Should I have a friend

How can I get a friend quickly?

I am only 14 years old, female, but I am already longing for love. I would love to have a first boyfriend and a first date with a kiss. My big sister is now 16 and has never had a real relationship before. That's why I find it kind of weird that I would like to have a boyfriend now.

At my age, I don't think that many are in a relationship, but somehow I read a lot of books in which girls of my age already have real boyfriends. I think it all sounds so nice with being in love and all that! 😍

I would love to have a friend who really cares about me and cares about me. But I just wonder if that's normal at 14. If I really had a boyfriend, I wouldn't know anything about it. So about kissing, holding hands and such. In addition, I don't see how my mother would react to my having a boyfriend.

My problem is also that I somehow don't have a chance to have a boyfriend because I don't actually meet boys anywhere other than at school. And there are no guys there who, firstly, would be interested in me, secondly, would be sympathetic, thirdly, would accept me.

Is it normal to want a boyfriend at my age? How am I supposed to find a friend? 😪