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Music for Psychedelics - GUIDE

which songs you can use to deepen your psychedelic experience


The world's oldest musical instruments are over 40,000 years old, so we could say that music has always played a role for us humans. People love to be exuberant, to come out of themselves, to celebrate and to live in the moment, for which music can be a good aid.

Psychedelic substances such as LSD or psilocybin trigger effects in people that can also turn away from everyday consciousness and lead to a free and exuberant mood. The combination of the two adds synergies that could not be experienced as with music or psychedelics alone. A whole musical genre was developed from it: "psychedelic” 

Psychedelic rock

A typical statement from people who have had their first psychedelic experience is that they felt they were hearing "really" music for the first time. Psychedelics strengthen our senses and an increased perception of music is one of the standard effects of these substances, so to speak.

In this guide I would like to introduce you to what I consider to be the best music for your next psychedelic journey - this is of course purely subjective. First I will introduce you to some suitable music genres and at the end you will find a compilation on your personal playlist.

Before we dive into it completely, however, we would like to take another look at what the current state of science on psychedelics and music is.


In 2018, a study by the Beckley Foundation examined the role music plays in psychedelic experiences. It could be shown that the music triggers emotions in the test subjects, which are quasi the root for the healing of trauma or mental disorders.

It was also reported that emotions and mental images were intensified. The music acted like a guide that led people through their journey. More openness and insight towards oneself were further characteristics of the music. In conclusion, it was found that the healing of the patients was not caused by the psilocybin alone, but by the synergy with the music.

Another study looked at how music affects people's brains during an LSD intoxication. The researchers were able to show that there was increased activity in the visual cortex and that this had increased connectivity to the parahippocampal gyrus. This correlated with the test subjects' reports of increased perception of mental images, which were often autobiographical in nature.

So we see that music and psychedelics belong together. Now let's dive into the best music for your next psychedelic journey.


In the scientific studies with psychedelics, classical music is often used because it seems to be particularly effective in generating the subjects' emotions. Also in my experience, the best way to describe listening to a classical piece during a psychedelic high is that it felt like I was the musical instrument myself.

Film music

Film music, also known as a soundtrack or score, is music specially composed for a film. Films like The Lord of Things, Interstellar and Inception are particularly impressive here. We could also describe the description of these pieces as "epic".

I would also like to recommend my personal film music playlist, which I have been maintaining for a number of years.


Ambient is an electronic music genre in which rhythm plays less of a role and instead focuses more on bass and melodies. During a psychedelic journey, this can lead the listener to become even less clinging to fixed structures.

I'm a big fan of the Swedish ambient duo "Carbon Based Lifeforms". Especially in combination with LSD, its music seems to develop its potential and creates whole worlds in the mind's eye. Here is a playlist of the best CBL songs:

Alternatively, you can also play a set, i.e. a recording of a DJ performance. This is also good for psychedelic trips, as there is no interruption between individual songs.

Psychedelic trance

Psytrance is a form of trance music in which a particularly large number of "psychedelic" musical elements are present. The music tries to "meticulously simulate the neurological effects of LSD with the help of a constant big drum," swirling "layers of staccato sounds with often Eastern tone scales," otherworldly "sounds and hypnotic alternations of timbre." (Source)

In my personal experience, too, LSD and Psytrance seem to result in an extraordinary symbiosis. It actually feels like the two were made for each other. Psytrance is mainly played at events known as "Goa parties", or at Goa festivals such as the Boom Festival in Portugal or the Ozora Festival in Hungary.

But psytrance is not just psytrance, there are a multitude of other sub-genres. I just want to introduce you to my favorites, if you want to know more, you can take a look at the Psytrance guide.


The most classic form of psychedelic trance. The clear and powerful bass is characteristic.

You can find my personal psytrance playlist with my favorites from the last few years here:


Probably the most iconic sub-genre of psychedelic trance. Fast and driving bassline with a variety of futuristic sound effects.

And here you can find my personal playlist again:


As the name suggests, psytechno is a mixture of psytrance and techno.

And my personal playlist:

Dark / Forest

Dark Psy and Forest Psy sound quite similar and are characterized by a dark and fast sound. The music at Goa festivals is usually played at night.

The music often seems overwhelming for people who have never dealt with psytrance. To me it felt like I had to understand the music first (e.g. with the help of psychedelic states of consciousness) so that I could really enjoy it.

And of course my personal playlist again:

Playlist recommendations

Now I would like to recommend a few playlists that have already given me some wonderful experiences.

We'll start with my personal “trip” playlists. These contain a colorful mix of songs that are suitable for alternative states of consciousness. Starting with ambient, psybient, classic, tribal, electronic, just everything. I've split them into two lists.

Speaker trip playlist

"Trip: Speakers" is intended for loudspeakers when you are in the same room with several people, or in general when you use speakers. The songs have a lot of depth and will enrich your experience.

Trip playlist for headphones

The second playlist is called “Trip: Headphones” and, as the name suggests, is intended for headphones. The tracks have an incredible amount of detail and can only be heard in their full depth with headphones.

Sci-Fi with Eat Static

If you like "technological" music, then I would like to recommend this album by Eat Static to you. The songs are very unique and can hardly be put into one category, they are particularly suitable for LSD trips.

Psychedelic Therapy

For psilocybin trips, I recommend more natural and emotional songs instead. I can recommend Imperial College's Psychedelic Therapy Playlist, a nice selection that can really take such a trip to the deepest level. This is also the playlist that is used in many of the scientific studies with psilocybin.

For psilocybin trips, I recommend more natural and emotional songs instead. I can recommend Imperial College's Psychedelic Therapy Playlist, a nice selection that can really take such a journey to the deepest level. This is also the playlist that is used in many of the scientific studies with psilocybin.


I hope that my playlists can enrich you a little bit, as they do for me. I will keep this guide up to date and add new finds. Feel free to write us an e-mail or create a comment if you are missing something or you would like to give me feedback.