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In the midst of historical buildings that testify to the eventful history, the beats
Pulse of a young city. Pure joie de vivre flows through the veins and streets of the city. Parties, celebrations and socializing are the foundation of cohesion. You know each other, personally. Historic squares and streets are meeting places for strolling and strolling. Special-class events, cultural enjoyment and sport - the joy of life becomes in Wels
celebrated. There is always something going on in Wels. From cultural events to national and international sporting events to the Welser Volksfest ... culture, entertainment and encounters
are part of the city's attitude to life. Messe Wels provides unique impulses
with trade and public fairs. What makes Wels equally livable and lovable for residents and guests is its high quality of leisure time.

The site on the Traun was already settled in the Neolithic Age. The name Wels is of Celtic origin (Ueles-Wilabis) and the Romans also appreciated the central location. On the left bank of the Traun, in the area of ​​today's city, the first Roman settlement was probably built in the second half of the 1st century AD. Emperor Hadrian elevated Ovilava to a municipium, an autonomous city. In the 4th century AD, Ovilava probably became the capital of the newly created province of Ufernoricum on the Danube as part of the administrative reforms of Emperor Diocletian. The further history of Wels, which was shaped by the rule of the Bavarians, Babenbergs and Habsburgs, was changeable. Wels owes many lucrative privileges that helped found the town's economic boom to Emperor Maximilian I, the “last knight”, who died in Wels Castle in 1519. People in Wels look back on the city's history with pride.

A stroll through the Wels shopping streets brings up some insider tips.
Numerous owner-managed businesses, exclusive boutiques, but also well-known chain stores ensure an exquisite mix of branches in the city center. The Wels ShoppingNights invite you to trend shopping with an event character. At the down-to-earth and home-style innkeeper, in the trendy bar or in the nightlife, Wels offers the whole variety of local and international culinary delights. The Wels coffee houses and, when the sun is shining, the pub gardens
the pedestrian zone are oases of cosiness. Passionate hosts welcome their guests to the Wels hotel industry. Life can be enjoyed nestled between magnificent town houses and romantic arcade courtyards.

Wels offers games, fun and excitement in all weathers - from the climbing hall, judo,
Basketball, football and table tennis, swimming fun and relaxing in the Welldorado.
Science and technology are waiting for young and old at Welios®
To be discovered by children. In the Welser Tiergarten, the oldest zoo in Upper Austria,
one experiences in the midst of a wonderful park landscape the color and beauty of
over 100 different animal species.

Wels moves the masses. Wels has been a popular trade fair city since 1878. The congress organizer
there are hardly any limits. The city is neither too big nor too small and delights visitors with an impressive historic old town. Organizers of business events can expect a fascinating backdrop for a wide variety of occasions in Wels. Whether smaller meetings or events with thousands of participants: everything is possible here. Individually coordinated event locations in the city center offer space for 15,000 people - all in a central location and mostly
Just a few minutes' walk from the hotel. The numerous family-run three- and four-star hotels with a total capacity of 900 beds stand out
personal care and strict environmental standards. Incidentally, “Green Meetings and Events” make Wels unique among Austrian cities. Business Touristik Wels offers a comprehensive service for organizers.