There are white chocolate brownies

Brownies with white chocolate - irresistibly good!

Brownies are so incredibly delicious - and unfortunately mostly baked with walnuts ... Since I can't tolerate them and therefore rarely enjoyed brownies, I had to start baking some years ago. And now I am happy to share this recipe with you. The brownies are crumbly on top and juicy and soft on the inside. Exactly how brownies should be.

The recipe for brownies with white chocolate (for a 17x27cm baking pan)

  • 200g dark chocolate
  • 180g butter
  • 3 eggs (53g +)
  • 200g sugar
  • 80g flour
  • 3 tbsp (45g) dark cocoa powder
  • 150g white chocolate

First slowly melt the dark chocolate together with the butter in a water bath. To do this, cut the chocolate into small pieces and dice the butter. To do this, I turn the stove on on a low temperature and let it stand for a while (be careful not to let water get into the chocolate). When everything is melted, you can stir the mixture evenly and then let it cool down. During this time you can cut the white chocolate into large cubes. As soon as the chocolate butter mixture is only lukewarm, set the oven to 180 ° lower and upper heat. This is how it is preheated when the brownie batter is ready. In addition, you now line your baking pan with baking paper and set it aside.

Then the sugar is whipped together with the eggs until light and airy, which takes a few minutes. Then fold the chocolate mixture into the egg mixture. Nice even and careful. Then carefully fold in the flour and cocoa. And only until the dough is even. Please do not overwork the dough! Finally, briefly add the white chocolate pieces to the dough and fold in.

Pour the dough into the pan lined with baking paper and smooth it out. Then bake for about 35 minutes. As soon as nothing more wobbles in the middle, the brownies are perfect - you can test them out briefly. The chopstick test doesn't help here, the brownies are so juicy that something will always stick to the chopsticks.

After baking, the brownies need to cool for at least an hour. They are easier to cut the next day (cover overnight to do this), simply store them in a cool place. As soon as you want to serve the brownies, cut them into cubes of the same size. For a dessert buffet I would cut small cubes, they are quite rich ... =) The surface of the brownies will break and crumble when cut. It doesn’t have to make you feel insecure.

And now just enjoy ...

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