Which printer works with a single cartridge

Single-cartridge printers

If you want to save costs when buying ink, you should definitely make sure to buy a printer with individual cartridges. What are single cartridges? It used to be common for an inkjet printer to have a color and a black cartridge. However, this meant that the colored combination cartridge had to be replaced as soon as one of the three colors was empty. This is detrimental to both the environment and your wallet, as it creates unnecessary waste. So if you print a lot, e.g. B. because the printer is used in the office, you should definitely pay attention to the use of individual cartridges. The following models use individual cartridges, further down this page you will also find some information about which individual cartridges are made up of printers.

Printer with single cartridges in the test

How many cartridges does a printer have?

There are numerous different models for the number of cartridges depending on the intended use. Here is a brief overview of the most common configurations.

Four cartridges

The most common combination consists of four cartridges. Anyone who has ever printed a flyer or other document knows the acronym CMYK. This stands for the 4 individual colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black. These four basic colors are sufficient to mix almost all colors with the help of subtractive color mixing, as occurs in inkjet printers.

Five cartridges

It is also quite common to come across printers that contain five cartridges. This is not uncommon with the models from Canon, for example. (see e.g. Canon Pixma MX925) The fifth cartridge is - in addition to the previous C, M, Y and K - another black cartridge. So there are separate black cartridges for text printing and for color mixing in photos. As a rule, the text black cartridge is much larger, which makes the device perfectly suitable for the office.

Six or eight cartridges

But even after five cartridges it is far from over. Special photo printers often have even more cartridges. So there are z. B. six cartridges (two black, one gray and the three colors) for the Canon Pixma IP8750. This is topped only by the Canon Pixma Pro 100. This professional photo printer even has eight cartridges. Two different shades of gray (light and dark gray) in conjunction with the black cartridge ensure excellent black and white photos. There are also five color cartridges that ensure the finest details in color images. However, such a device has its price, but it is definitely worth the money.

Conclusion: save money thanks to individual cartridges

All in all, no matter how many cartridges there are: individual cartridges ensure cost-effective printing and, in the case of photo printers, even particularly good print quality thanks to many color gradations. If low follow-up costs are particularly important to you or if you want to use your printer in the home office or in a small office, you should definitely take a look at our category of office printers.