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Snapchat can do more than meets the eye. These Snapchat hacks will turn you into a Snapchat pro.

So that you are familiar with the functions of Snapchat, we have listed all the important hacks for you here. But always remember: even if the Snaps appear to be destroyed after viewing, they are still stored on data servers. That means everything you post on Snapchat can still be found somewhere.

Snapchat hack 1: selfie animation

You can enhance your Snapcode with your own selfie animation:

With fun to learning success - that's how it's done
  1. Go to your Snapcode in the menu.
  2. Press the record button below
    of the yellow frame with the ghost.
  3. Snapchat now takes five selfies at short intervals.
    When you move on the selfies
    a little animation of you is created.

Snapchat hack 2: rename friends

You don't always know which of your friends are behind the nicknames? Then just edit the names:

  1. In the chat click on the three stripes and on "Edit name".
  2. Under "My friends" you can then click on a name.
  3. If you then click on the gear wheel and on "edit name", you can simply rename the boyfriend or girlfriend.

Snapchat hack 3: vibrate, ring, or LED blinker

Whether vibration, ringtone or flashing LED - you can choose how you will be informed of a new message.

  1. As an Android user, go to your settings.
  2. Click on "Advanced" and then on "Notification Settings".
  3. Now you can choose whether you want
    that your screen lights up when there is a new message,
    your smartphone flashes (LED), vibrates or rings.
  4. As an iOS user, you cannot use this setting on Snapchat itself,
    but only in the setting of iOS
    (under "Notifications" and "Snapchat").

Snapchat hack 4: digital zoom

Would you like to zoom in on a video recording? This is also possible with Snapchat via a built-in digital zoom:

  1. If you are taking a picture, use two fingers to pull apart the image on the screen.
    So the filmed object becomes larger.
  2. If you pull your fingers together again on the display,
    so you zoom out again.

Snapchat hack 5: display flash

Often times, the face is very dark when taking a selfie. That's why Snapchat has a display flash. This means that during a selfie, the display briefly turns white so that your face appears brighter.

  1. Go to your settings and click on
    "Manage more options".
  2. Now press
    "Front display flash".

Snapchat hack 6: swapping the front and rear cameras

To switch from the selfie camera to the rear camera, just click on the camera symbol. You can also just tap the screen twice.

Snapchat Hack 7: More Filters

Do you miss the filters on Snapchat that you know from Instagram? You can also edit your recordings with three filters on Snapchat.

  1. Go to your settings and click on
    "Manage more options".
  2. Activate the "Filters",
    by ticking the word.
  3. With a swiping motion to the left or right
    you can try out the different filters.

Snapchat hack 8: bigger font

Do you think the text on a recording is too small? Then make it bigger!

  1. To do this, tap the text symbol again. The font gets bigger.
  2. If you click again on the symbol you can bring the text centered on the picture.

Snapchat Hack 9: Record Longer Videos

Would you like to make a video that is longer than ten seconds? With the iOS version of Snapchat, you can.

  1. Start a recording.
  2. Go to the multitasking view by tapping twice on the home screen. You'll stay there until you've filmed everything.
  3. You stop your recording by going back to the app.

It is true that Snapchat automatically shortens the video to ten seconds when it is sent. But you can put the video in full length in your stories.

Snapchat hack 10: watch Snaps multiple times

You can view a friend's Snap multiple times, but only once a day and the last Snap.

  1. Go to your settings for this.
  2. Click on "Manage more options" and then activate the menu item "Repeat".

Do you know any other Snapchat hacks? Then write us a comment.

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