What is the apex fallacy

Most common mistakes in cash accounting and how to avoid them, Part 4: Errors 23 to 27

12/01/2007 | Cash accounting

In the fourth part of this series of articles, we again present errors from the conservative-surgical cash accounting, which are particularly often objected to in meetings of examination boards. Knowing them, you can avoid some unpleasant procedures and thereby save money and avoid trouble. The first three parts appeared in “Abrechnung aktuell” nos. 9 to 11 and can be called up in the online archive (www.iww.de; log into “myIWW”).

Misconception 23: Every root treatment of an anterior tooth or premolar is a contractual service

Most dentists and dental professionals are aware that there are exclusion criteria for the endodontic treatment of molars that remove such treatments from the list of contractual services. In contrast, the general guidelines for endodontic measures are often insufficiently observed. This applies in particular to guideline 9.1a, which reads as follows: "Treatment as part of contract dental care is only indicated if it is possible to reprocess and fill the root canal up to or close to the tip of the root."

This sentence clearly states that endodontic treatments - even for anterior teeth and premolars - must not be billed to the statutory health insurance fund if the final root filling does not reach at least close to the apex. Root canal treatments on teeth whose canal system cannot be prepared so extensively must therefore, if they are carried out at all, be billed privately to the patient - after appropriate information and consent.

For test procedures, it is important that the conformity of a root canal treatment with guidelines can be demonstrated by means of a control recording.

Error 24: The re-injection to intensify the anesthesia is basically re-billed

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