Which popular enterprise startups are hosting with Rackspace

Get to know now: The developer + program for developers

Rackspace: Cloud services with a focus on web development

Rackspace provides startups with the Rackspace Cloud A number of useful applications are available: In addition to scalable and flexible cloud servers and dedicated servers, the web hoster offers an office cloud and the operational approach DevOps, which ensures a better customer experience. Another highlight has recently been added to the hosting provider's product range: the developer + programthat is specially tailored for developers. It offers them the opportunity to develop innovative, robust and scalable applications on the basis of IT infrastructures that are used on a monthly basis.

The in-house developers, the self-proclaimed Rascals, have a strong focus on the day-to-day work Developer Experience: This includes the sum of all interactions and actions between a developer and a tool, library or programming interface / API. With this focus, the IT specialists want one thing above all: the applications and services of Rackspace continuously improve. There is also a second point with the Rascals Focus: The development team wants through the one they launched Fanatical Support promote the exchange between developers from all over the world.

Fanatical Support: By developers, for developers

User support is provided at Rackspace Capitalized: with the offer Fanatical Support the hosting provider is aimed specifically at web developers. He wants to offer you a new level of assistance and thus of service quality, which supports you with coding.

An uncomplicated, direct and quick contact with the Rackspace-Developers is the focus: Developers from all over the world can easily contact complex technical questions via Twitter or e-mail, in Rackspace-Forum or via the IRC network freenode connect with the IT experts who are at your side with advice and action. This accelerates the conception and development process and robust applications can be implemented in a short time frame.

Targeting web hosters is by soliciting customer feedback Rackspace also on continuously optimizing his applications and services - because innovations are mostly based on exchange and only then can customers be offered what they really need.

developer + program: Get $ 600 and get to know Rackspace

Startups and developers looking for a suitable web host benefit from the services of in many ways Rackspace: With the developer + program Not only do you have all the scalable cloud applications you need to set up individual IT solutions. Company that Rackspace would like to test and want to get to know the many services, also receive a credit note worth 600 dollars with the registration.

There are no additional fees for registration. Developers can make use of the dev-to-dev support, where the SDK and API developers from Rackspace answer all questions through various communication channels. The entire infrastructure offering on the platform is freely available to users; here you can try your hand at and realize your ideas. True to the motto “Ready for production”, web developers can immediately put their ideas and concepts into practice. In addition, customers receive access to other free extra offers, such as Rackspace Cloud Monitoring or Cloud DNS. Overall that is developer + program Infrastructure large enough to combine a 1GB performance cloud server with a cloud load balancer, backup, storage and 40GB files.

Further information as well as the possibility to register including the credit of 600 euros is available here: http://developer.rackspace.com/.

A brief overview of the cloud environment can also be found here: http://www.rackspace.com/de/cloud