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Course details

The course "Fine Arts | Painting - Graphics - Photography" at the private "Alanus University" has a standard period of 6 to 10 semesters and ends with the degree "Bachelor of Fine Arts". The location of the study is Alfter. The course is offered as a full-time and part-time study. In total, the course has been rated 6 times so far. It received an average of 4.5 stars and is thus above the university's average rating (4.3 stars, 275 ratings in the rating). The categories of study content, library and courses were rated particularly well.

Study models

6 semesters
10 semesters

General information about the course

Whether with a brush, a pencil or on the computer: you can find art everywhere. It is omnipresent, makes life more beautiful and more colorful. So why not study painting? If you like to express yourself in your art and want to turn it into your profession, then you are at the right place in the painting course! And who knows? Maybe the next work of art of the century will come from you.

Study painting

6 reviews from students

Great studios, nice employees

Fine arts | Painting - graphics - photography

There are beautiful, bright studio rooms for everyone and the events on offer are very varied. Unfortunately, the course is only partially possible due to the corona. For example, practical courses only take place every two weeks in small groups. If there is a problem or a question, you will be answered quickly and reliably or further help. So far I have only met three lecturers.

How is your university reacting to the corona crisis? Efforts will be made to offer the events on site and via zoom. Unfortunately, the internet on site is not particularly good and the technology for the zoom meetings keeps causing problems, so that it was difficult for the online participants to actively participate in the courses for a long time. Only after two months could the sound and picture be set up passably. Unfortunately, the organization is still a bit chaotic.

Great course of study

Fine arts | Painting - graphics - photography

Diverse offers with various development opportunities for the students.
Flexible design of your own curriculum, e.g. B. made the execution of a side job easier.
A wide variety of lecturers, including those from outside, enable a varied seminar program.
The Studium Generale concept also enables a wide range of theoretical knowledge.

How is your university reacting to the corona crisis? The lectures and seminars work well with Zoom. Fortunately, I was able to take the oral exam live.

Art and society

Fine arts | Painting - graphics - photography

At the Alanus University in the field of fine arts (painting - graphics - photography) you get to know each other well in the first year, the so-called basic year. Individual work is carried out at one's own workplace in one of the many group studios. You already develop an idea for your own direction. The basics of painting are also brought closer to you. In the first year you get a course plan that will help you to finish your subsequent studies ... Read more

How is your university reacting to the corona crisis? We adhere to the general hygiene regulations.
For example, the mask requirement applies in all rooms and it must be aired for at least 10 minutes after 30 minutes.

Seminars, which are only treated theoretically, take place via Zoom.
Luckily, face-to-face events that have to do with practical work will find their fill again. If the group is too big, the course is divided and a second seminar with the same content takes place again.
At face-to-face events, you can also be present via Zoom and are not obliged to appear on site. (Good for risk group)

The exams are a bit chaotic because there are so many different exams. I was lucky in time and was able to keep my exam in attendance. Others had to find other ways. The university's exhibitions have been and will be postponed. These exhibitions are mostly graduate exams. This is difficult to manage at this time, after all, all cultural venues are closed due to Corona ...
This means that an important part of the exam that is supposed to help you complete your studies as a freelance artist is lost.

The free working hours were restricted.
Instead of 24/7, you can only enter the studio space from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. At first the weekend was also canceled. Fortunately, this is no longer the case and we are able to continue to work mindfully.

I am lucky to be able to continue working. At the beginning of the year, the university was forbidden to enter. I am glad of the compromises that have been made. The organization of the university does what it can. Certainly I would like to have my freedom back, but in times like this safety comes first and I think it's good that everyone at the Alanus adheres to this situation as well as possible.

Everything is fine for me

Fine arts | Painting - graphics - photography

Everything suffers from the corona rules and the university is doing its best.
The course of studies and the demands of the courses suit my way of learning well. The places in the seminars are sufficient; in the colloquium, better projectors or large screens would make artistic presentations easier.

How is your university reacting to the corona crisis? Scientific readings are held online,
practical courses in art on site. The studios are with
usable with the necessary restrictions.