What was your Deja Vu experience

How is a déjà vu experience created?

Déjà-vu can colloquially refer to several phenomena. For one thing, you sometimes say that when something just sounds familiar. If you z. B. experienced certain conflicts over and over again.

Not a psychic experience

But this is about the déjà vu experiences in the narrower sense: When you have the feeling: “I've seen that before” - although you know that it can't be. You walk through an area and suddenly have the feeling: "Have I been here before?" There are two ways to explain this phenomenon. One can approach it spiritually and esoterically and refer to supernatural experiences. Or that in such cases you are dealing with memories from a previous life. Many such explanations can be devised, but they are difficult to verify. Alternatively, one can try to understand the phenomenon scientifically and ask: How can the brain create such an illusion?

How recognition works

What happens in the brain when we recognize something under normal circumstances? Because that's what it's all about: the feeling of “recognition”. Brain researchers can explain this well: Recognizing something consists of three steps:

  1. We experience (see, hear, smell ...) something
  2. At the same time, our brain calls up memories from the past and compares the new impressions with the old memories
  3. If there is a match, there is the signal: "I already know"

Epileptics particularly often report déjà vu experiences

One could explain a déjà-vu in such a way that the 3rd step occasionally becomes independent, i.e. that the brain fires the message "I already know" without there being any reason for it. There is even an indication that this could be a cause: Epileptics report déjà vu experiences particularly often.

In simple terms, an epileptic seizure creates a kind of short circuit in the brain. And sometimes the same brain regions are involved in such an attack as those responsible for evaluating memory content. That is one possible explanation.

Unconscious perception

Another explanation is that we unconsciously have actually already had or anticipate certain experiences: I'm going for a walk with someone across a hilly landscape, I can see from one hill to the valley but one, but do not consciously perceive it because I'm in that Conversation deepened. Subconsciously, however, my brain is already making an impression of what it looks like in this valley. Then when I see it again on the next hill, it feels familiar. This is now a very constructed situation, which is only intended to illustrate how one can imagine such unconscious anticipation.

However, we know that unconscious perceptions can play a role because it is possible under hypnosis to confront people with experiences that they may not be able to remember afterwards, but which they experience as déjà-vu when they do them again .

So there are different approaches to explain déjà-vus. But they are all still speculative. There is still no solid explanation.

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