Which shows that someone is interested

7 ways to tell if someone really cares about you

We are so absorbed in our lives that we don't “notice” what lies ahead of us alone. Our fast paced lifestyle has made us insanely competitive and mechanical.

Your soulmate could get on the same bus with you every day or try to talk to you at the coffee shop, but you would be too busy checking emails on your phone! Stop living in an alternate universe and start noticing!

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You can have phases in which you look for love or where you are decidedly neglecting it. Here are certain signs for you to know if someone is really interested in you.

1. The person makes sure you get what you want

Imagine: someone orders your usual dishes for you without asking you; you will feel fine right?

It could be as simple as getting the latest book you wanted or creating a favorite playlist - if someone pays attention, it means they care.

The person values ​​your opinions and decisions. She will try to make you smile by doing little things that you love, such as: For example, you can put a flower vase on your desk or get access to your favorite fanfiction. All of that would make you feel accepted.

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2. This person is showering you with compliments all the time

Everyone loves flattery, don't they? Having someone compliment you anytime, anywhere - on social media or face to face - is sure to make you feel good.

Even better, if the person pays attention to tiny, everyday details like the way you tie your hair or your ringtone, these show that the person is attracted to you. For her "there is no one like you" and she wants to express it.

Seducing someone with words can be very charming if done right. You can give the person a chance because they have the sheer ability to put feelings into words.

3. Body language can never lie

Have you noticed how your fingers tremble during an exam or how you tap your feet while sitting? This shows your nervousness and boredom.

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Likewise, if a person runs their fingers through your hair, wears a shy smile on their face, or holds hands, all speaks for attraction.

When we want to impress someone, we adopt good demeanor, we are happy and it is reflected in our smile, we take care to dress beautifully for that special someone and develop confidence.

We want the person to be made aware of us and to feel drawn to us. We need to know that she likes us.

One of the most common signs that someone likes you is that they look at you a lot. I mean, really often. If you catch the person raising their eyebrows when they stare at you (usually takes a fraction of a second), that's a huge sign that they're interested.

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Even if she leans towards you or positions herself near you, that's an important sign that she likes you.

4. You can see it in the eyes

We all passed out from the iconic dialogue from Scarface, "... the eyes, Chico, they never lie! ..." and it is the absolute truth.

The eyes are the mirror of the soul and one study has shown that a person can fall in love by looking into your eyes.

In this day and age, when our heads are buried in our smartphones almost 24/7, it is special when someone is ready to look at us and hear what we say. What can make the heart melt more today than when someone shows admiration for us?

5. The person wants to know who you really are

Often times we build walls around us to protect ourselves from injury. We wear masks to keep our lives going smoothly. Every now and then a person comes along who really cares and will try to break through your walls.

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This person wants to know who you are when no one is watching or when you are literally free. He / she wants to get to know your hobbies, dreams and your family. They want to share your passion for something just to be included in your life.

They would accept your quirks and make you feel like you feel wanted. Time is the most precious gift a person can offer; if someone takes time for you and your hobbies, then they are sure to be in love.

6. The smile reveals everything

A smile is also another important indicator by which you can clearly see if a person is genuinely interested in you.

We are all happy when we are with the person we like and most of the time it comes with a smile that cannot be hidden. It will be an unconscious response to the inner joy that person feels when they are around you.

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When someone likes you, it is impossible for them not to smile. So, if it feels like they're always in a good mood when they're around, that's a powerful sign that they're interested in you.

Do you want to know if he's subconsciously interested? Take care of his hands, feet, and legs. If they're pointed at you or angled, it tells you a lot about what he's really interested in.

When this person first sees you, does they change anything about themselves? Is she straightening her hair or fixing her shirt? Pretty much the sign that she's thinking about how she looks while you're around - because she wants you to find her attractive.

7. Man is all ears

There are people who pay attention to everything. A person who is attracted to you would always listen carefully to you. You can speak gibberish or share your problems, he will never ignore it.

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In fact, communication is key to any relationship. Most relationships fail because we assume what the person means rather than patiently listening. We're way too distracted. Someone who wants undivided attention will hear every word you say, they will remember things too.

So open your heart and soul. Find someone who values ​​you and makes an effort to get to know you.

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