partner about it. It is important that you can tell him specific situations in which you felt you were being treated with disrespect. Describe how you felt about it. Perhaps the partner is not even aware of this. If nothing changes after that, you should seriously consider separating to protect yourself and avoid further humiliation.

What can be changed

Define principles for dealing with one another - especially in conflict situations. Your own self-esteem needs to be strengthened. It is also advisable to distinguish between your own behavior and that of your partner. Just because he's misbehaving doesn't mean you've done wrong yourself. Do not appropriate his problems, but also be open to his criticism. If he is vehemently blocking a conversation and showing himself unreasonable, it is time to think about whether a breakup might not be the best solution for both of them.

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