Are all castles haunted

Haunted castles in Scotland

It is well known that there are many legends, fairy tales and some superstitions in Scotland. But haunted castles are not uncommon either. Many Scottish castles are said to be haunted by ghosts, and in some of the haunted castles you can even stay overnight. Would you dare to spend the night in a castle where children laugh and play when there are no guests at all? Or move into a castle where a bagpiper drowned in a storm and you can still hear the sounds of the instrument in bad weather? Or how about a coven of witches?

Below we have put together some haunted castles in Scotland. You will pass some of these castles as part of our individual tours to Scotland, we can add more to the tour of a tailor-made tour to Scotland.

Barcaldine Castle

Located near Oban, this castle was once home to Donald Campbell, the laird of Barcaldine. He was murdered by the Stewart of Appin during the Glencoe massacre. Duncan Campbell, Donald’s brother, who did not yet know about Donald’s death, unwittingly hosted his brother’s murderer. But before he found out, Stewart of Appin had fled again. Out of sheer frustration at the injustice he has suffered, Donald is said to be haunted Barcaldine Castle today. He should be in the Caithness Room often. Guests who slept on the right side of the bed here reported weight on their back or on their legs as if someone were sitting on them. (Overnight stay possible)

Airth Castle Hotel

If you've always wanted to see a ghost dog, spend the night at the Airth Castle Hotel near Falkirk. According to legend, a wet nurse and two children were killed here in a bad fire. Although the noises were heard in several rooms, room 9 is said to be the scariest. Sounds of children playing, heavy footsteps, loud crying and inexplicable screams can be heard. A “green lady” was also seen in a photo a few years ago. (Overnight stay possible)

Brodie Castle

In 1889, the Count von Brodie was on a visit to Switzerland, locked his office and left strict instructions that no one should enter the room while he was away. But one night the count's butler heard strange noises coming from the room: groans and what sounded like pages being turned over or papers rustling. Other servants also heard the noises, but the door could not be opened. The next day the workforce received a telegram that the count had died the previous night. Perhaps he had returned to Brodie Castle to deal with outstanding business? (Visit possible)

Bedlay Castle

This castle near Glasgow was originally built as a retreat for the Bishops of Glasgow. However, around 1350, Bishop Cameron was found floating face down on the water of a nearby loch (lake). Allegedly he was drowned. Since then, his ghost is said to haunt the castle. A ghost horse and carriage were also reportedly heard on a path near the house. An exorcism is said to have taken place in the 18th century.

Cortachy Castle

If you hear the drummer, legend has it that a member of the Ogilvie family will die soon. He could have been a former lover of Lady von Cortachy, or a boy who died in a fire at Airlie Castle (former headquarters of the Ogilvie clan). Another theory is that he was a messenger from the enemy clan Lindsay. His play is said to have been heard by the Countess of Airlie shortly before his death. A piece of paper was found in her desk that said the drumming was meant for you.

Kinnaird Head Castle

Legend has it that the laird of Kinnaird Head Castle was said to have been very caring towards his daughter Isobel. When she fell in love with a servant bagpiper, he was locked in a cave under the castle. When a storm swept over the castle, he drowned. When Isobel heard this, she was heartbroken. As a result, she jumped out of a window onto the rocks below and died. In bad weather or when a storm is approaching, you can still hear the sounds of the bagpipes playing ... (visit possible)

Castle Menzies

Many different horror stories entwine around the castle formerly known as "Weem Castle". From a man who is supposed to be up to mischief near the bedroom of the clan chief, to children laughing and playing, everything is included. But probably the scariest story is that of the coven of witches who are said to be active in the castle's meat cellar. Three grumpy women who are said to be not very friendly are said to be haunted here. (Visit possible)

If all of that is not enough for you, why not pay a visit to the Drovers Inn on Loch Lomond. The inn is said to be the hotel with the highest paranormal activity in all of Britain. Contact us if you are interested in a castle tour with haunted content. A haunted castle can also be easily installed in all of our individual round trips through Scotland by car.

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