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Feedback and references

You will find seminar-related feedback named at every Reiki seminar. And here we collect other motivating words that our customers give us back for our work in the ReikiAkademie Hamburg and in the effective area:


My heartfelt thanks for 2 wonderful days that we were able to spend with you and the other seminar participants as part of the Shoden seminar. I felt very comfortable and was able to take a lot with me. Reiki has accompanied me every day since then and the first positive changes can already be seen in everyday life. I am very happy to have found your seminar and I am already looking forward to another one with you.
Thank you for the wonderful work you are doing. Best regards


Angelika creates an atmosphere of trust and harmony right from the start with her open, positive nature. The attainment of the 3rd Reiki degree was supplemented by different meditations and breathing techniques. I found the balanced mix of different practical parts, the exchange within the group and the helpful tips for the subsequent time very pleasant. The fact that people were allowed to laugh in addition to conveying mysticism made the weekend something very special for me. I look forward to the next meeting so that I can stay in good contact with the group. Thank you for that, dear Angelika!


I am happy to give you feedback on the weekend. I found it magical and I am very happy that my osteopath gave me this hint. Since the seminar I've been more energetic and positive again. I use Reiki every day, with myself and with family members. I am very grateful to you and look forward to seeing you again.


A big thank you to my teacher Angelika for the wonderful guidance on my way to becoming a Reiki master. Angelika led our small group through the meditations and attunements with a gentle hand during the master's seminar weekend and created a soothing atmosphere of trust - this allowed a lot to show and develop. I am very grateful for this wonderful experience!


Yes, so I'm not the great writer and usually hold back on ratings and reviews. Why I make an exception with you is the fact that this Reiki seminar was such a great experience for me. The conversations with the participants were very personal and full of emotions, so that the connection was created to initiate something together with you.
The meditations and exercises were a mixture of relaxation and intense emotions, which ultimately led to an inner calm for me. I took that with me and would like to continue in order to keep this feeling for myself and to pass it on to others.
I would like to express special praise to you, dear Angelika: You led the seminar lovingly and sensitively and the success came fully!


Your dear and deep words in oral or written form make something BIG for me!
Thanks for that! I actively feel the change in me, towards goodness and gratitude, borne on LOVE. Reiki III was an important step for me to realize clarity and serenity for me and finally to reflect on my roots.
Yes, I finally take care of myself and see the nice changes in my surroundings.
I look forward to the regular Reiki meetings and I draw balm from them!


Dear Angelika, thank you very much for the two intensive and effective days of attuning to Reiki Shoden 1 - it was a truly inspiring, very effective experience! I learned a lot about Reiki. And I am happy to be able to apply this energy to myself and my loved ones !!


One year after my first Reiki seminar and six months after my family constellation, I can say that working with Angelika and Wolf has enriched my life profoundly. Reiki supports me in everyday life, I find peace and strength and am more balanced. I was able to let go of the old burdens of my family of origin (grief that wasn't mine). This enabled me to reconcile with my father before he died. We could say goodbye in peace. It means so much to me and I am grateful that at just the right time all my old grudges and anger were resolved. Thank you for that and keep it up!


Dear Angelika, thank you again for the wonderful Reiki I seminar. Right from the start I had the feeling that I was right with you and I will gladly continue my Reiki path with and with you. I found it very positive that the seminar lasts two days, so it just becomes more intensive and what you have learned can be deepened on the second day.
I continue to use Reiki on myself regularly and have already been able to give Reiki to friends. A very nice experience. I will definitely stay tuned and look forward to the first Reiki meeting.


I did all 3 degrees with Angelika ... if Reiki, then with her ... it enriched my life!


Dear Angelika, after the OKUDEN weekend I kept wondering what it could be like to feel such indescribable strength and expansion. The new clarity in me confuses me even more paradoxically. My routine thoughts dissolve and I thank you very much for your trustful help in showing me the way into deepening the Reiki world. I don't want to miss this path anymore and I can only recommend everyone to start this path in the realm of effect. Namasté.


I love my Reiki path and I am very happy that you are accompanying me on this path. I feel good with you, you always create a very good mood. I enjoyed the Reiki Masters Weekend very much and took a lot with me: interesting group, great experiences. I was able to learn so much again about the Reiki energy and about myself. The most beautiful experience was to be deeply connected to my heart and to feel contact with the higher self. Simply adorable! Thank you dear Angelika, I can only recommend you and your seminars to everyone.


In November I took part in the Reiki seminar SHODEN to refresh and "activate" my existing Reiki experiences. After a complete reorganization of my life through professional and private changes and a brief but severe illness, I primarily wanted to "come down" and do something good for myself.
The seminar took place in a small, cozy group. The short theoretical introduction was very interesting and entertaining, also due to the humorous nature of Angelika, who repeatedly loosened up the mood in a warm and open way and thus the time flew by.
The meditations were a special experience, the feeling of sliding "into the silence" simply indescribable. During the practical exercises, it was important to directly implement what had been learned and to receive and give Reiki yourself, a great experience!
All in all a great seminar, I'm looking forward to the next one in April, OKUDEN will continue there! Thank you, dear Angelika, for sharing your knowledge with us with so much passion!


Dear Angelika, I am very happy to have started the Reiki path. With your help I was able to look at my established behavioral patterns from a different perspective. For every "but" you have a "plausible" explanation. I am sure that even the greatest doubters are in good hands with you. I have been integrating Reiki into my everyday life since the Shoden seminar and I don't want to do without it anymore. Thank you, dear Angelika, for opening a new door for me that I have been looking for for a long time. Namasté.


Like I and II. Reiki degrees I recently got my III. Graduated from Angelika. It was again very enriching and warm. Angelika has an open ear for everything and everyone.
I especially like that she lives Reiki and seems down-to-earth at the same time and that she also conveys it. If possible, I try to attend the Reiki meetings that take place regularly. It is always a pleasure to exchange ideas between like-minded people. I am always happy to recommend Angelika to others.


Dear Angelika, thank you very much for this wonderful SHODEN seminar. With a lot of sun from outside and inside, humor and ease, and a good structure you gave me a really nice Reiki weekend in a very nice group.
Reiki is so beautifully uncomplicated, easy to use, feasible everywhere and I enjoy it every day and can feel the energy that wanders through my body and mind. I didn't really expect it and I am positively surprised every day! Many Thanks!


Inspired and enthusiastic about the Reiki course I and the Reiki meetings, it was clear to me that I would also do my Reiki course II with you, dear Angelika. Not only through the 1st course, but also through many small gifts, you can ensure that the line between us does not break.
The second course was also characterized by a great atmosphere, practical relevance and understanding for every participant. Again you have created a wonderful room that is also a great place to go on the weekend.
You conveyed the further Reiki path to us in an understandable and sensitive way! Thank you for another such productive weekend!


Dear Angelika, thank you again for the great weekend SHODEN, Reiki Grade 1. Days later, it was as if someone had lit a light in me that has always been with me since then. I integrate Reiki into my daily life.
I try to give myself at least 30 minutes of Reiki every day. The biggest Reikian fanatic is my cat lady. I was also able to help with friends and acquaintances.
During the Reiki I feel very clearly how a warm and at the same time powerful energy flows through me. After that I feel completely fresh and clear.
Reiki has enriched my life in a positive way. Thanks to you, this seminar will always remain touching memories. I look forward to the further way with you.


Angelika Leisering's Reiki II seminar at the Reiki Academy enriched me a lot. She has a wonderful way of teaching Reiki. It made it very easy for me to fully engage and trust in it. It's one of the best approaches I can think of. Reiki inspires my life. And I am happy to know and use it. I thank Angelika from the bottom of my heart and would be happy to recommend her to others!


I am glad that I experienced the seminar with you. Your seminar was just right for me! Thank you for your warm and clear introduction to the exciting and relaxing world of Reiki! During the meditation I was able to switch off so wonderfully ... I practice diligently every morning and will continue to do so. Especially because I notice how much all the appointments in everyday life are hogging me up again and this daily break is good for me!


I found the training with Angelika to be very profound. The knowledge was conveyed clearly. It's nice when a person with a gift also has the ability to transform it into professionalism. I can really say this about Angelika. Thanks for the nice time.


The hours we spent together were very deep and inspiring. You understood wonderfully how to create a very personal atmosphere, nothing of textbook knowledge or the sober imparting of knowledge. We were connected to each other. And I am particularly grateful that you were able to convey to me how easy, almost playful, Reiki can be used. In this way I really always have it with me. So I feel safe and secure and protected. Even when I'm not doing so well. So, it's a kind of new phase of life that I'm now feeling my way into.


I have been practicing Reiki in the morning since the seminar four weeks ago. I then start the day happy and strengthened. In the meantime, I look forward to the morning self-treatment as soon as I fall asleep.
I would like to thank Angelika very much, who guided us participants through the weekend exceptionally well, both professionally and personally.
I am very happy to have got to know Reiki through her and I feel richly rewarded.
Thank you, dear Angelika!


After I decided to take a Reiki course, on the one hand I was very happy and very excited. On the other hand, however, I was also a bit skeptical and insecure, because I was sure that in such a small group one would inevitably have to "open up" to the others on such a topic, physically, emotionally and mentally. Only I was never that kind of person, but because of my nature at the seminar I didn't want to offend anyone.

As it quickly turned out, however, my doubts were unfounded: I find it unbelievably admirable on a pedagogical level how you, dear Angelika, have managed to create a space for all participants from the first moment in which everyone is 100% so as she / he was, was accepted and nevertheless felt equally integrated into the group. I owe it to your precise, sensitive and open manner that I was able to have a completely new experience this weekend, in which it went far beyond the Reiki technique. This human-level experience was very valuable to me!

In addition, you offered us a very well organized and structured seminar in which all questions were always welcome, so that at the end all participants could go home very well informed, enthusiastic, hopeful and motivated.

Thank you very much for these days and look forward to further meetings and seminars with you!


Reiki works! I heard about it a long time ago and was amazed at the time that 'something like that' is even possible. I thought it was very "unreal" - but part of me also decided to try it at some point. Now I was ready, and a few weeks ago I did the seminar SHODEN, 1st degree, with Angelika. The weekend was very intense and productive. Above all else, I felt that it is possible to connect with this world. I opened the door and now I know that I can always enter.


I actually manage to do Reiki every second (sometimes every) day - I am very proud of myself ... ☺ It gives me a lot of strength and I also received very good feedback in external treatment. So thanks again for your great introduction.


With so much work, it is good that I have my first Reiki degree. Because I feel like it means more understanding and strength for myself. I have the impression that I can see more into my future and build more trust in myself.


Say thank you again for the wonderful seminar. Since then I have started the day with Reiki, and in the evening I finish the day with Reiki. I haven't slept as well in months as I did since the seminar!


My Reiki weekend with Angelika was a great experience. In a cozy and personal atmosphere, I not only learned what Reiki means and how to deal with it, but also found more peace and balance deep inside. Since then I have been walking a little further on this "Reiki path" every day and am happy about this new and enriching aspect in my life. Thanks!


Learning Reiki in a small group, guided by an experienced and empathetic Reiki master, is possible at the Reiki Academy Hamburg. Each participant felt accepted and confirmed in her uniqueness. Angelika Leisering created a calm, clear and loving atmosphere in which it was possible to act with openness and trust. We experienced the miracle of feeling the universal energy and using it for us. Highly recommended for everyone who wants to go on the Reiki path.


Dear Angelika, 14 days have now passed after our REIKI weekend and I would like to take this opportunity to tell you again how good I feel with the decision that I have decided to take this further step. And above all, that I was allowed to go with you. I very much wish that we will have the "pleasure" together again very soon. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.


For me, the two days with you were very instructive and inspiring.
The seminar had a very professional didactic and methodological structure. The theoretical sections are very well tailored to the practical exercises. So that every theoretical input was always directly linked to application competence.
All in all, this led to a precise understanding of the teaching of Reiki combined with the ability to also apply Reiki, suitable for the corresponding level. The materials were exactly suitable for the content and help with further work on the topic, as well as the literature recommendations. Overall very professional! I think there is no better way to do it.

I particularly liked your attitude as a teacher. Personally, I really appreciate it when, as a student, you get "offers", as a kind of help for self-help, but can then do the integration work independently. In my opinion, "mission awareness" is not an advantage when it comes to such issues. And it is precisely this accepting, calm attitude, I call it wisdom, which works through you, that I find particularly remarkable. Everyone can be who he / she is. All in good time. No regulations, no dogmas of action, but a space for development that is made available and targeted directions from you with just one sentence that says everything. Exact. Really impressive! I liked that very much and therefore I can only highly recommend you, as a teacher, and this seminar, for all people who want to understand and learn Reiki. And this with a healing approach that is based entirely on the acceptance and acceptance of what is. Which in turn is the prerequisite for real healing for me. For your own healing, but also for working on healing other people. So I am very happy that I found you as a teacher. Absolutely consistent and suitable for me and certainly for many others who want to heal "sincerely".


There were 2 wonderful, exciting, informative days on Reiki knowledge, new encounters with "actually" strangers who were no longer strangers at the end of the seminar.
There was: a lot of space for practical experience and implementation of Reiki work, time for questions and time for answers and the realization that Reiki enables me to be content, relaxed, happy and to meet myself. It was nice to have met again this weekend after a long time. Thanks to you, dear Angelika, who opened the Reiki path to me / us with a lot of tact, empathy, well-structured seminar planning and your competent specialist knowledge.


The Reiki weekend was a very enriching experience for me. And it is not difficult for me to integrate Reiki into my everyday life. Even if I often just do it in the evening before going to sleep (or then fall asleep with it).

In any case, it is very good for me - and a lot has already changed!
I am actually calmer, more relaxed and more in my strength. However, the steps are so small that sometimes I don't even notice. Only in a conversation on Wednesday did I realize that a lot has really happened with Reiki!
It's just so great. I have had a lot of nice experiences with it. And my husband, my dog ​​and my plants have also enjoyed Reiki.


... Everything is great with me - I enjoy Reiki every day and am always surprised at the possibilities there are to use Reiki. Learning Reiki with you is one of the best things that has happened to me in my life so far!


The contents of a Reiki seminar are probably similar, if not the same, for all providers. However, Angelika manages with her special way to create a pleasant and trusting atmosphere in which one likes to learn and like to give oneself.
In the Reiki I seminar I was not only given the basic content in a simple and understandable way. Rather, what remains is the feeling of having received added value. It is the loving little things that made the 2 seminar days so happy and varied. Angelika gives all participants of the small group care, space and time to experience and find their way in Reiki.
The regular Reiki meetings as an exchange and support in learning and practicing confirm what has already been experienced and round off the whole thing great. Thanks a lot for this!


... I am happy to take this as an opportunity to say thank you to you.
It's been almost a year since the Reiki seminar, and thanks to Reiki, I'm sooo really good! ...


Only after a little distance do I notice how much the foreign friends and Reiki meetings have done me good and are now missing ... That's why I will definitely come back more often next year. Many thanks to you for your wonderful and sensitive events!


For years, the realm of action has been like a nest for me - a place where I feel comfortable and secure. It is always exciting to walk part of the Reiki path together with known and new participants. Your loving and friendly manner has often helped me to avoid one or the other cliff in life. The evenings in the effective realm give me a lot of strength and energy again and again. The inauguration for the second degree was a special experience for me. It's an experience to be had.
The coachings with Wolf and you also gave me new impulses after initial skepticism, which I can use wonderfully in everyday life.
I am already looking forward to the next Reiki evening and especially to the women's seminar in November. Keep it up.


Unfortunately, I have not met for a long time to find someone who immediately welcomed and accompanied me with so much heart and friendliness, and showed me new ways and possibilities. I found this in you and your way of working. I always like to come to the meetings, it is always fascinating and relaxing to walk the Reiki path with you.
I wish you and me many more nice Reiki evenings and can only encourage you to try it yourself.


This summer I was initiated into the first secrets of Reiki together with five other participants in a small group and have achieved my first Reiki degree. The cozy atmosphere, the small group and of course Angelika's open and uncomplicated manner made the weekend a wonderful experience. And because of my newly acquired knowledge of Reiki, I and in part also my environment are now much better. I will definitely be back soon to do the second degree too!


I've been suffering from tinnitus for about 1 1/2 years. I got the tip that Reiki could help. That's how I came to you at the beginning of 2011. And received a lot of differentiated feedback from my body, some of which reminded me of my shamanic experiences with Villoldo in October 2010. By working intensively on myself, I was ready to take part in the Reiki II seminar very soon. And shortly afterwards I bundled my experiences and developed my method to 'peel my onion'. So I got the gift of deep knowledge of how lucky I was to start my life. And so I gladly donated a few candles out of gratitude for this process that you made possible for me with Reiki.


I received the initiation into the 2nd Reikigrad through you and could not wish for a more beautiful, relaxed and stylish atmosphere than I experienced with you. Your seminars and the meetings with you are a boon for my soul, you give all those present and participants enough time and space to find their way around Reiki individually, you always have a suitable and wise answer to all questions and you are a Reiki master extremely worthy in my eyes.
In conjunction with your coaching knowledge, this results in very special conversations that I have not yet experienced with any other person. Your calm radiates to others.
May you shine for a long time and reach as many people as possible with your warmth.


I am allowed to get to know the realm of impact in its complexity - both in coaching and in systemic work and body work through Reiki.
Angelika and Wolf provide the necessary impetus not to get stuck in their own process, but to be able to move forward. They speak to me on different levels: head, heart, body, mind and soul.
I particularly like the warm, familiar atmosphere that the two create in their offerings. Through them I can gain confidence not to be alone - with myself and the issues of my life.
When I leave the effective realm after a visit, I feel inspired to go further, to try new things, to master the path with me.


Reiki with you means: entering an exciting, secure world of wellbeing, immersing yourself in new dimensions, igniting strength and joie de vivre,
Conversations with you are: food for thought for finding your way around the world, being able to look at problems from other directions, getting to know new aspects and connections in your life, gaining the courage to develop further.
and just fill up with joy with a very positive person with a lot of charisma that rubs off.
Thanks for the many inspirations.


I can only recommend everyone to visit your lap because it is indescribable. I think everyone will have their own experiences and everyone will feel differently. A world has opened up for me. I could still feel the energy 2 days later and would like to have this feeling more often. Unfortunately, I am not often in Hamburg in the evenings and for this reason alone I cannot take part.


In Angelika Leisering's realm of influence I have gained new perceptions. Reiki has helped me a lot personally to pause more often, to slow down my life and to be more relaxed.
Working with Reiki creates impressive experiences and can change thinking. The time in the effective realm is always a short vacation from everyday life. I am grateful that I found my way into effective.


A Reiki meeting is at least as relaxing as a day on the beach. You can't describe it, you just have to try it out.


I received my instruction in Reiki from Angelika, which I have been practicing pretty consistently for almost 18 months. During this time there were repeated contacts and the gradual build-up with this healing energy.
I experience Angelika as an affectionate, empathetic and spiritual woman, who has accompanied me positively and constructively on my previous path of inner confrontation.
I thank her for her positive support!


Thank you dear Angelika. I felt lovingly cared for during your Reiki treatment, I had space for myself and my needs. I could let go and relax deeply. I felt wonderful afterwards. Gladly again!


Thank you, dear Angelika and dear Wolf, for so much pure joie de vivre! You live what you bring closer to others. That convinces and motivates, opens the view and gives impetus for your own projects - professionally and privately.


I only had a vague idea of ​​systemic constellation when I signed up for the workshop as a substitute. I was deeply impressed afterwards. This method is incredibly powerful and truly enlightening!
Wolf Maurer succeeds in making me feel safe at all times and trusting the line-up, even though very moving situations arise. With his fine intuition he works very carefully and with infinite patience at exactly the right pace. I came to the next workshop with my own question and can only say: it works wonderfully.


Angelika Leisering and Wolf Maurer are a wonderful team in couple counseling. Working with four people is great because no one falls “behind”.
It is easy to turn to topics here that you are all too happy to "circumnavigate" as a couple, because "it always ends in an argument".
The professional and clear advice provided by both of them arouses a great deal of trust, especially because there are two of them. This creates the openness that makes the solution possible. The atmosphere is cheerful - it's downright fun to address the "hot irons" of the two-person relationship and - above all - to break it up!


I entrusted myself to Angelika Leisering as a consultant when I was in shock with a medical diagnosis.
With her own cautiousness and empathy, she helped me to reduce the shock, to remain stable, to cope with my everyday life and, above all, to develop perspectives on how I can deal with this special life situation. I am wholeheartedly grateful to her and very happy that I can always turn to her.


Many small steps are often better than one big step. That is one of the lessons I have learned in the "Realm of Effect" over the past few weeks and months.
I was very dissatisfied and unhappy when I first came. Quarreled with my life, my job and my relationship. Within a few sessions I gained a lot of new confidence, developed new self-confidence and have been trying to break new ground ever since. I'm much more balanced than I was at the beginning of the year.
You, dear Angelika, have such a pleasant, thoroughly sympathetic and compassionate manner that I always feel that I am in very good hands with you!
I hope that we can soon continue on the path we started together and that I can fulfill my dreams even more. Thank you very much for now!


I wanted to say THANK YOU! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You actually strengthened me. And I mastered the two-day professional development center with flying colors!
I never had to set my anchor; it was in my head and has already calmed me down there :-) By the way, it still does ...
The development center amazed me (and my superiors) and positively. There I learned things about myself that I was not so clear / aware of. It gave me the courage to strengthen my potential in order to perhaps go new ways professionally.
I couldn't have done it without you!
Your calm and extremely personable manner made it easy for me to open up. Even if I am definitely not at the point where I would like to be in this regard. I am in good spirits and think very often and with great pleasure of the two conversations with you. What can talking do ...
To be honest, I didn't expect it to be so strong and invigorating :-)


Already in the first coaching you managed to give me back my lightness. I was so sad, hurt and helpless. Now I know that my problems have opened up new paths for me. I've solved a lot of them and I'm much stronger now than before. ... and I have goals again!
And your workshops are really great! At the beginning of the first course I still felt quite uncomfortable. Talking about my feelings and weaknesses in front of strangers and dealing with myself was very exhausting. But every single course was great fun and helped me a lot to find my way, to redefine goals and just to be really friendly to me.


In order to work on my current or sometimes acute topics, I regularly use the offers in effective.
For me, the solution-oriented methods and intensive discussions in individual coaching are valuable support, help and accompaniment in my further development. I also appreciate the joint events by Angelika and Wolf with several participants.
It is always an enrichment for me to look at old topics from new perspectives, to recognize and accept what is, and ultimately to let go in peace what no longer belongs to me.
I feel warmly welcomed and carefully guided by my professional and personal concerns in the effective realm.


With your warmly happy and also very empathetic presence you supported me very well in my perception of my different parts and also in learning to appreciate all of them.
Every time you immerse yourself in your realm of effect, my door to my inner worlds opened a little further, so that over time I was able to recognize my own 'realm of such wonderful effects' ... Thank you :-))


It is intense with you and solution-oriented. Many thanks for the caring and loving interaction, for the gentle introduction and the clear feedback. I would love to come back to continue growing in and on myself!


Thank you both for the enlightening and touching moments during family constellations. I 'only' acted as a deputy, but I also received a lot of feedback. Thank you for the insights into family systems, their solutions and the strong impact of the unconscious on us all. I was able to take a lot of it with me into my everyday life. It has a long lasting effect!