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Banknote reader

We are a sales and service partner for banknote readers of the leading brands CPI and SUZOHAPP.

The modern devices are characterized by impressive transaction speeds, sophisticated sensor technology and user-friendly interfaces. Almost all of them accept valid banknotes the first time they are entered. Even damp, torn, wrinkled and dirty banknotes are accepted. This avoids banknote jams and optimizes counterfeit money rejection. Our banknote validators guarantee you satisfied customers, minimal service costs and more sales.

Banknote readers with a fixed width or for several widths of banknotes are available. The banknote validators for several widths use self-aligning transport tracks that automatically adapt to banknotes of different widths and align them perfectly, even if they are inserted at an angle. This is an ideal solution for countries with several banknote widths.

Depending on the device, we offer BackLoad and FrontLoad variants and, as far as the suspension is concerned, Stacker Up and Stacker Down configurations.

Overview of the products that are maintained and repaired by us.