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When the first DEF CON China kicks off, Baidu also showed its own geek spirit in the search. Some Internet users have noticed that when searching for related keywords such as "DEFCON CHINA" on the Baidu mobile phone, a code rain "burst screen" effect occurs. After a dazzling rain of code, Ma Jie, general manager of Baidu Security, appeared on the screen to announce that DEFCON has officially enrolled in China to invite researchers and enthusiasts from the global security arena to gather in Beijing and after Another round of dazzling special effects, Code Yu gradually showed DEF CON CHINA subtitles. This idea led internet users to call it "exciting enough".

It is reported that this is the DEF CON China countdown egg planned by Baidu Security. As long as the user searches for the mobile terminal on the mobile phone Baidu and inputs "DEFCON CHINA", the special effects code occupies your mobile phone screen. A number of effects such as code rain and space transformation in the special effects also pay homage to the classic "Matrix" film. After the special effects are gone, we can see the special area of ​​DEFCON China and direct internet users to the official website. To learn more.

Why, as the General Assembly of Geeks, did Baidu change its search results? Indeed, DEFCON is not just a general meeting. DEFCON is the world's leading security conference and has a 25-year history. She is known as "Oscar" in the hacking world. DEFCON is a security event at hall level. Almost 10,000 geeks, hackers, and security experts from all over the world will come here every summer. Its founder Jeff Moss is also a legend. DEFCON was founded 25 years ago to make a dream come true. 25 years later it still exists and it has become a recognized festival for security guards worldwide. Jeff Moss is not only the founder of DEFCON, but also an advisor to the US Department of Homeland Security. He was ICANN's Chief Security Officer and provided direct advice on national cybersecurity in the United States.

Therefore, this time, DEFCON was invited by Baidu Security to land in China not only to launch a global cybersecurity event in China, but also to discover outstanding security talents by discussing breaches and countermeasures against information security on the network and discovering solid security for the national Ensuring strategy for artificial intelligence Foundation for building technical reserves and intellectual support for building a strong network nation. Because of this, Baidu is not even afraid to change the search results so that more internet users understand this event.

It is reported that this time around, DEFCON China will attract cybersecurity researchers from Asia Pacific including China to participate, gather top international security talent to learn on the same level, share technology, and cybersecurity researchers a higher level of display and development to offer space. That is why DEFCON China offers not only the world's leading keynotes and workshops but also attractive activities such as Hack Village, Demo Labs and BCTF. The design is of course provided by more exciting live music (Hack Music Live).

Internet security experts believe that Baidu Security's introduction of DEFCON will not only satisfy the free sharing, pursuit of justice, and innovative spirit of the current geek group, but also will help the entire Chinese security field broaden its horizons and technical Improve skills that will contribute to cyber security. Great power and influence.