Did Nostradamus predict Britain's exit?

Nostradamus and his occult prophecies

Boom in critical times:

In times of crisis and uncertainty, prophecies boom. Many astrologers, seers and future interpreters claim that they can now finally predict the truth about the future. The enigmatic and dark verses that Nostradamus left behind are particularly popular. They are often interpreted as announcements of supposedly impending disasters. Fear, paired with curiosity and the desire to know what will happen to mankind and the world, also becomes the basis of a profitable business.

W.was he Nostradamus?

Michel de Notredame (Latin: Nostradamus) comes from France. He was born on December 14, 1503 in St. Remy in Provence. His ancestors were likely Spanish Jews. The father converted to the Catholic faith. Nostradamus first studied ancient rhetoric (oratory) in Avignon and later devoted himself to studying medicine. In 1529 Nostradamus received his doctorate in medicine in Montpelier and established himself as a doctor in the town of Agen. The young man was an expert in his field and gained a great reputation as a committed fighter against the plague. From 1548 on, Nostradamus lived in Salon, a place in Provence. He was interested in astrology, he also dealt with occult writings.

The prophecies

In 1555 Nostradamus published the first part of his Centuries. He is known to this day through these prophecies. These Centuries are collections of verses made up of four lines. A centuria consists of 100 verses. Nostradamus dedicated the first seven centuries to his son Cesar. In the foreword to these prophecies, Nostradamus writes:

"Your late arrival, my son Caesar Nostradamus, has caused me to write down what I have been collecting in night watches for a long time The key word to the occult prophecies remains closed within me. One must also take into account that the events are ultimately uncertain and that everything is governed and administered by the incomprehensible power of God. "

The last three Centuries appeared in 1558. Nostradamus dedicated them to King Henry II. Nostradamus died on July 2, 1566.

However, his fame as a fortune teller of future events spread during his lifetime. The reason for this was an event that Nostradamus is said to have predicted his first centurie in verse 35 in 1555. In 1559 King Henry II died in a tournament with horse and lance. His opponent, the Scottish Count of Montgomery, Gabriel de Lorges, had mortally wounded the king. In the collision his lance had broken off and the broken end penetrated through the golden visor into the eye of the king. After an excruciating suffering, the king died of this injury on July 10, 1559.
The prophecy in which Nostradamus is said to have foretold this event reads:

"The young lion overcomes the old one on a martial field in an individual competition.
In the golden cage he will poke out his eyes. Then one of two dies a gruesome death ".

Although these verses do not contain specific information such as names or dates, this prophecy was interpreted in relation to this event. That didn't change the fact that this tournament was not an act of war. The two participants in the tournament were also about the same age. Since this event, the Centuries of Nostradamus have been reprinted again and again and still serve numerous interpreters as the basis for their future prognoses.

The Centuries are written in an encrypted language, a mixture of Old French, Latin and their own word new and rearranged. Many verses are difficult to understand and difficult to translate because they often consist of unrelated terms that can be assigned very different meanings. This obscurity - Nostradamus himself speaks of “nebulous images” - was evidently already intended by Nostradamus himself. It makes speculation possible in many different directions. Individual verses have been translated, understood differently and applied to very different events in very different ways throughout history. Even completely opposite courses of the same event were predicted.
The verses of Nostradamus are often only used as alleged predictions of a certain event when the corresponding event has already occurred. Verse 72 of its tenth centurie was interpreted by many of its interpreters as a prediction of the attacks on the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 - but only after the attack had already occurred.
Nostradamus is also alleged to have predicted the corona pandemic. There is also no evidence of this in the works of Nostardamus. Rather, Nostradamus is assumed to have invented statements that he never made and that do not come from his works.


Nostradamus was very much a child of his time, which was marked by religious divisions, the plague and the peasant wars. Like many people of his time, he believed that future events could be predicted over the long term. He also referred to the last book of the Bible, the Revelation of John, in which encoded, difficult to interpret images of future, sometimes catastrophic events can be found. Nostradamus was convinced that prophetic inspiration, horoscopes and natural gifts are the prerequisites for such prophecies. The conviction that one can recognize future events through the movements of the stars played a particularly important role for Nostradamus.

The certainty with which Nostradamus believed he could still refer to the reliability of the celestial processes has been refuted in the course of history, and not only by modern astronomy. The events that Nostradamus himself allegedly predicted are afterthoughts of his vague and enigmatic verses. They cannot be related to individual historical events without very extensive interpretations and speculations.

Nostradamus' visions of fear neither open up a glimpse into the future, nor can they be helpful for coping with tasks and fulfilling our responsibilities today.

For Christians, what the hope and life-giving message of the New Testament says about such dark speculations about allegedly impending catastrophes applies: "Take care that no one deceives you by the pretense of higher knowledge. All this is only thought up by people ... With Christ to do nothing. Christ is Lord over all powers and authorities. In him God dwells with the fullness of his being, and only through him do you share in this fullness. " (Col 2,8-10)

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