Why is Shark Tank a bad idea

The billion-dollar game: Smart investors like 'Shark Tank Jury Member' Kevin O'Leary are already recognizing the mega-opportunity of the future today

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What do Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Robert Herjavex and Kevin O'Leary all have in common? The men mentioned are extremely successful business people and very wealthy TV celebrity investors. All were jurors of the American TV show "Shark Tank", in which, similar to the "Den of the Lions", founders present their individual business ideas / product ideas in order to raise capital. Shark Tank has aired more than 200 episodes.

Which characteristics and approaches to new investments characterize ALL extremely successful entrepreneurs? Sense of responsibility: You take responsibility for your decisions, your life and your actions. Sensitivity and foresight: You recognize visionary business ideas and their potential. Risk management: You subject all potential investment opportunities to a stringent due diligence process. You will convince yourself of the uniqueness of the business model (USP) and the competence of the management and consulting team. You bet on new multi-billion sectors and study all the information available on the market, talk to well-known visionaries and scientists who are familiar with the emerging segments.

MindMed passed all of the above points with flying colors: Celebrity investor Kevin O'Leary is 100% convinced of MindMed and stands behind the leading psychedelics company!

Source: Wikipedia.org Kevin O'Leary (born July 9, 1954 in Canada): Canadian businessman, author, politician and television personality. He co-founded O'Leary Funds and SoftKey. From 2004 to 2014 he appeared on various Canadian television shows, including the business news "SqueezePlay" and "The Lang and O'Leary Exchange" as well as the reality television show "Dragons Den". Since 2009 he can be seen on "Shark Tank", the American equivalent of the "Den of the Lions" in Germany. Investopedia estimates Kevin O'Leary's net worth at a whopping $ 400 million.

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As you can see, it can also pay off enormously financially for you, dear readers, to be in the same boat as strong entrepreneurs. Kevin O'Leary has already examined the business model and market potential of our model portfolio MindMed in great detail and with his investment of millions he has given his "seal of approval" to the top company!

The due diligence on MindMed is done: Ex Canopy Growth CEO and founders Bruce Linton and Kevin O'Leary stand by MindMed and have already invested in MindMed. Do the same as the star investors and industry insiders and rely on one of the leading companies in the new pharmaceutical trend topic of psychedelics stocks: MindMed!

We listened carefully to a recently recorded interview with Kevin O'Leary by James West (Midas Letter). The statements and outlook on MindMed confirm our analysis that we are banking on a revolutionary pharmaceutical company story with this company! Be there from the very beginning when MindMed writes a new chapter in the history of medicines and thus saves hundreds of thousands of lives! Source: Interview with Kevin O'Leary by James West (Midas Letter)

Please read a few selected passages from a recent interview with Kevin O'Leary by James West: Psychedelic substances such as LSD or psilocybin had been known and consumed since the 1960s. Even then, there was encouraging research and case studies that these substances could help people with depression or various addictions.

The realization that psychedelics can also be used as drugs, e.g. for various substance addictions (opiates), which cost American society billions of dollars every year, is gaining ground.

When I heard about MindMed and spoke to the CEO, JR Rahn, I asked the question whether the company would also like to enter the "recreational consumption area of ​​psychedelics". Fortunately, the CEO explicitly denied this, only the development of drugs based on psychedelics is planned.

MindMed are collaborating on several studies with a large number of scientists worldwide.

I have also heard of stories from engineers on the West Coast of the USA who have reported exceptionally good results (enormous increase in productivity) after taking microdose LSD. These microdoses are not intended to have a hallucinatory effect. I don't support that, it's illegal, but when you hear such a thing, this anecdotal information encourages us to investigate the use of these substances as medicines. And that's exactly what MindMed does, and that's why I'm an early investor in the company.

MindMed's business idea is to research the different properties of various substances and to develop drugs that are approved by the FDA. Therapeutic areas of application are, for example, depression, ADHD, and opiate abuse.

A new, up-and-coming industry is emerging here.

When asked by James West what the possible schedule of MindMed looks like until a drug is available on the market, Kevin O'Leary replied: "It doesn't make sense to talk about a schedule right now, you can set goals, but it does are so many things we are out of control. What you are looking for is encouraging results in the studies as you move further towards drug approval. I will maintain my investment course and possibly build my position further. "

Kevin O'Leary continues, "One of the reasons I personally invested was that if the studies show positive results for opiate addiction, only opiate addiction, my suspicion is that regulators are speeding up the drug application process. It is Such a dire problem all over the world right now that opiate addiction brings tragedy almost anywhere it touches a family, and if there was a solution or a drug that could help, regulators would Definitely want to speed up the process in order to release a legal drug.

Kevin O'Leary has a lot of work: working with the best scientists, finding the best study centers to advance research. FDA cleared studies, etc., MindMed has a fantastic management team. All are motivated to solve some of human's worst problems.

The jackpot share: MindMed with blockbuster potential in the billion market!

MindMed's business model and goals: Mind Med (NASDAQOTH: MMED) is a neuropharmaceutical company focused on the research and development of psychedelics. These innovative next-generation drugs are targeting large mega-markets where sales are already in the tens of billions of dollars per year. Mind Med's stated goal is to develop the most compelling intellectual property (IP) portfolio or clinical pipeline of drug candidates in the emerging psychedelic drug market. The company's main active ingredient, 18-MC (18-methoxycoronaridine; a non-hallucinogenic version of the psychedelic compound ibogaine), purchased by Savant HWP in June 2019, has already undergone a successful phase 1 study conducted by the American National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) was supported with a grant of USD 6.5 million. Phase 1 is the beginning of a series of studies to determine the safety and effectiveness of the drug in humans. A phase 2 study is planned for this year, in which a higher number of test subjects will be involved. The study targets opium substance addiction - an insidious epidemic that causes tens of thousands of deaths annually in North America. At the same time, Mind Med (NYSE: MMED) is preparing another phase 2 clinical trial with LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) to combat attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Probably a hopeful alternative to current major drugs - amphetamines (Adderall) and methylphenidate (Ritalin) - which have risks and side effects with prolonged use. There is no getting around MindMed! Because this company is first mover in a new pharmaceutical trend sector! Relying on the industry leader means being a winner!

MindMed highlights: Our buying arguments MindMed is the first listed biopharmaceutical company that focuses on psychedelic substances such as MC-18 (ibogaine derivative) and LSD, making it the prime go-to share for far-sighted investors.

Clear first-mover advantage, successful stock market debut on March 3rd, 2020 and huge demand even in the first few days of trading from investors who want to be part of the absolutely new asset class of psychedelic stocks.

Various financing rounds for 41.2 million CAD successfully completed before the IPO - the company is sufficiently financed to implement the promising business plan.

Experienced management team: The CEO JR Rahn is a well-connected Silicon Valley specialist. He has put together an experienced professional team of pharmaceutical veterans with many years of experience in researching and developing clinical drugs, as well as in conducting clinical studies.

Strong board of directors with prominent sector insiders: Bruce Linton, ex CEO of cannabis heavyweight Canopy Growth.

Prominent star investors rely on MindMed: Kevin O'Leary, who is also a jury member of the TV show Shark Tank (similar to the lion's den in Germany) and Bail's Capital James Bailey

Vote of confidence: Management and insiders hold approx. 35% of the company's shares when it goes public (IPO).

Focused business strategy: MindMed is planning two important clinical phase 2 studies in 2020 with 18-MC (for the treatment of opiate withdrawal symptoms) and microdose LSD for the treatment of ADHD.

Strong patent portfolio of psychedelic substances for rapid development of potential blockbuster drugs with multi-billion USD sales after successful FDA approval.

First listed vehicle for investors from the very beginning to benefit from the new mega-trend sector of psychedelics stocks in the best possible way.

Very attractive share with currently low valuation: The share price could multiply quickly if the business plan is successfully executed.

MindMed occupies a leadership position among publicly traded psychedelic companies and is very likely to attract capital from investors looking for exposure to the new sub-sector.

Expansion of the pipeline planned: The company plans to purchase additional product candidates (psychedelic substances) in the next 6-12 months.

MindMed is (in the medium term) an attractive takeover candidate by a "Big Pharma" company that wants to gain access to a new sector.

Numerous catalysts in the next few months - start of two important clinical phase 2 studies, expansion of the IP portfolio.

Market capitalization as of March 19, 2020: C $ 140.9 million

The market capitalization of just 140 million CAD is still low!

Jump into Mind Med (NYSE: MMED) at the start of a whole new pharmaceutical trend! The share is still completely unknown to the majority of market participants - do not hesitate too long! You don't get a tenbagger opportunity from 5,000 EUR to 50,000 EUR all too often in life!

Name: Mind Medicince (MindMed) Inc. WKN: A2P09G ISIN: CA60255C1095 Stock exchange code Germany: BGHM Stock exchange code Canada: MMED.CN Last stock exchange price on the home stock exchange: 0.305 C $ (NEO) or 0.218 € in Frankfurt

Please note that sales on the Canadian main stock exchange are usually significantly higher than on German stock exchanges. MindMed is currently trading on the Frankfurt and Stuttgart stock exchanges, and other stock exchanges such as Tradegate will be added in the next few days. If there is enough volume, you can also buy it directly in Germany. But please always pay attention to placing limited orders! In general, limit orders are preferable to pure 'cheapest' orders. We are not investment advisors - please be sure to observe our risk information / disclaimer.

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