Why does a magnet car not work

RE: Why magnetic motors don't work
(February 5th, 2018, 8:45 pm) Man wrote: Topic magnetic motors can be closed? Dead end?

Hello human

I would not define it that way, because it is worthwhile to deal with it personally as a technician.
However, one must bear in mind that a model must first work before one dares to approach the "dead man's magnets".
Without an efficient plan you would really play with life, because now you can make very strong magnets that would be able to drive approx. 10 KW generators.

Such a performance would be more than enough for me to supply the household with electricity.
The control technology for this already exists.

Only the energy traders, such as EON, would try to stop the whole thing.!
Bayernwerk as a producer would probably. get on board.
Misuse of intelligence is another form of stupidity.
RE: Why magnetic motors don't work
(2019-08-12, 6:24 am) Magnetos wrote: Magnet motors do work! Even flawless.
If they are not functioning then rather as an electricity generator.
But they also work as electricity generators!
In order to generate energy from it, however, other arrangements are required. do you know the sail-eared Bob?
Sorry Magnetos, which I am only now answering.

I know the sail-eared bob from the Internet because I like to watch its videos.

Magnetic motors do not "yet" work properly, because that would have become known and an echo in the prudish physics landscape
Since I had a lot of control engineering tasks as a test field technician, I therefore know that it is not the control, but rather the fact that
that permanent magnets act equally strong in every direction and thus block every movement.
What we see in the videos mentioned are models that supposedly work, but the decisive evidence is still missing.
Misuse of intelligence is another form of stupidity.