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Starbooxx.de - the self-publisher platform | #selfpub #selfpublishing

A new website is conquering the internet. On the “Starbooxx - The Selfpublisher Platform” page, books are way ahead. Authors have the opportunity to present their works. Readers have the chance to get to know books better. And although this site is still under construction, it already offers an interesting spectrum.

In contrast to other pages, which only show cover and blurb, you can find out here who is behind the books. A book of the week and author of the week are also presented on a regular basis. Have fun browsing!

About "Starbooxx - The Selfpublisher Platform"
Self-publishing literally means self-publishing or self-publishing. Authors do not publish their books and eBooks as part of self-publishing with a traditional book publisher, but bring them to the market themselves using self-publishing platforms. This means that self-publishers control the entire book creation process themselves and take over the usual tasks of the publisher. Among other things, you are responsible for the complete content provision, cover design and your own book marketing.
Self-publishing books have a quality that publishing books largely do not have. They are designed as the author imagines it. No publisher intervenes in the content and design of a self-publisher book. This is the only way to get the authors' “message” across authentically. However, self-publisher books are not second-choice books. On the contrary! They enrich the book market immensely because they are not trimmed for mass consumption, but designed for good content.


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