Is globalism dead 1


power adapter

Ghosts and ghosts
For an expanded approach to sound art
Rahma Khazam

Appearances are always deceptive
The artist duo is celebrating its tenth anniversary
Franz Thalmair

Angels of history in the digital age
For the exhibition »Feedforward - The Angel of History« in Gijón, Spain
Nat Muller

Good vibrations
The French DVD label Lowave takes on the fringes of film culture
Nicole Brenez

"Extra Trouble" or how a fiery defense did its opposite
About Jack Smith and the difficulties of his reception
Naoko Kaltschmidt

Futures & Pasts
On the topicality of the composer and musician Cornelius Cardew
Christian Höller

About trying to market net art
The "Digital Art Collection / Store" project
Rachel Mader



What's in the stars
Global finances, precarious fates
Brian Holmes

Extract from the series of works of the same name
Zoe Leonard

Time for a new staging of the world
Globalism as reflection and antidote to globalization
Nancy Adajania

Withdrawal symptoms in the artistic psyche
A determination of the position of the Thai art scene
Keiko Sei

Blind spot Niger Delta
Poster project "Real Energy World / Niger Delta" at steirischer herbst 2009
Hans Nevidal, Eva Ursprung

Art in a global world - the case of Morocco
On the connection between globalism, postmodernism and local practice
Toni Maraini

Dead or alive?
The uncertain terrain of Turkish contemporary art between nationalist, anti-capitalist and globalist claims
Earth Kosova

The maritime turnaround
Turning away from territorial perspectives as an opportunity for globalization
Anna Schneider

Kill Billy - Horror in Volksheim Sweden
Jochen Becker