How does Walmart not buy McDonalds


McDonald’s digitized branches, Otto sells French discount stores, Walmart Pay throughout the USA.

of Romy Kertzsch on July 7th, 2016 in short messages


MC Donalds wants to revise its branch concept. In the “restaurant of the future”, orders can no longer only be placed at the counter, but also across Germany via digital terminals or directly to the service staff. The table service, which is already being tested, is also to be introduced in all branches.

Otto sells its French multichannel discounter Cogemag-Excédence to Artmadis at an undisclosed price. The discounter is part of the French Otto subsidiary 3SI Group, whose sales have collapsed. Otto also wants to part with the fashion mail order company 3Suisses.

Walmart brings its mobile payment service to all US branches. This allows customers to pay in around 4,600 shops across the country using an app and card. Around 20 million Walmart buyers use the app. Walmart Pay only started in May this year.,

Amazon no longer shows the list price: Before doing this, customers should compare how much they could save at the mostly cheaper online giant. Now Amazon seems to have enough self-confidence and market power. Instead, the company occasionally shows the previous Amazon price in order to lure people with bargains.


11 million articles Walmart offers in its online store, with an average of 150,000 products in its department stores. Amazon has 260 million items to choose from.


“Trading is growing online, but single-handedly trading online is complex. This is why many small retailers shy away from attempting to achieve all-important growth online. "

Ebay Germany boss Stefan Wenzel praises the Lower Saxony city of Diepholz, which has won the city competition “The digital city”.


Digital shopping center: Two thirds of the visitors find out about the center and its offers at home before they go shopping. According to a study by the center operator ECE, two thirds also want free WiFi, and a quarter a 3D wayfinding system. Almost half of younger visitors would like a cell phone charging station.

No to online trading: Around 2,000 manufacturers and brands prohibit or restrict online trade with their goods, according to a survey by the Federal Association of Online Trade. These include companies such as Nike, Adidas and Sony. A third of the brands prohibit sales on online marketplaces., (list with brands and respective restrictions)


“The demand for convenience continues to grow strongly. The delivery of food is gaining ground in the broad masses. "

LeShop CEO Dominique Locher is delighted with the renewed sales growth of the Swiss online food supplier. LeShop belongs to the Migros retail group.


iBeacon vs. NFC: Brands on Digital compares the two systems with an infographic, among other things. Conclusion: NFC is better suited for mobile payment, iBeacon, among other things, for marketing.

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Transfer upwards: Fraudsters have been able to steal a few millions through a clever scam in the past few months. You pretended to be the boss of companies and ordered an important money transfer for an allegedly secret project. Even more tragic: The cheated companies do not report to the police immediately out of shame.

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