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AH rip off

Hello friends,

It is a warning to all LOTRO players! a bug in the AH is used by some impudent players to rip off other players !!!!

Unfortunately I lost 110 gold yesterday and Gm`s got the answer as always; "we can not do anything"

My ticket;
Dear game master, unfortunately I just paid 110 gold instead of 10 gold in the action house for a scroll of authorization, because the text "Buy out" was above the number 1 and I read 10 gold. The scroll is still in my mailbox. I am asking for a refund as you can safely guess how hard I have saved this money. I ask for a quick answer your Atriel

I have just found 2 offers with the same pattern in the ah and have already done a screen shoot. Player Iorel: Currently: 11 gold, buy out 112 gold and again the letters "e" and "n" of "buy out" are above "1" that you only read 12 gold. It seems to me to be intent that that one knows exactly that you are who can not read 1. The same goes for the player Grandiosa "I've never seen such a fool! -

Answer from GM;

Hello Atriel, thank you for your report. We will review the case in accordance with our guidelines and take action if necessary. Please understand that we cannot discuss this with third parties. If you have any further questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to send us another ticket. Sincerely, GM xxxxxxx

Then nothing more! Post to GM didn't help either

Ticket 2;

Hello Gm`s, unfortunately this is my 2nd ticket, because I didn't get a correct answer to my first one, only this formal answer, copied from the Gm introduction, memorized, from which one cannot make any sense. I want a correct answer from you guys. I certainly don't need to tell the story again, my previous ticket has everything in it. I lost 110 gold through a rip-off in the AH and nobody does anything, I don't even get to know whether I will get my gold back or not, that means I can make myself hope again until I get the answer a week later, "Unfortunately, we can't do anything do "get. I'm paying for the game, I'm a customer here and not just a gamer! This is your BUG that other players are taking so outrageously!

Reply from GM;

Hello Atriel, well, it has never taken us a week to reply. The maximum waiting time at peak times is around 30 minutes. But to your problem: Unfortunately we cannot do anything in this case, as our hands are tied due to our requirements. We are currently working flat out to correct the error. Best regards, GM yyyyyyyy

My answer (I'm pissed off)

It was already clear to me that I would get such an answer, but this answer could have come earlier, you could have written on the first ticket that you can't do anything but you can't expect that from hdro. In that case I would like to have the phone number of the responsible manager, department head etc. before I publish the matter!

So now one of those responsible can explain to me why nothing can be done in such a case ???? !!!
The fact that a business is monopoly does not mean that it can do whatever it wants with its customers! I pay money for this online game every month and I want better service! I will not give up until this is resolved !! I farmed hard for this 110 gold for months and it was just stolen from me by another player and he gets away with unpunished? !! So I played and farmed for nothing for months and paid hdro ?? !! I want answers and I want someone to finally do something !!

Atriel / Pandorah