Zomato kills gastronomy

Manoushe Street, Dubai

In search of a fantastic Lebanese treat this chilly winter, Manoushe Street at Extra Souq DSO is next. Perfect place with a great ambience, delicious food and the best customer service. We had a great dinner yesterday. The hotel is really a gem ... for freshly prepared Lebanese food. Offers an authentic taste at such an affordable price. Really in love with all the newly introduced menu items. This place always introduces new things that are always a pleasure. It's a must see folks. . . . Ordered food? Chicken and Spinach Burek. Newly introduced marinated chicken with creamy spinach, burek in a crispy, crunchy batter, filled with mascarpone and a mixture of three types of cheese, tastes simply delicious. Loved this newly introduced aromatic burek. Highly recommended! Chicken tikka pizza Newly introduced Freshly baked thin crust pizza, topped with spicy pieces of chicken tikka, tomato sauce, mango, fresh vegetables, jalapenos and a three-cheese mixture is a treat for all pizza lovers. Simply delicious. Spicy Lahm Bi Ajin Manoushe The newly introduced spicy minced meat with tomatoes and pomegranate molasses is the best manakeesh with such a good filling at a reasonable price. Simply tasty. Buffalo Chicken Wrap Really amazed at how many new flavors and variations they have added to their menu. A perfect combination of buffalo chicken breast with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber, topped with buffalo and mayo spread. Loaded with cheddar cheese. Wrapped and rolled in freshly baked batter. Baked Halloumi In The Pan It is always a star dish. Tough halloumi cheese, baked in a pan and sprinkled with spicy zaatar. Served with a plate of vegetables and freshly baked bread. Too good. DESSERT. They have an amazing new selection of desserts on the menu. The homemade desserts are simply delicious. Tried Nutella Banana This is just perfect for satisfying your sweet cravings. A Chocoholic Favorite! Hazelnut chocolate spread with ripe bananas. A perfect combination. Drool again. Guys it's a must see. Will certainly try newly introduced desserts soon. AMBIENCE. The ambience is just perfect. They have amazing indoor and outdoor seating areas. Best part friendly staff and value for customer feedback. Must do folks. You will not be disappointed. Value for money. Highly recommended ?? Keep up the good work on Manoushe Street so there is always something new to offer your customers. Overall experience 5/5 Try 5/5 operation. Just perfect ?? Ambience. Just kill? . . Follow me in Insta. Nayab. sarhandi # dubaifood # dubaifoodbloggers # dxbfood # dubaieats # yum # delicious # review # zomato # foodie # foodporn # foodgasmic # nayabsarhandi # nomnom # eatoutdxb # lebanesefoodMore